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The Backstreet Boys' Tour Dates, 1999

The R&B group, LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones) and/or EYC be opened for the Boys on the European leg of the tour. If anyone can tell me who it really was, please e-mail me! Thanks!

June 2nd Ghent, Belgium Expo

June 3rd Ghent, Belgium Expo

June 4th Frankfurt, Germany Festhalle

June 5th Amsterdam, Netherlands Arena

June 7th Koeln, Germany Koelnarena

June 8th Paris, France Bercy

June 10th Manchester, England M.E.N. Arena

June 11th Newcastle, England Telewest Arena

June 13th Birmingham, England NEC Arena

June 14th Birmingham, England NEC Arena

June 16th London, England Earls Court

June 17th London, England Earls Court

June 20th Mannheim, Germany Maimarkthalle

June 21st Bielefeld, Germany Seidenstickerhalle

June 22nd Oberhausen, Germany Arena

June 24th Muenster, Germany Muensterlandhalle

June 25th Stuttgart, Germany Schleyerhalle

June 26th Muenchen, Germany Olympiahalle

June 27th Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion

June 29th Rome, Italy Olympico Stadium

July 2nd Milan, Italy The Forum

July 3rd Milan, Italy The Forum

July 5th Vienna, Austria Stadthalle

July 6th Rieden, Germany Ostbayernhalle

July 7th Friedrichshafen, Germany Messehalle

July 9th Via Reggio, Italy Stadio Comunale

July 11th San Sebastian, Spain Velodrome

July 13th Barcelona, Spain Pauli St Jordi

July 14th Barcelona, Spain Pauli St Jordi

July 16th Madrid, Spain

July 21st Bremen, Germany Stadthalle

July 22nd Leipzig, Germany Stadthalle

July 23rd Berlin, Germany Velodrome

July 24th Berlin, Germany Velodrome

July 26th Rotterdam

July 27th Rotterdam

July 29th Copenhagen, Denmark Multihalle

August 2nd Helsinki, Finland Hartwell Arena

August 3rd Helsinki, Finland Hartwell Arena

August 5th Gothenburg, Sweden Scandinavium

August 6th Stockholm, Sweden The Globe

August 7th Stockholm, Sweden The Globe


(*) indicates shows that were added to the schedule after the original tour dates were announced.

09/14/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL (*)

09/15/99 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

09/17/99 Charlotte, NC

09/18/99 Washington, DC (*)

09/19/99 Washington, DC

09/21/99 Boston, MA

09/22/99 Boston, MA (*)

09/23/99 East Rutherford, NJ (*)

09/24/99 East Rutherford, NJ

09/26/99 Uniondale, NY

09/27/99 Uniondale, NY (*)

09/29/99 Philadelphia, PA

09/30/99 Philadelphia, PA (*)

10/04/99 Columbus, OH

10/05/99 Chicago, IL

10/06/99 Chicago, IL

10/07/99 Chicago, IL (*)

10/09/99 Minneapolis, MN

10/12/99 Phoenix, AZ

10/14/99 Anaheim, CA

10/15/99 Anaheim, CA (*)

10/16/99 Las Vegas, NV

10/17/99 Las Vegas, NV (*)

10/19/99 Los Angeles, CA

10/20/99 Los Angeles, CA (*)

10/21/99 San Jose, CA

10/22/99 San Jose, CA (*)

10/25/99 Portland, OR

10/26/99 Tacoma, WA

10/29/99 Salt Lake City, UT

10/31/99 Denver, CO

11/02/99 Iowa City, IA

11/03/99 Madison, WI

11/04/99 Milwaukee, WI

11/06/99 Detroit, MI

11/07/99 Detroit, MI (*)

11/08/99 Detroit, MI (*)

11/10/99 Montreal, PC

11/11/99 Toronto, ONT

11/12/99 Ottawa, ONT

11/14/99 Buffalo, NY

11/15/99 Cincinnati, OH

11/17/99 St. Louis, MO

11/18/99 Kansas City, MO

11/20/99 New Orleans, LA

11/21/99 Memphis, TN

11/23/99 Birmingham, AL

11/24/99 Atlanta, GA

11/26/99 Lexington, KY

11/28/99 Knoxville, TN

11/29/99 Nashville, TN

12/01/99 Orlando, FL

12/02/99 Tampa, FL

There has been some talk of how great it would be to do a New Year's concert 1999 in their hometown (Orlando) to ring in the new "Millenium", especially from AJ...we'll see if he manages to convince the other boys!

After all that they will tour South America.