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If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Friday, 30 January 2015
It's Who We Are


It has the Rules of Order, the ByLaws and the County Constitution Smeagol.

One Rule to Bind them. Once Rule to Guide them.

One Law to Light them from the Darkness.

During the last Central Commitee Meeting we had the distasteful Duty of removing one of our members for a Violation of the  County Constitution.

 A member may be removed by the County Central Committee for inattention to duty, incompetence, or active support of an opponent of a Republican nominee.

The issues involved in tfhe removal have been aptly described by State Central Committee member David Chung on his blog HAWKEYEGOP in


 Though that title is a tad misleading he is still a County Supervisor, but was removed from membership in the GOP County Central Committee for a Violation of Our Constitution.

The Gazette chimed in with an anlysis from the Left in

Linn County GOP boot prompts soul search

 I liked the bit about:

It would have been smart for the county GOP to let it slide. All’s well that ends well. But rules are rules, apparently. And all that GOP talk we often hear about traditional values, like loyalty and friendship, for example, is null and void if it means crossing partisan trenches. 

Yes we removed others for this same offence in the Past so it just makes sense we excuse it this time because the person who did it is important?

We do espouse Traditional Values and they include besides those mentioned above respect for Constitutions and Rulle of Law.

But as has happened in the Past during our deliberations we heard the Baaaaaa  Bleating of

What does this have to do with Electing Republicans? 


At the Birth of our Nation the Founding Fathers realized that as Evil as the Tryanny of the One was the Tryanny of the Many.

So they set Checks and Balances to protect Minorities and Individuals.

They created not a Simple Democracy but a Constitutional Based Representative Republic based on the Rule of Law.

Some believe in this.  Some just give it Lip Service and Some don't even bother to give it that.

The outcry:

What does this have to do with Electing Republicans?  

 Loosely translates into:

We don't need No Steenking Constituion. We want to do what we want to do and if it is in the Way, Ignore It 

If we do that Once then the next time will be easier and that road leads to a place where we have given up those Principles that we used to Stand For,

The Constitution, The Rule of Law, Personal Responsibility. the Concept that for Our Actions there can be Consequences and a Real Man or A Real Woman accepts  that their Actions have Inherent Results.

There was NO Secret about what our County Constitution Said.

If we give up our Support for the Sanctity of Constitutions, the Rule of Law and all that means then we will no longer be helping Elect Republicans but something that wears the mantle of the word but is instead the mirror image of the other side.

Our Party will be composed of people no different than our opponents who desire Government by Edict rather than the Rule of Law, they will just want to be the ones giving the Edicts.

For the Sanctity of the Constitution is MORE than a Belief

It Is Who We Are 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:31 AM CST
Updated: Friday, 30 January 2015 9:16 AM CST
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Thursday, 29 January 2015
The Musical Chairs Of Linn County

The phrase Musical Chairs does not refer to funiture which can play instruments but to the Fair Game where the Chairs dissapear one after the other.

Somewhat like what the Chairs of the Linn County Republican Central Committee seem to do about every two years.

I recall the first Chair and Commitee I met maybe 10 years ago.

There seemed to a lot more attending in those days.  Everyone seemed to like the Chair.  As far as I could tell there was a lot of spirit but no real direction.

But I had not been around long and maybe did not at that early stage understand how things operated.

I watched, listened chipped in to help where I could and did not really say much.

Then we got a new Chair.  Again a Lot of energy, focus and drive.  We developed Subcommittees. We got an Office. We ended an Election cycle not as many Central Committees in the hole or just breaking even.  But with money in the bank,  A bit over $6000.

To me things seemed to be going very well but I detected a few people who got together in small groups before and after the meeting who did not seem to like the Chair.  Why I did not know.

I continued to watch, listen, chipped in to help where and when I could and did not say much.

Then we got a new Chair with a complete new set of officers.  A lot of them had been those who got together in small groups before and after the meetings who did not seem to like the Chair. Why?  I did not know,

That is when things changed.

They closed the office and moved the meeting. They did this on their own and did not consult the Committee.

I watched and listened.  I heard people ask them, " By what authority do you do these things?"

The answers were. We won. The Constitution and the ByLaws give us that authority.

So I got copies of the County Constitution and Bylaws and I READ them.

Then I thought about them. And I realised that not only did the Constitution and ByLaws NOT give them the authority to do what they were doing, it said they were not to do them PERIOD.

There was this pesky section in the County Constitutionwhich said:

 The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee, and none of its acts shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee.

I thought about this a long time.  And when I had thought about it enough?  I---

                    SAID SOMETHING 

I said it here as a matter of fact, The first section of articles on Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa dealt with what I decided to say.  

Which was.

You are Violating the County Constitution and Bylaws and this is--


And thus I became a participant in the  controversy that we hear has been a trade mark of Linn County,.

I was not the only one who spoke out there were others. Quite a few of them. 

We battled for a while and eventually that Chair and that Executive Board was


The membership had gone down and the all the money in the Bank Account was gone. But a bad time in Linn County seemed to be over. 


The new Chair made a pledge in one of the first meetings.  He promised to act as a partner and assist and advise the Committe and to follow the Constitution and Bylaws and recognise that the Committee was the one who made decisions.

And he also said that if did not these things he was certain that--

I would say something to him.

Things went very well after that. We did at the start have to take up a collection during the meeting to pay for the room because the bank account did not have enough in it but things got better.

Attendance went up as people came back, There was a new drive and new unity and energy.

We ended up an election cycle with over $20,000 in the Bank 

Then as every thing does this part of the cycle came to an end.  The Chair, because of business and health reasons had to step down.

And we got a new Chair.

Who decided that what the Constitution or the ByLaws said did not matter,  That THEY were the Executive and THEY could make decisions for us.

I was at this time the Pariliamentarian, who is supposed to be neutral.


I watched and I listened and I did not say much but it was a strain.

Then the Chair decided to dispose of my services.  The same night they convinced the Treasurer to step aside TEMPORARILY (?) and--

I did not have to be neutral any longer


                  I SAID SOMETHING 

I said it here just like I had done those years before.

Which was.

You are Violating the County Constitution and Bylaws and this is--


And thus I became a participant in the  controversy that we hear has been a trade mark of Linn County,


At the last meeting of the Central Commitee the State Chair and a Local Member of the State Central Commitee spoke to us about getting along,

The said all the Conflict got in the way of Getting Republicans Elected.

The State Chair can tell there has been and is at the present time quite a bit of controversy, But he has not been around here so he does not know the issues,.

The Local Member of the State Central Committee over the years has been busy with his Family, his Church and representing us at the State Level so He ALSO has not been around much.

If he had,  He would know that just a few years ago the Linn County Central Commitee was EVERYTHING He and the State Chair said they wished it could be,

There was no Fighting, No controversy there was an Energy, Unity and Focus and a lot more people attending the meetings.

We can get all that back.

We know how to do it

We did it before

The first thing that needs to happen is the present Chair and entourage needs to be--


We need New Leadership,.  And this time it would be nice if we did that BEFORE all the money in the Bank Account was spent and too many of the members who supply the bulk of the volunteer acitvity and work are gone.

We can get them back and we can rebuild the Bank Acount, We have done it before.

But it would be nice if we did it at the Officer Elections Coming up soon.

If we want to go back to when things really Worked?





Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:05 AM CST
Updated: Thursday, 29 January 2015 3:23 AM CST
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Wednesday, 28 January 2015
All Quiet On The Political Front

The last electoral campaign has passed.

The Door Knockers have returned home.

The Phone Banks are Silent and the Victory Offices are no more.

All is Quiet on the Poltical Front, until the next cycle.

This one went well. That is not always the case.

In Linn County Iowa some years it is like the Charge of the Light Brigade for the GOP 

Progressives to the Left of them Liberals to the Right of them, Community Activists Behind them Volleyed and Thundered.

But our Volunteers like the Light Brigade on the plain of Balaclava have always stayed the course.

We have one who has become a Poltical Icon.  Presidential Candidates trek to Linn County as a Right of Passage to greet her,

And I understand she has taken a young woman under her wing who is continuing the legacy of Phone Bank excellance.

But now the Electoral Campaigns are over for a while and it was time to savor our sucess.

In our State Capital there was an Gathering for the Inauguration.

On one of our Facebook Pages we can see,



Some familiar faces indeed.

Inauguration day in Des Moines Left to right: Cindy Golding LCRCC Chair, Iowa State Senator Dan Zumbach, Richard Bice LCRCC Member, Brenda Krause LCRCC Member, Brenda Hart LCRCC Events Committee Chair.

At any event you will see these faces they are very active in the Linn County Central Committee.

And our Valiant Volunteers?

The folks we manned the Phone Banks sallied forth to Door Knock Day after Day after Day?

The ones who would be at the Top of a List of Campaign Workers? 

They weren't there,

It seems no one bothered to obtain Tickets for THEM.

Now it is true as relayed to me by a friend who has been active in Iowa Poltics for almost 40 years that,

Invitations to the Gov.'s inauguration I have heard were not handled as in the past. It used to be county chair's submitted a list. I got my invite by submission online. I found out via Ken Rizer of the online site. I asked Don Lucas of Lee County what he knew. Lee County's current Chair called later offering to put me a list he put together. 

 Lee County it turns out had 10 extra tickets,  Odd that Linn County could not round up a similiar number for it's Top Volunteers or even see that they had a way to Des Moines.

Our Committee and Our Leadership Failed on this Issue.

We MUST do better in the Future.  Those who excell at Volunteer Work deserve more recognition and reward.

Now I have heard that some say, "Everyone gives in their own way and it is not Fair to single out a few for recognition."

That thinking is best used worked into the ground to inspire turnips.


We beleive that people can with Hard Work and Perseverence endevour to Excell.

And that when they do?  They should be applauded, encouraged and others encouraged to emulate them


Feel that everyone who plays deserves a trophy because playing is winning too.

Elections and Real Life do not work that way. 

If we really want to Help Republicans Get Elected, we cannot set them on a shelf until the Next Election,

Lest they begin to feel as one related to me that they do all this work and a few walk in act like they can boss everyone around and then take credit for what everyone else does,. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 1:49 AM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 28 January 2015 2:21 AM CST
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Tuesday, 27 January 2015
Spacetime Folds In The DR-2

Things used to be so much simpler.

There was Space. You knocked around in it.

There was Time.  You went from Past through Present to the Future, only.

Then they complicated it with something called Spacetime 

Everything is now all mixed up Spacetime and be bent, twisted and folded.  Distant points can be come close, time can be turned backwards.

Recently while perusing the most recent DR-2 forms I spotted some Temporal anomalies.

Could Spacetime in the DR-2 have been folded?






Looking through a DR-2 can be a lot of fun.

It is sometimes possible to Find Oneself.

And we all know how important "Finding Oneself" has become in the last 50 or so years. 

 So as I said I looked and there I was


10/21/2014 Check #1121

Kauffman, Daniel

1637 D Avenue NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-5231


Chili Cookoff

Hmm looks like I was a major, no I was THE major supporter, Me and my 5 tickets.

 Looking further I see

11/19/2014 PayPal

Kauffman, Daniel

1637 D Avenue NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-5231

None $41.99 

Holiday Party

Number 2 nested between 

Hart, Brenda

235 Highland Drive N. W.

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405 


Knox, James P

372 Willshire Ct. NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 

It is just passed this point the Temporal anomalies crop up.

As I recall the price of a ticket was to be $40 if purchased on or before November 25th 

Yes the terms were 

Price of tickets $40 until November 25

$50 from November 26-December 10


Location Longbranch Hotel

Social hour (cash bar) 6pm

Dinner  7pm


Guest speakers to be announced at a later time.


Questions,call Brenda 319 310-7302 


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Call Brenda 319 310-7302

 What is the refund policy?

No refunds

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

There will be no tickets avaialble at the door.


But what is this I spy?  Must be about  12 tickets bought AFTER Dec 10.


As many as  7 on Dec 16  (at the door)


And even 4 not just after the cutoff date, but up to several days after the Party.


This was in reality a pretty good idea,.  Had they stayed with the original format they would have been seriously in the hole.


HINT: If you are planning an Event and you want it to be a Financial Success?


Perhaps it might not be wise to alienate a large portion of the membership  BEFORE you have their Money? 


Too bad that the word did not get around to everyone.  A Central Committee friend informed me that they knew of several people who would have/might have come if they had known the "There will be no tickets avaialble at the door."  had been changed.


But what really makes one wonder if Temporal Flow had been Folded and reversed is the number of people who not only after the November 25th CutOff Date but after the Decemeber 10th End of Purchasing Date, at the Door and even after the Party.


Managed to get the $40 price for their tickets.


Now I do not fault most of these folks in any way.


After all they merely paid the price they were told to.


Only ONE. person among them was in a position to changer the price.


While it is true the Chair bought 4 tickets before November 25th through PayPal for $40 plus the PayPal charge


They ALSO paid $40 for a ticket the night of the Party.


It really does not matter WHY this was done.


What matter is that it is inherently Unfair to the People who paid Full Price.


By my count there are about 15 people who are due a $10 refund on some 20 tickets.


You can go to the DR-2 Form and see for yourself 


What happened is NOT the way we should conduct our affairs.


Some might say this indicates a lapse of judgement by Leadership and for That?


There is a simple solution latter this Winter 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:35 AM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 27 January 2015 4:10 AM CST
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Monday, 26 January 2015
If It's Not Written Down

There is an old saying in the Business World.

If it's not wrtten down, it doesn't exist.



Recently there was a difference of opinion on what was and was not written down between the Linn County GOP Central Commitee Chair and a Local Business.

I Posted about this previously in

Show Us The Proof    and In Their Own Words


One side says we requite a Proof Copy to review and a Contract for both of us to sign before any agreement is settled.

The other side maintains that they had an agreement over the phone and some artwork was sent to them so therefore the money for the ad is owed.

Let us set aside for the moment the issue of who was or was not right or wrong.

Let us look at the events and the History of this Business and the local Conservative Community.

Was this the first time they had engaged in a charitible donation activity?

Hardly not there are numerous examples of their generosity to the Conservative and Republican Cause,

Why I understand during the last election they sent a shipment of pizzas out to the Victory office for the workers,

I also understand someone else tried to take credit but that everyone knew where they really came from.

That being the case and considering their long history of generosity and donating in support of us.

What would a Wise Leader have done? 

Some might say they would have considered the Business's long History of generosity and said something like

Oh I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding don't give it another thought. I will take care of everything.

They might not suggest continuing to send bill and or tell them it would be really terrible if this got out in public and gave the business some bad publicity.

What would NOT every be advised would be that the Webmaster would put a boycott request on the County GOP Facebook Group Page or on 20 other people's pages including a sitting Congressman.

I mean that sort of activity would NOT be condusive to attacking donors and Helping Republicans Get Elected.

So what should WE do to alter this sorry state of affairs?

I think a change in Leadership might be in order.

There should definitely be some  discipenary action taken over the Boycott posts.

It is never in the best interest of Helping Republicans Get Elected to slander donors. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:12 AM CST
Updated: Monday, 26 January 2015 2:37 AM CST
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Saturday, 24 January 2015
We Heard You The First Time

At the last Central Committee Meeting we were given a glimpse of a presentation by the Committee Webmaster,

It dealt mostly with the difference between the LCRCC Facebook Group Page which is MANUAL


and the LCRCC Facebook Fan Page which is AUTOMATIC


I will link to the presentation HERE for your Perusal.

One of the features promised is

Simpler, One Source Multiple Touches

I am not certain what that means unless One Source means the Webmaster and Multiple Touches discribes all the Duplicate Posts found on the Facebook Fan Page.

He continues with

Social Media Challenges

• We Have two Facebook ‘pages’

Group Page (older one)

• All Manual

• Discussion Board

• Pictures

• NO Web Integration

Fan Page

• Discussion, Pictures and posts

• Integration with a website, Twitter, YouTube and many other social outlets

• Photos Direct and Instagram

• Events

• Email (mail chimp) integration

• Ticket and Event integration

• Automated

• Much more 


Now first let me say I have nothing against Automation.

Nor do I have anyting against Manual Operation.

I think both have their places.

What I have noticed about the Fan Page is that the reader is inundated with a massive deluge of multiple Duplicate Posts.

It is TRUE as has been pointed out that sometimes they are not REALLY Duplicate Posts, but they just LOOK that way.

An example recently was posts on the subject of the Office Committee Meetings

The Facebook Group Page had 1 post


Office Committee Meeting Dates:


Office Committee Meeting 1/27

Office Committee Meeting Dates:

Office Committee Meeting 1/27

Tuesday, January 27 at 6:30pm

3349 Southgate Ct SW , Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Office Committee Meeting 2/10

Tuesday, February 10 at 6:30pm

3349 Southgate Ct SW , Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Office Committee Meeting 3/3

Tuesday, March 3 at 6:30pm

3349 Southgate Ct SW , Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 


With a picture of the building that the LCRCC Office is in.

Take the 33rd Ave. S. W. exit off I-380. Turn south on Southgate Ct. between Burger King and Perkins.  Just south of where Motel 6 keeps the sign lighted all night along the interstate's southbound lane you will find the building.  Northwest door. First floor. Just inside the outside doors and to the left is suite 105.
ght along the interstate's southbound lane you will find the building. 

Northwest door. First floor. Just inside the outside doors and to the left is suite 105. 


The Facebook Fan Page had separate Posts that looked like.



Linn County GOP shared their event.
19 hrs · 
Linn County GOP's photo.
Office Committee Meeting 1/27
Tuesday at 6:30pm
3349 Southgate Ct SW , Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

1 person is going


Now it might be a matter of taste whether One Post for 3 events is best or 3 Posts one for each of the 3 Dates is better.

But I don't think anyone would disagree that SEVEN Posts for 3 dates is a little overkill.


So for these 3 dates we had 7 posts and before that two duplicate posts for the Executive-Advisory Commitee Meeting.


Before that three posts for the January Central Commitee meeting, which used the Same photo as the two posts after it that were for the Executive-Advisory Meeting

If you have a Facebook Account you can see what I am talking about  HERE 


Call me Old Fashioned but in my opinion there is a sore need of Manual Editing on this Page.


Both the Group Page and the Fan Page have their own issues and their own advantages.

I say we keep both.

One thing I like about the Group Page is that you can see the profiles of ALL 365 Members, check that out HERE 


But on the Fanpage of the 94 Likes?  I can only see the profiles of the 19 who are already my Facebook Friends.

So for Networking the Group Page has an edge.


Before we leave on more thought about the Duplicate Posts that really were not Duplicates, they just looked that way.


Is that EFFECTIVE Communication?


Might it be possible that a Reader might look at them and think-- a bunch of duplicates again, read one and never realise the other ones gave information about the same thing on different dates? 


To conclude, we don't need an avalanche of duplicate posts.

We heard you the first time.

You don't need to continue repeating the same thing over and over and over again. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:09 AM CST
Updated: Saturday, 24 January 2015 2:35 AM CST
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Friday, 23 January 2015
Not A Sale At Walmart

At January's Central Committee Meeting we got to see the Rules for the upcoming Officer Election,

Proposed Rules that is the Body still has final say, despite the confusion of some about what part of the Central Committee makes decisions.


Here they are






a) Voting will be by secret ballot.

b) One vote per eligible voter per ballot.

c) No ballots shall leave the voting floor.

d) Must be present to vote - no proxies.

e) The winner will be by simple majority.

f) All results are final.

g) Candidates may observe the vote count.

h) Nominations require a second and will be accepted at the February meeting.

i) Candidates shall have two minutes to speak at the February meeting.

j) There will be no questioning of candidates from the floor.

k) Elections will be in the following order:

i) Chair

ii) Co-Chair

iii) Secretary

iv) Treasurer


a) Precinct representatives and assistant representatives must check in with the credentials team.

b) Credentialed Precinct representatives and credentialed assistant representatives may vote.

c) Assistant representatives may vote only if Precinct representatives are not present.

i) If more assistant representatives are present than positions to be filled, seating shall be determined by first arrival.

d) Credentialing cuts off when all in line are credentialed.

e) Precinct representatives and assistant representatives will be notified by USPS, postmarked 10 days prior to the election.

f) Notice of the election will be posted on the Webpage, Face Book Group invite, and sent out via Mail Chimp.


Part of me wonders why we don't have these things all mapped out.

I mean Central Committees have been having Officer Elections for how many years?

Then I realise just reinventing the wheel would not be that bad if it were not for those who come up with clever ideas like--

Wouldn't the Wheel be more stable if it was SQUARE?


That is what I think of when I see something like

"i) If more assistant representatives are present than positions to be filled, seating shall be determined by first arrival"

Like every organization that I can think of the Central Committee has ranked Seniority by time of joining the Central Committee.

Recently we have included that info on the Form As at our Caucuses.

That is how we have been credentialing people  for our meetings.

But now we have some proposed Rules that treat this Election like it was a Sale at Walmart.

The credentials will be given to whoever showed up and got in line first?? 

I can see someone who has been coming to meetings for decades, working in the Committee and participating over the years voting for the Rules and then being pushed aside for the Election because someone who just joined recently showed up first.


Another item that pops out is

"i) Candidates shall have two minutes to speak at the February meeting.

j) There will be no questioning of candidates from the floor. "

 Now That HAS been how it has been done in the past.

But that was back when we announced the Election in Janurary.  held Nominations in Febuary and held the Election in March,

The idea was everyone had a whole month to know who the nominees were and to ask them questions,

So they did not need a whole lot of time to talk and there was no need for questions from the floor.

Having the Nominations and Elections at the same time throws that out the window.

 As for myself the ONE question I would ask if that was all I could would be.

What is your opinion of this portion of the Linn County Constitution? 

 "The Executive Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee,

and none of its acts shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee. "

 I don't know what others may think but I think that would be an important thing to ask someone runniing for an Eecutive Committee Office.

I have noticed in some an attitude that Constitutions, ByLaws and Rules of Order

Get in the way of what they want to do and should be disposed of  for the sake of efficiency,

And having the meetings end at 8:30  PM

So next Febuary we will choose our rules

I hope we choose to keep it simple.

Credential the way we always have and give the Body a Month between Nominations and Election to maximise an informed decsion. 



Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 1:00 AM CST
Updated: Friday, 23 January 2015 2:26 AM CST
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Thursday, 22 January 2015
In Their Own Words

A few days ago I posted about an issue with our Chair and a couple of Local Business Owners,who have over the years supported Conservative Causes and the Republican Party with their Time, their Donations of Kind and Cash to the tune of thousands.

That post was  Show Us The Proof 

At the last County Central Committee Meeting they gave the Committee a Letter outlaying their position and reasons for not paying a $200 Bill they feel they did not agree to.

So Now I will post their side of the story here

In Their Own Words,

After which I will add a few of my own


Dear Linn County Republican Central Committee Member,


This past Thursday, January 15th, I received an email from your chairwoman, Cindy Golding, wrongly accusing my business of failing to pay on a $200.00 advertising bill for a Senate Primary debate back in March.   I am writing this letter for two reasons: One, to set the record straight before my business relationship with the Linn County Republicans is damaged beyond repair, and Two: To express my anger at the way my business partner and I have been slandered and threatened by your County Chairwoman, Cindy Golding. 

In either late February or early March of 2014, (I do not recall) I received a phone call from Chairwoman Cindy Golding at my business, Godfather’s Pizza.  Mrs. Golding asked me to place an ad in the program for an upcoming Senate Primary debate.  I told her that because it was our busiest time of the day, I did not have time to discuss an ad with her, but Mrs. Golding said that she had “no time to wait.”  Although I was insulted by her pushiness, I told her she would speak to my business partner, Teresa Williams, who handles all of our advertising.  We could send her a copy of our ad art then we would have to see a proof copy of the brochure prior to approval. 

My business has a strict advertising policy that includes two separate requirements:  We MUST be presented with a contract to sign, and we MUST be provided a proof copy of the printed material in order to give final approval before distribution. Mrs. Golding DID NOT honor either of those requirements.  My business partner and I were NOT given a contract, and we were NOT presented with a copy of the final printing we require for final approval.  Because Mrs. Golding failed to fulfill the requirements we stated to her, any agreement she may have assumed she had with us DID NOT EVEN EXIST.  Furthermore, the artwork Teresa Williams had sent for a sample ad was inserted and used WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. 

Although the absence of any type of contractual agreement left us owing absolutely nothing, we nevertheless received an invoice for $200.00 from Kim Reem of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women, at the direction of Cindy Golding.  The invoice was followed by continued demands for payment from Mrs. Golding. To pay the $200.00 that we did not owe would have indicated our acknowledgement that an agreement WAS fulfilled.  Because of Mrs. Golding’s failure to meet our requirements, her use of our logo without permission, and her unprofessional behavior throughout this ordeal, any sort of payment for any reason was simply out of the question. 

I responded to Cindy Golding’s latest email, in which she stated her intention to bring this issue before your Central Committee and threatened me with negative publicity, during the morning of Saturday the 17th.  In my response, I recommended to Mrs. Golding that she drop the issue immediately and cease her slanderous remarks about me, my partner, and our business.  Less than 24 hours after I responded, an individual named James Knox posted defamatory messages about my business all over Facebook on our company page, the Linn County GOP Iowa Facebook page, and over 20 other peoples’ personal Facebook pages, claiming that my business does not pay its bills and calling on Linn County Republicans and others to boycott my business.  In one of his statements on Facebook, Mr. Knox references my email response to Cindy Golding on Saturday, January 15th

Since Cindy Golding feels compelled to share my emails with those who in turn slander my business and its people, I in turn feel compelled to share copies of all of the slanderous statements made about my business to my attorney, along with copies of all of our communications with Cindy Golding.  I will also be forwarding items to the Godfather’s, Inc. corporate attorneys if necessary. 

I have been a staunch supporter of Republican and conservative causes for a great many years.  I have opened my business to the Linn County Republican Central Committee for a countless number of meetings, training sessions, and other activities, all at no charge, with no minimum purchase requirements, and no limits to the amount of time my facilities are used.  These meetings, training sessions, and other activities include poll watcher training, caucus training, convention preparation meetings, and candidate meet-and-greets.  Furthermore, I extend my open door policy to organizations that are not affiliated with the Republican Party, but are still made up largely by your members, such as the local Tea Party group and more.  While many businesses have begun to ostracize conservatives, I welcome them with open arms.  I have also provided unquantifiable support during meetings and campaigns in the form of free or discounted pizzas which easily equal the value of THOUSANDS of dollars.  To be treated this way in return—and by your county chairwoman, at that—is absolutely disgusting.  In order to continue our otherwise-excellent relationship, I ask this Central Committee to please discourage your chairwoman, Cindy Golding, from making any more of her despicable attacks on my business. 



Keith Lacy



During the last County Central Committee Meeting both the State Chair and a Local State Central Committee Member spoke to us about the importance of not doing anything that could hinder Getting Republicans Elected.

I submit that the above is NOT the way to Get Republicans Elected

That slandering long time Conservative Donors is the opposite of Working to Get Republicans Elected.

Obviously there is a difference of opinion as to this Bill.

A wise person would take personal responsibility for their own mistake,

Would make the  Iowa Federation of Republican Women whole by paying the $200 and would apologise to Keith and Teresa for any unintended slight they might have done,

Now as to an appropriate action for a Webmaster who starts a boycott of a Republican Donors business posts the same on the County Republican Party Facebook Group Page and also posts it on the Facebook pages of some 20 other people including a sitting Congressman's page?

That is something the Committee will have to deal with.

We need to try to get it on the floor before 8:30 PM though. 

I mean if we really want to Get Republicans Elected we need to keep our own house clean,. 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:57 AM CST
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015
Qui Est In Custodia Praesidem

Who Guards the Chair? 


Everyone knows what a Chair is what they do, what they should be expected to do.

Problem is, not everyone agrees on what those factors are.

So if the Central Committee wishes to ponder this matter we should?

Refer to the     County Constitution 



The officers of this Central Committee shall be a chairman, co-chairman, secretary and

treasurer, and such other members as the County Central Committee in its by-laws may

provide. The Central committee shall organize following each general election, but no later

than the following April 1.



The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of the

Linn County Central Committee. The Executive Committee shall transact the routine business

of the Linn County Central Committee during the interim of the meetings of the Linn County

Central Committee. Any business transacted or action taken shall be reported to the Linn

County Central Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting


.The Executive

Committee is subject to the orders of the Linn County Central Committee, and none of its acts

shall conflict with actions of the Linn County Central Committee. 

The ByLaws 



The officers of the Central Committee shall consist of a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary and

Treasurer whose terms shall be for a period of two (2) years and the same shall be elected

immediately following each general election, but no later than the following April 1. The

Central Committee shall elect either from its’ membership or otherwise a chair, co-chair,

secretary, treasurer and other officers as it may determine. After notification of an election,

any vacancies in said offices shall be filled by the County Central Committee.

A. Duties

1. The Chair shall be the Executive Officer and conduct all meetings of the Central

Committee and assist in the formulation of policies for the conduct of the affairs of the

Republican Party and such other matters as may be assigned.

2. The Vice-Chair shall conduct all meetings in the absence of the Chair and assist in

formulating policies matters as may be assigned.

3. The duties of the Secretary are to keep the minutes of the meetings and read them at the

following meeting, unless waived.

4. The duties of the Treasurer are to keep records of all receipts and disbursements. All

checks shall be signed b the Treasurer and countersigned by the Chair or Co-Chair.

Checks in excess of $500.00 and not previously budgeted shall have the approval of the

County Central Committee. The Treasurer shall prepare a two-year budget for approval

of the County Central Committee and the same shall be presented at the first meeting of

the non-elective calendar year. 


And since the ByLaws also say



Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall prevail unless modified by these by-laws. 

 We should refer to them as well


Art. X. The Officers and the Minutes.


58. Chairman or President. The presiding officer, when no special title has been assigned him, is ordinarily called the Chairman, or the President, or, especially in religious assemblies, the Moderator. In organized societies the constitution always prescribes his title, that of President being most common. In debate he is referred to by his official title and is addressed by prefixing Mr. or Madam, as the case may be, to that title. In referring to himself he should never use the personal pronoun; he generally says, "the chair," which means the presiding officer of the assembly, regardless of whether his position is permanent or temporary. If his position is only temporary he is called the chairman. 


This Section is lengthy so I encourage the reader to use the link above.

But this portion needs to be emphasised


The chairman sometimes calls a member to the chair and takes part in the debate.


This should rarely be done, and nothing can justify it in a case where much feeling is shown

and there is a liability to difficulty in preserving order. If the chairman has even the appearance of being a partisan, he loses much of his ability to control those who are on the opposite side of the question.


There is nothing to justify the unfortunate habit some chairmen have of constantly speaking on questions before the assembly, even interrupting the member who has the floor.

One who expects to take an active part in debate should never accept the chair, or at least should not resume the chair, after having made his speech, until after the pending question is disposed of.1 The presiding officer of a large assembly should never be chosen for any reason except his ability to preside. 



 The chairman of a committee usually has the most to say in reference to questions before the committee; but the chairman of an ordinary deliberative assembly, especially a large one, should, of all the members, have the least to say upon the merits of pending questions.


I will leave it to those who have attended our meetings to determine if these last stipulations have been adhered to. 


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:13 AM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 21 January 2015 9:48 AM CST
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Monday, 19 January 2015
Show Us The Proof

This Weekend the Webmaster took a break from defaming me. 

And decided to slander a local Conservative Business which has a stellar record of supporting  Conservative Causes with Time and Donations.

Now I fully understand why our Webmaster has been casting aspersions on me, because I have been saying some not nice things about him

In my opinion TRUE things but I admit not nice.

So I expect and almost welcome his incoherent responses,

I mean how else can I gauge how effective my articles have been.

What I don't understand is why attack this business?

I spoke with one of the co-owners.

It seems that some time ago our Chair called one of them about Noon,

They are in the Food Services Industry and so they were SWAMPED.

Our Chair was told

One: They could not Talk

Two: That the other Co-owner handled all their advertising

Three: Their standard requirement for ANY ad including donation ads was to receive a Proof Copy for their review.

They never got ANY Proof Copy.

Sometime latter they DID get a Bill for an advertisement  that had been placed WITHOUT their approval.

They have since gotten dunning letters and threats to go Public,

You have a nice business here it would be a shame if we had to smear it with slander. 

This weekend they did go Public.

Our webmaster put a libelous statement on the LCRCC Facebook Group Wall.

It has been taken down.

He also placed a libelous statement on the Business's Facebook Wall

It has been taken down.

He still has a libelous statement on his own Facebook Wall with a link to the Businesses Facebook Wall

Due to their not paying a bill to our LCRCC

I decided

to boycott this place. I ask that you do too

. I will

gladly inform you when they do so you can


but until then all my Cedar Rapids friends

please do

not go there 

  I say GO there have a nice meal and let them know not all members of the Linn County Republican Central Committee are of the same moral character as the little group of lynch mobbers that have congregated on his Facebook Walls Liking his Statement and Commenting.

Having seen the dialog, something soured here. I'm not


what might cause an organization to change demeanor.

The ad and related communications are all above

board, but

remain unpaid.  

 I would say finding out someone tried to CHEAT you and hold you responsible for a Bill you never agreed to MIGHT change one's demeanor.

I understand. It appears this is the result yet again of nefarious activity by one of our executives! 

EXACTLY the business owner I spoke to was quite clear on that point.  The Chair was TOLD what they required before they would authorise payment

The Chair did NOT satisfy the requirements and dunning the business for a Bill they did not agree  to MIGHT constitute nefarious activity by one of our executives ie the County Chair.

In addition placing this lie on the Facebook Wall of others and thereby giving the impression that they agree and approve of that Lie COULD also be considered nefarious action, not by an Executive, just a Webmaster.

I have seen a lot of pretty words on some FB Walls but not much walking the walk to go along with talking the talk.

 Anyone who gathered on the Webmaster's Wall to disect the reputation of two good and decent people who have always supported Conservatives and Conservative causes and never BOTHERED to first find out their side of the story from them?

Should hang their heads in shame,

And they need to stop posting religous statements and try living a few.

You can come after me all you want.  I figure if you can't run with the Big Dogs you'd best stay on the porch.

But these people whose reputations you have besmirched are


  The old Abbe mounted the pulpit and began his sermon with a voice that cut the air like a whip lash. "Christians!!" "Christians, when the Lord of life and death shall ask me on the day of judgment, 'Pasteur de la Roudaire, where are thy sheep?',

I shall not answer him. When the Lord asks me the second time,'Pasteur de la Roudaire, where are thy sheep?', I will still not answer him.

But when the Lord shall ask me the third time, 'Pasteur de la Roudaire, where are thy sheep?', I shall hang my head in shame and I will answer him,

'They were not sheep, Lord, they were a pack of wolves.'"

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:46 AM CST
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