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Very Slow Picture Gallery

"The Brown Box Of losers" was an idea that Mick and some others had back when the first 'Lollapalooza' tours were going on. It was an idea to have a huge, multi-band, multi-keg 3-day party just for the hell of it. The event never materialized, but the name was easy to remember...

Anyway, there are pictures on this site from some of that period and a few writings. I add and/or change stuff from time to time, so check back.

This doesn't apply directly, but I heard it on the radio one day and thought it was kinda cool:

A man came home from work one day and his children ran to him saying, "Play with us! Play with us!" The man picked up his daily newspaper and said "Whoa there, let me read the paper and then i will play."

The children went away for a while then came back crying "Play with us now, father!" The father noticed a picture of a globe on a page of the paper. He tore this page out, tore it up into bits, gave it to his children and said, "Put this back together and then i will play with you."

The children went away and returned shortly with the picture put back together properly. The man, amazed, asked "How did you get it back together so quickly?"

The children answered, "On the other side of the page there was a picture of a large crowd of people, and when we put all of the people back together, the world just fell into place."


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