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If I'm Gone When You Wake Up

If I'm Gone When You Wake Up ALERT! It has been brought to my attention that this story could cause some serious damage to a person who is depressed. Please if you are unstable, and or depressed in any way do not proceed. This is just a friendly warning!

OK now before you begin reading my story you must understand what you will be viewing. 1) Adult language, 2) very adult situations 3) sexual content

I know this is going to be a very controversial story, this is a very controversial topic. I'm going to put a spin on this compared to most stories on the net out there; Taylor will not be glorified as he is in most. Taylor will be the main point of controversy though. This story contains the use of drugs (heroin mainly). I know I will get bombarded by e-mails threatening to kill me (!) but I don't really care! This page is staying up! Unless Taylor Hanson himself or anyone of that family (which they can prove they are!) mails me or contacts me I'm not taking it down. Don't be offended, I'm just a person who enjoys writing stories, and I love Hanson so I am very inspired by them.

Last but not least this story is 100% FICTIONAL! None of these events have occurred. (to our knowledge!) I will be adding new chapters regularly so keep checking back for more! So don't say you weren't warned and now you can continue!

Keep Going! --->

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