Hickmott Families of Lamberhurst, Kent

This is the gravestone of James (1740-1830) and Mary Hickmott (1729-1814) and their son John and his wife Sarah. They are the forebears of many descendants scattered throughout the world.

Hickmott is an old established Kent family, thought originally be "Hickmote". They migrated to the Colonies in search of a better life and known descendants are settled in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Malta (to name a few). They were a sturdy, healthy breed, mainly from farming stock and having left England, they built up business and farming interests wherever they settled. The branch of the family which I researched appeared to have their early origins around Horsmonden, moving from there to Lamberhurst, then spreading out into the towns and villages of Kent and Sussex, before departing for other shores.

This research is ongoing and the original notes unchanged. As new facts come to light, the changes and updates will be incorporated into the stories of the descendants.

The Gravestone below, is that of Nathaniel (1746-1832) and Grace Hickmott(1748-1798.)

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