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Paintball Extreme was made for paintballers by paintballers. We plan on having reviews, articles, tips, gun pics, and many other interesting things. So if you have any of suggestions, pictures, articles, ideas or feedbacks bout the game of Paintball, email us here. We will continue to grow, so please bear with us.

3-17-00 Well chaos tried to get it workin lol..hey man work on gettin the colors back normal and get the image map workin..I would rather have the pop up than my page not work =P
3-17-00 Ok... You've all been waiting and wanting it to happen, so as my first act of mischief at Paintball Extreme, i got rid of that pop-up =o) take that angelfire :) Hey chaos get the colors back normal...
3-16-00 Who's the man? Hogger is =). I figured out how to get the image map onto the forum. Tell me if you all like this new layout.
3-16-00 NO MORE FRAMES!!!! We have lost the top frame now for good. We are working out how to get the image map onto the forum. We will eventually figure it out I am sure.
3-15-00 We have a new parter in crime here....everyone welcome ChAoScLoWnZ. You can visit is other site at It is a real nice site. He is now the partner to this site and the forum. He won the image map contest with the map you see above. The site should see some heavy updates close around the corner, so stay tuned.
1-25-00 I just received a check from AllAdvantage for 35 bucks they actually pay you guys, I got the link down below the new here go check it out, andthere should be a link at the top of the forum too...thanks