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As most of you can see I have altered my pages a great deal.
I am now concentrating solely on getting God's messages out.
I have posted a few of the newsletters here that I wrote for our online family
so the page will get more involved as time goes by.
We write as God tells us to write and in points of time as things are revealed to us so some of the things may seem contradictory but it is the way God intended it to be at that point in time.
I thank my Father in heaven for the opportunity to be here with you today
to be able to post His word.
Satan tried to steal this day from me back in May 2003
but he lost another battle Praise God.
He is once again trying to steal time from me but I do not feel that it is God's will;
so he will lose another battle and all the glory is to my Father in heaven.
These newsletters are not witten on a regular basis
only as God guides me to do them.
I may have to put them on several pages over time in order to keep the page from being so long,so just bear with me if you will.
I hope these will be a blessing to you
as you go about you daily walk with Jesus Christ.

I see prayer requests a lot in regards to cancer.
I took the liberty of doing some research and was astonished at what I discovered.
There are cancer causing agents in the majority of the products that we use in todays society.
Instead of finding more and more products for comfort and looks;
we need to find more products that are safe and stop using a lot of unnecessary stuff on our bodies.
If you think that I am telling you a bunch of nonsense then go look for yourself.
Go to this site and look up the products that you use and see for yourself the results,
I did and was amazed at what I found,things that I did not know.
I set and asked myself
Copy this url into your browser window and just see for yourself.

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