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Shelbyville Rubber Mill May 1935

This is a picture of the U. S. Rubber Products Inc. or Shelbyville Mills, first shift in May 1935. This photo was taken in Shelbyville, Tennessee, Bedford County. Do you recognize anyone? If so please e-mail me at telling me exactly where the person is located, their name and any other information you can give me. This was my fathers photo and it was torn into four pieces where they had stored it away in a box too small for it. I have attempted to and I am still in the process of putting them back together. This is just a rough draft, there are only two or three people that I have to work on to get their faces right. I hope that you enjoy this photo, it is one of the few that I have of my dad. My dad is Robert Clyde Waters and he is the fourth man from your right on the second row, kneeling, he is behind the sixth woman on the front row from your right.