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The Kindred Family Tree

The Kindred Family Jerry Kindred's Personal homepage


William Kindred,Born 1692- Married Apr 17,1710 Jane Colson,Born 1692(Daughter of William Colson)

They were the parents of:Thomas,william,Mary,Anne,Jane and Bartholomew Kindred Sr,Born July 30 1727-1805

Bartholomew married Mary Carrick 1726- 1805

They were the parents of Thomas S. Kindred, Sr 1759-1835 He married Nancy Sharp 1764-1840 He also Married Susan Hawley Sept 4,1800

They were the Parents of: Thornton Kindred. Sr 1797-1872 Thornton married Hannah Cleveland 1799-1878 They were the parents ofJames Alfred Kindred 1828 1903 James Alfred married Josephine Brown 1837-1917

They were the Parents of:Susan,Thomas j,Sallie,Mary,Hannah,William G,Brownlow,Horace M,James Oscar,Dorcy Campbell and

Thornton Franklin Kindred 1858-1931He married Nancy Emory 1863- They were the Parents Of.

1. Melvin B. Kindred, Sr. Born March 20 1885, Daysville, TN Died Feb. 18, 1961,Middlesboro, Ky

.John Darris, Horace, Crowder, Leonard, Eva mae, Carrie, azzie, and Ina Kindred

Melvin B. Kindred, Sr. married Dora May Hughes on Oct. 13, 1907. They had the following children

Melvin B. and Dora are buried in the Pinvelle Cementery,Pineville,KY.

Click to see photo of Melvin B. Kindred
Melvin B. Kindred
Click to see photo of Melvin B.and Dora M
Melvin and Dora

1. Helen May Kindred Born March 19,1909,Daysville, TN Died May 20, 1997,Hulen, Ky Married Otis Stanaford, Dec. 18, 1926, Williamsburg, Ky

Helen May and Otis are buried in Alva memorial gardens(Black Star)cementery,Alva,KY.

Click to see photo of Helen and Otis
Helen and Otis
a. Ronald E. Bunch (adopted) Born March 25, 1937 Knoxville, TN

2. Lydia E. Kindred Born June 2, 1911,Crawford, Tn Died Aug 20, 1997,Pathfork, Ky Married Shirl Steward Dec. 23, 1930, Insul, Ky

Lydia E. and Shirl are buried in Alva memorial gardens(Black Star)cementery, Alva,KY.

Click to see photo of Lydia and Shirl
Lydia and Shirl
a. Shirl, Jr. Born Sept. 22, 1931 b. Marvin Born Dec. 1, 1935 c. John Layton Born Aug. 10, 1939 d. Mason Born Jan. 16, 1942 e. Judy K Born Apr 19, 1945 f. Haskell Born Jan. 19, 1948

3. Carl Edward Kindred Born May 31, 1913,Rockwood, TN Died Nov. 17,1977,Cincinnati, OH Married Louise Kinder Oct 12,1940, Molus, Ky

Carl E. is buried in Spring Grove Cementery, Cincinnati,OH.

Click to see photo of Carl E. Kindred
Click to see photo of Carl E.and Louise
Mom and Dad
Click to see photo of their children.
The Boys

a. Jerry Wayne Kindred Born Jul 29, 1941,Alva, Ky Married Patricia Ann Weddle Dec. 21, 1962 , Newport, KY Divorced Oct 28, 1982

1a Jeffrey Scott Kindred Born Aug 31, 1964,Cincinnati,OH Married Jennifer (Poole) Langley August 2, 2015

Click to see photo of Jeff and Jenn
Jeff and Jenn

1a1 Liesse (Kindred) Marshall Born July 29, 1987

Click to see photo of Liesse

1a2 Scarlett Josephine Williams Born February 19, 2016

Click to see photo of Scarlett

1a2(**Children by marriage**) Katie, Ricky, Alissa and Rebecca Langley

Click to see photo Jeff and Jenn's family.
Katie, Ricky, Alissa and Rebecca Langley

Jerry Kindred, Married Kathleen Hacker. Feb 14, 1983, W. Palm Bch, FL

Click to see photo of Jerry (So Cute)
Click to see photo Jerry & Kathi.
Jerry & Kathi

b. Carl Edward, Jr Born Dec 18, 1943,Alva, Ky Married Cavill Hayman Feb. 12, 1968 Divorced Sept 5, 1991

1b. Greg Kindred Born Aug 24, 1963 2b. Christy Kindred Born Jan 15, 1970 Married Christopher McCallum Sept 27, 2003

<2b1 Eleanor Claire McCallum, Born January 9,2005 Virginia Beach,VA

Click to see photo of Eleanor Claire
Eleanor Claire

2b2 Henry Christopher McCallum,Born March 8, 2007 Virginia Beach, VA
Click to see photo Henry Christopher
Henry Christopher
Click to see photo of Chris and Christy
Chris and Christy

(b.)Carl Kindred,Jr. Married Cheryl Bott March 27,2003, Virginia Beach,VA

Click to see photo of Carl and Cheryl
Carl and Cheryl

c. Buford Silias Born Jan. 19, 1947,Alva, Ky Died July 29, 1976,Cincinnati, Oh Married Reda Deremo, July 17,1968, Cincinnati, Oh

Buford S. is buried in Spring Grove Cementery, Cincinnati,OH.

Click to see photo of Buford

d. Melvin Clay Born Sept. 6, 1948,Alva, Ky Married Claire Schaeffer, June 6, 1970, Cincinnati, Oh

Click to see photo of Mel's Family
Mel's Family
Mel and Claire (Dimp)
Mel and Michael

1d. David E. Kindred Born Sept 2, 1972

Click to see photo of David

2d. John I. Kindred Born Dec. 3, 1974

Click to see photo of John

3d Ryan M. Kindred Born Feb. 8, 1980

4d. Steven B. Kindred Born Nov 10, 1981
Married Nicole Osborn, Dec 13,2008 Yardley, PA
Click to see photo of Steve and Nicole
Steve and Nicole
4d1 Madison Leigh Kindred Born September 24, 2012
Click to see photo of Madison Leigh
Madison Leigh

4d2 Shea Bradley Kindred Born February 5, 2016

Click to see photo of Shea Bradley
Shea Bradley

3d1 Michael Ryan Kindred Born Aug.31,2001 Mother Kendall Goodnoe

Click to see photo of Michael Ryan
Michael R. Kindred
3d Ryan M. Kindred Married April Eckert Dec 24,2003.
Click to see photo of April & Ryan
April & Ryan

3d2 Cayden Bradley Born Jan 3,2004.

Click to see photo of Cayden
Cayden B. Kindred

3d3 Chase Matthew Kindred Born Mar 4,2008

Click to see photo of Chase
4. William E. Kindred Born Aug. 6. 1917,Daysville, TN Died Jan. 6, 1997,Hulen, KY

William E.(Jack) is buried in Camp Nelson National Cementery,(Wilemore,KY)Nicholasville,KY.

5. Charles Walter Kindred Born Aug. 6, 1917,Daysville, TN Died Aug 6. 1917,Daysville, TN

6. Della Marie Kindred Born Feb. 12, 1920,Ozone, TN Died, Jan. 11, 1922,Ozone, TN

7. Melvin B. Kindred, Jr. Born May 11, 1929,Insul, KY Married Mildred Roe Oct, 12, 1946 at Molus, Ky Divorced June 1959, Toledo, OH

Click to see photo of Melvin B. Kindred,Jr

Married Laura Belle Nadeau Dec. 21, 1964 at Monroe, MI

Click to see photo of Melvin(Hoppy)and Laura
Melvin (Hoppy)and Laura

a. John Kindred Born Jun 12, 1966

Click to see photo of John Kindred

Kindred Spirit

When kindred spirits meet it is as wind upon the sail. A driving force, a rising heat, Hold fast! Let it not fail! So rare the kindred spirit is, so few indeed there are. When this you find, yes, nurture this, let it not drift afar. For kindred spirits once apart may never find once more. A heart so well matched with a heart as they have found before.

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