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To Japanese

Never Night

You are th people

I must rest for update for time because I will not be able to be online for some time.

9/3/99 H...Helloooo....
This is Keiichi. I will be able to do up date at home.
coming soon.

9/10/99 well,well.
This is Keiichi. I updated today. That is Ky's combo!
Where did I update?
I updated at school, in class.

9/13/99 Since today.
I am back. I mean, I can update for today.
Today's adding one is "Weekly Combo"

I'm sorry. Dr.Country. Now, I got update the picture.

Hello. This is Keiichi in Japan.
I don't have a computer for net surfing, so I can't update for anydays.

I..I can't update yet. And I can't use my computer too.
Only I can do that never break this home page...

I still can't update. And I have no money to netsurf!!
Somebody help me!!! (just kidding)
Anyway see you next month.(T T)

Weekly combo

This week is....Baiken!

Charge Dash>(short backJump when you get close your opponent)>HS>

Kind of wired combo. You can't image this, right? OK. Let's explain this.
It must need full of chaos guage. First, go back the end of screen and start to CD,
When you get close your opponent, Do short back jump to take distance about where can Baiken's HS reach.
...I guess you keep to not understand. But I can't explain better than now, Sorry.
Anyway, If you success the combo, Baiken's attack was Breaker, first HS(2hit)>2+HS(5hit) all Breaker.


Update today 11/7/00
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MESSAGE BOARD Let's try to write.
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JAPANESE main contens are Novel.....


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