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For those of you who have actually visited this site, I appreciate it. Thank you. I have been extensivly busy the last year or so and havn't had the chance to actually com here and tell you what has been going on. Well in 2000, the R and R Dance House was an absolute disaster. We had the cops called on us and we had complaints. This led to us closing the doors a few short weeks later ending somthing that could have been a decent business. Just shows how bad it sucks living in a place such as eastern KY.

Since then we have seen no sign of the Renegade Rebels. Thats right we all went our seperate ways with a feeling of failure. With our heads drooped down and morale low, we put an end to the sacred rebel name.

The good times we had, the good fights we saw, and that lesbian that hit me in the face at that restaurant, are all fond memories that I wouldn't have had without the band. It wasn't a failure, just a mislead organinzation.

To those of you who are in a band....please don't give up. I didnt' give up my music personally, just am postponing to a later date. When will that date be...soon my friend, soon.

From all your freinds at RENEGADE REBELS

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