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If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Tuesday, 3 March 2015
The Race Is On

Well the Race Is On and it's Western Iowa coming up the Back Stretch.

Walker to Headline Multi-County NW Iowa GOP Fundraiser April 24 


Scott Walker iowa freedom summit 

Linn County is Falling Back it's Trying Not To Break.

Though there WAS a time we also had events like this.

We had a HIGHLY Sucessful Spring Event,

A Chili Cook Off. I recall a few years ago we too had a headline draw at it

Herman Cain.  We PACKED the Long Branch to the rafters.

Then it was decided to move it to the Fall and later to also move into a venue that could hold at the most 20% of the crowd that we could handle in the Past.

Yee, I DID support the last one. I think my ticket purchases were about 16% of their revenue,

But we lost 3 years of momentum and continuity and turned a roaring success into a dismal disaster.

Moving was not the only facter,

Having a Screaming Fits about Volunteers putting more than 5 mints on Tables and Public Humiliation of Hard Working Volunteers that even to reports that got back to me, Embarrassed the Long Branch Staff.

Had already motivated some of our more dedicated volunteers to


Some may say that what I write on this website causes volunteers to leave


But it is not me writting here that motivates them to leave.,

But what I write About.

Me writing here seems to motivate some of them to share with me the reasons they plan to leave.

Which has given me in some cases the opportunity to try to talk them out of leaving.

With mixed sucess.

However we now have a moslty New Executive Board

So maybe things will be different

Maybe at the March Meeting they will surprise us with New Plans for a Spring event that will rival the NW Iowa one and equal what we have acheived in the Past.

That is if they have not spent all their time since the last meeting,

Devising New Methods of Taking Over what Sub-Committees still funciton and can do their Jobs.

A Linn County Version of

We Are From the Executive Board and We Are Here To Help You.

Accept the Joys of Assimilation,

You no longer have to Worry about what to think do or say.

Simply Stay Silent, Remember What Your Place Is

and Do What You Are Told


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:45 AM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 3 March 2015 8:08 AM CST
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Monday, 2 March 2015
Good Enough

Despite what a lot of people might prefer, doing what is required is sometimes mandatory.

Regarding the issue I will bring up in this post.

I have one beginning statement.

What is Good Enough for Our National Committee Man


Ought to be also Good Enough for the Linn County Republican Central Committee Webmaster


A few years ago the LCRCC debated and passed a Standing Rule.

No one may post on any LCRCC Facebook Webpage from a Profile that Blocks any LCRCC member.

This was enforced against the National Committeeman for the State of Iowa

The Linn County Republican Central Committee Wemaster is in violation of this Standing Rule,

Not for the first time either,

I submit what was good enough for Iowa's National Commiteeman is Good Enough for the LCRCC Webmaster.

It is time he does what is REQUIRED.

The new members of the Executive Board were not around when the Central Committee took this action,

The Chair was Co-Chair at that time and was not always around in those days either.

So they may be excused for not knowing.

That is no longer the Case,

Now they do not have to take any Action themselves the Communication Sub-Committee is quite able and willing to handle this matter, since there are precedents in place.

What we require is that the Executive Board if they do on wish to handle it themselves not get in the way.

As long as Little Jimmy Knox can run and hide behind the Chair's petticoats this situation will fester.

And if he should be able to do that? 

The Executive Board WILL be in Violation of the seciton of the Linn County Republican Party Constitution which states


The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee. 



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 9:29 AM CST
Updated: Monday, 2 March 2015 8:49 AM CST
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Sunday, 1 March 2015
What You Don't See Is What You Don't Get.




The Linn County GOP Facebook Group Page Admins are being run ragged cleaning up redundant Posts.

It is not that our Webmaster is incompetant it is just that he seems to be lazy.

He relies on autoposting that he has set up and makes NO attempt to edit the mess it often makes

For instance recently his autoposting pulled in a post from one of our Legislativer representatives which included the vital information for Republcans that he had just watched Episode 8 of House of Cards. 




Another time GOP members we able to see an important Republican event on the Linn County Fan Page of the Webmasters children opening their christmas presents in not just one Video but two Videos posted one after the other,

Not too long ago the Group Page admins put up a post giving the 3 dates for the Office Subcommitte meetings,.

The Fanpage had multiple posts,.

Now it might be a matter of opinion whether One or Three posts were better


I do believe that TWELVE posts one after the other for the Three events might have been excessive,

The Communications Sub-Committee has on numerous occasions pointed this out to our Webmaster only to be responded to with Insults.

" If you present this YOU will look like an uncommunicative old fart! Obvious to me this is a personal attack, but one YOU will look bad as you present this." 


"Your ego is the issue Bill but do I ask you to turn it off?"

 "I will not be reporting to the communications team. PERIOD. "


"Blah blah blah" 

The Chair of the Communications Sub-Committee wants the autoposting turned off.

I would be satisfied if the Webmaster simply cleaned up his messes.

One of tht two needs to be done,

The results of his clutter at times makes our Facebook Pages look like they were put up by a Lazy Teenager,

I fail to believe that any company or business would accept this as professional. 

The Last Executive Board helped create this mess, let us see if the New One can pass the Test of being part of the solution 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 10:16 AM CST
Updated: Sunday, 1 March 2015 10:24 AM CST
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Saturday, 28 February 2015
Et Tu Brute?

One of my Readers is displeased with me.

They left a comment

me:"jeremy cobert "
Comment:et tu brute' ?  No Repulican should try and defned this. Especially considering Chet Culver cut 10% of the budget across the board. It's embarassing and degrading to anyone who now claims that Iowa Repbulicans are "fiscal conservatives".

 It is good to see Jeremy participating again, But unlike the Past this time we differ a tad.

I am not one of those Libertarians who feel Govenment can or should be abolished and Taxation eliminated.

I feel there are some things Government needs to do.

That has to be paid for some way.

One of the ways in the Past we have, as a State chosen to fund road repair and upkeep, has been through a Fuel Tax.

Now I realize everyone seems to want what they want and also wants someone else to pay for it,

But when the Musical Chairs get down to a single one,.

Someone gets to set down, the rest are left standing,

Fuel Tax seems an almost Libertarian type of tax anyway.

Users pay nonusers don't.

Yes I know that non drivers will pay some higher for goods and services due to increased fuel costs but again that is their portion of the Road Usage.

Another thing to take into consideration is how inflation eats away at buying power.

That effects the State's ability to fund what it needs to fund as well as it does our abilites to pay our bills.

In this case we are not talking about an abuse of this principle.

We are not talking about  Built In Annual Funding Inceases that are several multiples of the inflation rate such as  the Democrats like,'

No we are talking about an increase that raises the buying power of the Fuel Tax Levy to about

75% of what it was 27 years ago,

That does not seem excessive to me.

Should anyone disagree, Feel free to use my comments section to respond with YOUR ideas on how Road Repair and Upkeep should be funded and how to maintain the needed level of funding.

Of course if they spend this money for something else besides roads and bridge repair all bets are off,.

Lest anyone misunderstand. A Raise in Taxes does not make me jump up and cheer,

I participlated in Three Campaigns to Oppose Raising the Local Option Sales Tax,

We won Two we had a combined War Chest for those two of less than 8K we faced City Hall, The Chamber of Commerce most of the large Corporations and Old Money in the County who for those two Referendums spent a combined total of about One Million dollars.

Like I said we won twice and the third time they buried us,

All three campaigsn were run out of the Star Lite btw the Way. It has turned into a Conservative Hub over the years.

So I think my Anti-Tax credentials are overall pretty good, much better than those of anyone who did not show up at the Star Lite back then to oppose LOST

THAT Tax cut all of us a lot deeper than this one will,.

This one IMO is Much Ado About Nothing 


Opposing Views 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 4:22 PM CST
Updated: Saturday, 28 February 2015 5:28 PM CST
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Friday, 27 February 2015
No Free Lunch


"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"

Made famous in Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" is a concept that seems beyond the grasp of a lot of people. 

There are decisions that I feel people should make for themselves and then there are things that the government needs to do.

In my opionion roads without ruts and safe bridges fall among the latter.

So we have a Fuel Tax increase and along with that comes screaming that sounds a lot like Stuck Pigs,



Over what exactly?

I looked at the figures, I believe that it will cost me a bit less than $2 a month,

But some of you might be thinking you live a very boring life and never go anwhere,  For others it will cost more,

There is a lot of truth in that. So I looked at the   

Per Capita Motor Gasoline Consumption in Iowa

And I discover that the per capita gasoline consumption of Iowans is about 510 gallons a year.

So a 10 Cent Tax incease will hit them about $51 a Year or a tad less than $1 a week.

Last time I was in Hy Vee a diet coke cost me $1.59 plus deposit,

So we are not speaking of a Tax Increase that threatens the stability of the State's economy.

Also I have what some might call a pessimistic attitude,

They might even say my idea of positive thinking can be summed up by the words, "It could have been worse."

In this case that is true,

The last time the Fuel Tax Levy was increased was in 1988 and since then adjusted for Inflation and in Cosntant Dollars it has DECLINED by about 50%.

You can check that yourself at

CPI Inflation Calculator


What does that mean? It means WITH the 10 Cent incease our Fuel Tax Levy is in Constant Dollars 25% LESS than it was in 1988.

These matters of High Finance aside. There are other reasons why unlike others I am not that incenced over this Tax Incease,

I have more important things to concern myself with,

I have a President who feels like he needs to do what the Legislative Branch of the Government is not doing In His Opinion,


He feels like he does NOT have to do what the Legislative Branch writes into Law,

In other words he feels he can govern by Executive Edict.

That is on the National Level,

On the Local Level it seems to me that we ALSO have Executives who feel like they should Govern the Central Committee by  Executive Edict.

Neither is too concerned with  small matters  such as what the Constitution says or the Rule of Law.

Oddly enough I wonder if all the fuss and feathers on the Local level about a Tax increase that adds up to somewhere between 50 Cents to $1 a week might not be Misdirection.

Watch the shells see where the pea goes.

Let me see in one hand I have 50 Cents to $1 in the other my Basic Rights and Liberties are being attacked.

Which hand should I pay attention to?

Another thing I have noticed absent,'

In none of the Comments Sections where they are railing about the 10 Cent Tax Increase have I seen a Single Responce admonishing them

What does this have to do with Electing Republicans! 

Still it is nice to see that they feel it is necessary to Rise Up on matters of Principle to Lash Out at other members of Our Party when they  feel they are not living up to the Principles We are supposed to Stand For,

I mean that is What I Do. 

And here I thought they did not approve of such activity and it turns out that might be the one thing on which we agree. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:23 PM CST
Updated: Saturday, 28 February 2015 8:56 AM CST
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Thursday, 26 February 2015
The Webmaster Who Ran Away And Hid




Here are some posts that can be found on the LCRCC Facebook Fan Page

We have been under attack for years, are you going to fight for your party?

Like ·  ·  · 11
Linn County GOP was mentioned in a post.

My friends of Linn County GOP I got to ask you this. If you knew there was a burglar knocking to enter your home through your front door, would you let them in knowing this?

Then why would you allow Iowa Conservative Union members participate in your organization? They have for the past 6 months or more publically published how they are working to 'destroy the LCRCC' and continual bashing all of you!

I ask you to give this some serious thought. You just voted in new officers...

See More
Like · 
Now First of all this looks more like personal attacks rather than GOP business but more than that it demands  action be taken against another Conservative Group for actions taken solely by ME..
And it does this while HIDDEN.
In that there seems to be a Block on my reading this unless I use someone else's profile
Which means I cannot respond in my Own Name on the LCRCC Fan Page. to these charges
Now is this because I have been a nuisance, say putting unwanted things on the Webmasters personal FB Page?
Nope that is something Our Webmaster specializes in.
The only reason I can think of him doing it this way is that he wants
To Throw Charges at Me
and Then
Run Away and Hide. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 9:39 PM CST
Updated: Friday, 27 February 2015 8:46 AM CST
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For Evil To Flourish


They say for Evil to Flourish all that is needed is for Good People to Remain Silent.

It is also a good idea for Good People to think from time to time on the Nature of Evil its different Forms and how it has Shown its Face in the Past.

Some think because we do not see a Great Evlil ie people being marched off to Death Camps there is not much to worry about,

They over look the reality that a mulititude of Small Evils can and have equaled a Great Evil.

Then there are Incremental Evils that appear small at first and without attention can grow very large. 

They also Forget the Past and sometimes they hear something and they think now that sounds good I will use it, without considering or even Knowing where it came from.

After our last meeting when we elected officers a former Chair from another County who often visits our meetings asked me if I noticed that the person who won the office of Secretary promised to

Make the Trains Run On Time,


The two Greatest Quotes from the Facistic States of the 20th Century were.

Hitlers  Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer (One Folk, One Regime, One Leader)


Mussolinis's Make the Trains Run On Time 

But at least he did not march up to the podium and Scream

One Central Committee, One Executive Board, One Chair!

However we do know that the Gentleman is not that enthusiastic about thngs such as Constitutions and Rules of Order when he thinks they get in the way of What HE Thinks everyone should be doing,

He looked me in the eye once and told me that we should get RID of Robert's Rules of Order because they got in the way of Gettiong Things Done,

I knew at that moment that I would never forget that being said and never Trust this person in a position of power,

He also when we were voting on removing a member of the Committee for a Violation of the Constitution ie supporting a candidate running against a Republican Huffily Grumped "What does THIS have to do with GETTING REPUBLICANS ELECTED" and Out of Order I might add but Rules of Order do not seem to matter to him and voted against enforcing the penalty in the Constitution,

 I am Odd in that I THOUGHT I was supposed to support Getting Republicans Elected BECAUSE they SUPPORTED the Constitution and Rule of Law.

The Logic that we should IGNORE a Constituion, ByLaws and Rules of Order to help Elect someone who will uphold A Constitution and Rule of Law escapes me. 

So we do not need Great Evils we have a multitude of Small ones trying to Grow Larger.

Someone needs to stand up and not be Silent,

But I will admit if I ever start to go into a meeting and I hear a bunch of people chanting

 One Central Committee, One Executive Board, One CHAIR!

I'm Getting Out 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:54 AM CST
Updated: Thursday, 26 February 2015 1:45 PM CST
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Tuesday, 24 February 2015
I'm Shocked, Shocked I Tell You

 I'm shocked, Shocked I tell you said the Chair that our Webmaster is putting inappropriate Posts on Linn County GOP Pages.

Or so we are told.

"I have chosen to focus on re-aligning our LCRCC to be prepared for the upcoming intense election cycle. I don't have time to follow what others are saying on FB."

The Chair also used a version of something I have seen before.

The phrase "What does this have to do with getting Republicans Elected!"

That seems to crop up anytime the Subject of Violations to the Constitution, ByLaws, Rules of Order or other Inappropriate Behaviour is mentioned,

Though in this case it looks like our Chair has created a Permanent Get Out of Jail Free Card,

"I have chosen to focus on re-aligning our LCRCC to be prepared for the upcoming intense election cycle."

That would be the election in about 2 years?

And since there will never be a time when an election will be MORE than 2 years away,

It would appear that the Chair is saying our Webmaster can do anything he wishes to because she will ALWAYS be too busy to pay attention.

By the way our Chairs definition of derailing the LCRCC and Meetings can be loosely translated as

Diagreeing with me and insisting that the Constituion, ByLaws and Rules of Order be adhered to .

With the subject of the SHAMEFUL incident where the Webmaster slandered a Formerly generous Republican Donor on LCRCC Fan Page and EVEN put his call for a boycott on the Facebook Pages of some 20 people INCLUDING the Facebook Page of a Sitting Congressman the Chair states

"You know full well that - as soon as I became aware of the issue to which you refer - I asked James to remove the post.  He did." 

Really?  That is IT

No Public Retraction and Appology to the Business that was slandered?

No Appology to the people including our Congressman whose Facebook Pages were smeared our Webmaster's spleen?

How about ANY sort of action Taken by the Executive Board to disipline or admonish him? 


But the Chair has a lot of vague charges to fling at me.

There are some differences.

I do not represent the LCRCC

This website does not belong to the LCRCC

I am pretty specific when I make a charge about the Chair or the Executive Board's actions.

When I deem the Constitution, ByLaws and Rules of Order are Violated I WILL speak up. 

It is true there was a time when the Office of Parliamentarian required me to be Neutral.

That is no longer the Case.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:22 AM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 25 February 2015 10:11 AM CST
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The LCRCC was given a passing of the Flag oration by the new Executive Board, which included well deserved thanks to the Officers who will not be returning for their Past Service.


There is thanks to  Don Nelson, Mary Ernzen and Jim Miller but deadening silence concerning someone who has served as a Former Chair as Treasurer more than once and this time for the last 4 years.

We were exhorted to put the past behind us and come together for the needed work of the Future

But not it seems without a Parting Slap in the Face  to what is for almost one half of the membership one of our more respected members.

It would seem that it is WE who are supposed to Forgive and Forget and THEY who get to gloat and rub it in.

So as one of our hardest working volunteers told a few of us last Saturday Night,

We saw 5 minutes of mutual peace and then they started up again.

I mean we have a Webmaster  posting on a LCRCC Facebook Fan Page that almost half the membership should be driven out of the Committee AND have a Co-Chair who Clicked LIKE to the Post?

It is true the Co-Chair later added this comment

Brett Mason I do appreciate ICU's forum, encouraging such dialogue. 


Now we have this  insulting announcement.

Who was it said Gentleman may Cry Peace Peace, but their IS no Peace? 


Dear Republican ,

Now that the elections are behind us, we have a job to do.  2016 elections will be upon us before we know it.  We have a Straw Poll, 1st in the Nation Caucus, County, District & State Conventions, Primaries, and the all-important 2016 Presidential Election.

As the first order of business as the Chair, I want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Don Nelson and Mary Ernzen.

Don served diligently as Co-Chair for the last 2 years, taking the reigns when I was out of town and navigating through the rough waters of the Ad Hoc committee.

Mary served the LCRCC as Secretary for 4 years.  She was elected in Dec 2010 and we learned the ropes together.  Please thank them for their service when you see them.

I want to thank Jim Miller for so much time and effort spent during the last several months.

The second order is to welcome our new Executive Team.  Brett Mason, Co-Chair, Gary Ellis, Secretary, and Robin Tucker, Treasurer.  We are looking forward to serving you as we move forward in a positive direction.

2014 was a huge success because of the hard work of so many volunteers – to those who worked tirelessly for their favorite candidates, those who manned phones in the Victory office, door-knocked the neighborhoods, and the dozens who volunteered as poll watchers and Official Poll workers – THANK YOU.

2016 will require lots of hands to get the job done.  What part do you want to play?

If you have a particular interest or skill, please let us know by contacting one of the officers.

Please come to the March 17th meeting as we start planning our


Thank you,

Cindy Golding

LCRCC Chair 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 24 February 2015 2:43 AM CST
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Monday, 23 February 2015
Problem In the LCRCC Found

I am moving this comment from a previous post for those who might have overlooked it.

Because I think it brings to light what the Main Problem in the LCRCC is.

Entered:Sunday, 22 February 2015 - 15:41 CST
Name:"Julie Blumer"

Mr. Knox!

Just to set the record straight, if anybody is interested. (I would prefer you actually speak to me before you include me in your propaganda). 

I called for the meeting of the credentials committee last week for the purpose of electing a new committee chair. I stepped down as Chair. The decision was made a couple of weeks ago, and the reasons are MY personal reasons that invlolve my family.  The attempt to exploit this action for someone's political agenda is not only discusting, it is indicative of the problems that lay withing the LCRCC. This type of malicious commentary has made my decision, unfortunatly, very very easy, and I'm afraid may potentially make it very easy for other hard working volunteers to limit their sacrifices for the LCRCC.

Julie Blumer


In that post I asked some questions that I will now repeat.

I Question whether the Posts written by Mr Knox on the Linn County GOP Fan Page Are in Fact.

APPROPRIATE Linn  County GOP Business

And I Call upon the New Leadership to RESPOND with Why it is appropriate if they do feel that way


What they intend to Do about it 

If they feel it is not appropriate. 


We are Waiting

We Can't HEAR You.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:01 AM CST
Updated: Monday, 23 February 2015 6:54 AM CST
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