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Welcome to my page. This page contains jokes, pic's of me and some of my friends, and a few odd an ins topics. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to submit a joke send them to me at my submission page. Please include name, city, and state and they will be posted with jokes only. There are some things showed on my page that may not be to every ones liking, for those people I say go to *#@*. This is my page and If you dont like it leave. Most of you dont have a problem with it so continue surfing. If you would like to go to another one of my sites visit my nano home it is a virtual house and its really cool so go there! Oh yeah, and visit my sponsers.

Do you ever see pages you just hate and you want to get rid of them or just say mess them up a little? Well here's the place to go you can get free hacking program to crack codes scramble data and even get a credit card for nothing. Just dont spred the word around to much its not really something you want everyone to know. Its a really cool place just dont mess up my page remember I'm the one that told you about it!

Hack-Net.Com..... Hacking Resource center

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