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California Herbst '99

Michael auf dem Pier in Santa Cruz

Julia in Gorda, CA. mit Ed in Tennesse telephonierend

Dude on the beach 1

Dude 2

Dude 3

Doin' the usual tourist stuff (Universal Studios, Hollywood)

The Sign

Nice day in LA

Julia flirtin'

No comment

Doin' an impression on Iforgetthenameofthatband

Nothing like an American pancake breakfast in the open

Impressions of the Sierra

Hospital Rock im Sequoia National Park

Genaral Sherman, largest living thing on earth
(if it wasn't "on earth" the Americans wouldn't bother to mention it anyway)
Foot diameter:16m, largest branch 2.5m

Massive Sequoias

One of those pictures you simply have to take

Half Dome at sunset, Yosemite National Park

Meeting nice people in San Francisco

Famous Costal Highway 1

A little further down Hwy1, south of Big Sur

Erstellt von Michael Haas am 16.12.1999, mit der Hand ;)
Gešndert zuletzt am 24.2.2000