The Land of Oz
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Perth City on the Swan River

How to Speak STRAINnnnnnn(Australian) in three easy lessons. Click the buttons. These artistic expressions should see you through any forseeable difficulties you may encounter "Down Under".

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Okay well now we have you talking like a native here's a bit about Australia. At the moment I'm living in Perth which is the state capital of Western Australia. It's said that Perth is the most isolated city in the world, well I can think of a few others that come pretty close.(Hmmmmmm well maybe not at the moment)

Sooooooo you're wondering where Perth is?

Just type in where you are and find out how far away you are.


Click here to visit PerthWeb

Then come and take a Virtual Reality Tour of Perth City. Or you can look around the city and beaches with live cameras.

6PR Perth Talkback radio - live in Real Audio

Have a listen to Perth's 96FM Live with Real Audio. If you don't have the program you can download it free from here. Just click the icon!

RTRFM Live Music from Fremantle Perth Western Australia

I've included a link to Perth which should give you some idea of what we have here including beautiful beaches and a great climate. The summer does get to the low forties celcius but that's just another excuse to have a swim. When it gets that hot you usually find a lot of people down at the beach at midnight.

Well have a poke around the links and if you want any more info on Oz just drop me an E-mail and I'll see what I can dig up for you...

Some of my favourite Aussie links

Australia Online
Perth Western Australia(and Perth Livecam)
ROTTO - 19 kilometres off the coast from Perth lies Rottnest Island - a little bit of paradise on our back door step. A leisurely two hour ferry trip or one hour on a fast one if you're in a hurry and you land on a sand island surounded by coral reef. Go here to take a virtual bike ride around the island and have a look at the scenery and the wildlife
Western Australia

Aussie Cyber Tour
Everything Australian
Beyond the Black Stump
Aussie links and free software
The Guide to Australia

Aussie - English Dictionary you want to hear a Real Aussie talk? here

Aussie Survival Food
Aussie Food and Wine Guide

The Sydney Morning Herald
The Melbourne Age
The Australian - National newspaper

The Australian ABC Page
Channel SEVEN
Channel TEN

Sugary Tea Pages
Triple J FM Sydney
Recovery(for the morning after the night before)

A list of all Oz Radio Station Homepages

The Sydney 2000 Olympics
Encyclopaedia of Aussie Sport

Surfing in Oz
Snow skiing in Oz

The Great Barrier Reef
SHARKS!!!...Cute little creatures and a lot of them under threat of extinction
More cute little Aussie Sea Creatures
And then there are the little eight legged ones
And of course I can't leave out the Snakes

Fancy a nice cold Aussie Beer?

"The Land Down Under" by Men at Work


Have a look here! (Aussie Irish collaboration)

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