The Women Of Ancient Egypt 2
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~The Women Of Ancient Egypt~

I was ten years old, my uncle Jimmy was a Merchant Marine just home from Egypt with souveniers for the family. My gift was a small carving of the Great Pyramid and a smaller one of the Sphinx.

From the moment I first laid my eyes upon those statuettes I became obsessed with ancient Egypt. I became fixated on it's ancient queens, gods, architecture, religion and the Nile. I would fantasize I had once been one of the mysterious women of ancient Egypt. We always hear of the kings but what of the queens?

I've put together a few familiar sights, oddly familiar to me the first time I saw them. When I feel the need to visit a homeland, I know in one frame of time I existed, I do it the following way...maybe you will see and feel something familiar as well.

Please, step out of this time frame and enter into...ancient Egypt.



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