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Realm Information

Welcome to the Realm of Light information board.

Well folks, lets think of some interesting things to do for this coming year.

If you are interested in playing a weekly game of Age of Empires let LBR know if you are interested or if you would like an inline game announced here.

Rules for contestS:

1.....Contestants will paint their avs on the day of the contest that no one knows of.
2.....Contestants will have 20 minutes to finish their painting.
3.....When the contestant finishes the painting he or she will then pass the av to the page keeper. (LBR)
4.....The judges will then be announced by LBR
5.....The judges will follow LBR to the page where he has placed the av's on. The judges will then choose the winner.
6.....Judges will be judging the following: neatness, orginality, and over-all-appearance.
7.....All av's will not have identifing names on the avs themselves. When saved, it will be saved as contest.gif
8.....After the judges choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, the contestants will then come to the gallery and the winners will be announced.
Good Luck painters!! ;-)))

Congrats to the first class of Knights of Light.

If you would like an announcement placed on the info page, see Missy and relay the message to her. It will then be posted.

Positions Open in the Light;
Lord Marshal of the Allitorian Knights. (Pending)
High Mage.
High Cleric.
Head of Thieves Guild.
Leader of Eradoth.
Guardian of the West Winds.
Leader of Nus Esir.

Where To?

Road to Dreams
Castle Razor
Royal Ballroom
Residents of the Light
Light Avs by White Iris.
Light Mega Avs by White Iris.