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Parnell Civil War Information

Sharon M. Parnell Sholes
Cathy J. Parnell Vance

On the battle ground at Chancellorville the winter rain washed open the shallow Union and Confederate graves...It grew dark and we built a fire.  The dead were all around us; their eyeless skulls seemed to stare steadily at us...The tree swayed and sighed gently in the soft wind.  As we sat smoking...An infantry soldier who had been prying [into the ground] with his bayonet suddenly rolled a skull on the ground before us and said in a deep low voice: That is what you are all coming to, and some of you will start it tomorrow

a green private remembers The Wilderness, 1864


Events of the Civil War in Adair County and South Central Kentucky with Co "D" 13th Regiment Kentucky volunteers

Company "A" 13th Ky Cavalry

Letters Home: James Parnell letters to family in Adair Co Ky. under construction.

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