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Birds seen in Hervey Bay Area
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The Black-breasted Button-quail in Hervey Bay

The Birdwatchers of Hervey Bay are a very friendly group and welcome anyone to join the weekly outings each Wednesday at 7 am (summer) 7.30 am (winter). Outings are advertised each week in the local free newspapers and the venues are varied and diverse. For further information, telephone John Knight (07) 4125 2372

Variegated Fairy Wren.
Photographed at Arkarra Lagoons by Allan McDonald

The variety of birds sighted in this area by the birdwatchers are 290 at present and these include large numbers of migratory waders.

Winners of the BASQ Armchair Twitch, held on 24th September 2006.
A total of 55 species were seen on the day at Arkarra Lagoons, which was a good count observed from within the 5 mtr radius.
Congratulations to the small group who participated.

Some of the group at Gatakers Bay, 11th November 2009

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