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Outline of the Light

Welcome to The Realm of Light. For so long now many have been confused as to how this realm exists and operates. I will try to be brief and try to give you an outline as to how the Light exists. If you have any questions on anything or wish to join the Light please e-mail me below and I will return the information or get in touch with thee as soon as possible. Please leave your VP name within your e-mail so that I might find you in this vast place.

The overall goal of the Light is to create a community of good friends , humor and diversity in ways and customs so that we may all understand ourselves better. The Light is symbolic of all those who reside with the realm and that light of goodness that shines within all of us.

The Light is a realm of small realms combined together into making a kingdom. These small realms are known as Provinces. These provinces are ruled by their leader or leaders and rule the way they find best. As their province increases in size and residents then their titles also change. They are free to place rules and correct conduct for their lands. Each province is different in characterics and size. Within each month no more than one province will be added, but it is possible for a province to issue a subprovince within their province. A province is free to rule as they wish until High Council rules their conduct needs to be changed.

A Sub Province is a place within a province trying to gain strength and popularity into becoming a new province within the Light. They are governed locally in the sub province by the leader of the province that granted the sub province in their area. These are testing grounds for possible leaders to rule lands within the Light. When the residents of a sub province reaches 10, then the sub province has the right to address council and ask for freedom to become a independent province in the Light.

Residents in the Light live within these provinces or in grounds appointed to them by the guardians. Such as guild leaders. Once one joins the Light he has the right to change residence from one province to another, but he must have permission of the province to which he or she wishes to join.

Guardians are the advisors of the Light. There are to be one High Guardian, and four guardians, one for each of the winds. The guardians are advisors to provinces, residents and province leaders. They can only advise them and watch the development of a province. Their other duties are to help new ones in the Light find homes. Defend and prosecute ones that are brought forth before council on charges. Appoint Guild leaders and High Council Members. They are basically here to help, so seek them out if needed.

High Council is the location of all diplomacy, rules, and resolvement of problems in the Light. The High Council is made up of a High Council and four High Council members. Their primary function is the laws and rules that govern all provinces in the Light. Also they approve all Alliance to the Realm of the Light. Also they hear charges, and determine wheither the one or province that charges are brought upon should be brought before High Council and a verdict reached in the problem. Anyone having a problem that they feel is unjust, unfair, immoral, etc. etc., if they feel it is a subject to be addressed, please notify High Council, a province leader or a guardian that you wish to address High Council with a conflict. As a province grows so does the influence it has on High Council, for each 10 residents a province has it obtains a minor seat on council to represent the growing province.

When the population of the Light reaches 100 active members, a royal leader will be choosen (King). Once this royal family is elected, this is more a figure head but the royal family has powers to activate the guardians and guild leaders and council to accomplish things he(she) feels necessary for the advancement of the Light. However High Council still makes all laws and resolves all problems within the Light.

Royal Titles

Titles...........requirements King (Queen) of the Light......100 residents(win election)
King (Queen)of a province.......50 residents in a province*
High Duke (High Duchess).......40 residents
Duke (Duchess)......................30 residents
Prince (Princess).....................21 residents
Marquis (Marquise).................16 residents
Count (Countess)....................11 residents
Baron (Baroness)....................6 Residents
Lord (Lady)............................Province Leader**

*......must be granted title by the King of the Light
**.....must be granted title by King of the Light,
High Guardian, or province leader.

Where To?

Road to Dreams
Castle Razor
Royal Ballroom