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Ever attend a mountain wedding? With shotguns, moonshine, snake handlers and pre-teen brides?

Night Train is that wedding. Conceived in the hills of Kentucky, the band is out of control and too loud. They sing about what they know: sin, the law, and mood altering substances. Their latest release, NIGHT TRAIN - 8TH GRADE BRIDE, is Hard Southern Rock. The band consists of Bobby Lee on drums, Chico on guitars, George Ray plays bass. Basic three chord rock, hillbilly lyrics and an appreciation of backwoods culture, provide Night Train with what some call Devil Drive. Songs like Dixie Wrecked tell the story of a young mountain lass workin' on her social skills (or it could be about increased blood flow to key areas of the male anatomy). AC/DC like guitars, hillbilly singin' and swank, and blatant political incorrectness add up to good country fun.....Deliverance through a Marshall - "who's pickin' that banjo?"

Find out why Night Train is Jesco White's backup band. They visit with Jesco regularly (no, this is true) to keep abreast of Boone County action. Check their tour dates or order 8TH GRADE BRIDE to get a taste of southern livin' as pure as an Ernest Angley sermon. Let them heal you! Crack the seal on some Night Train. Vote Big Joe for sheriff!


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