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Hey welcome to me Nic Cage Page!! Dedicated to the one and only NICHOLAS CAGE!!! Coz his da finest actor in da land!! :) And he's not that old. He still passes as and excellent actor and he says he still wants to be doing movies at the age of 60!!!Coolness!! And I think thats just awesome!!!My fave Nic Cage has to be either ConAir or Face/OFF!! Those movies rocked!! :) I must admit though..I have still yet to see some other movies his made....

He's latest movie that has hit the cinemas has made me angry coz its rated *R*!!! How the heck am I suppose to see if I'm 15 !!! Sucky eh? I think so..It's not like its actually got porno in it right??? Right?????! well maybe some but..Oh why did there have to be porno in this first place???

Anyways please sign the guestbook when its up!! I dun care what you say about it as long as its rated *MA* coz you know the drill, *R* movies arent meant for 15 years old..Oh how I'd like to kick the person who made ~*8mm*~ a R rated movie!!!! >:Nahh not really..I can wait I guess



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Is it Nicholas Cage? Or Nicolas Cage?
Im SOOO confused!!!!! Lately in all these articles, movie reviews and even some websites, Ive been seeing Nicolas spelt Nicholas. Ive always thought Nicolas was spelt Nicholas but then I read an article and they say its without the h.Im still not sure!! Ive seen heaps of times where its spelt with an h! Can someone please what it really is? I should make up a quiz lol.. whenever I get the facts right myself !!!! Ok well Im gonna go with Nicolas Cage

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