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A little About Ole Runningbear
O'siyo. My name is Bob. I am from a small town in Eastern Kentucky called Corbin. I now live in Western Kentucky In the great little town of Cadiz As you will see in my page, I am trying to find(I Have found it) my American Indian heritage. I don't like to use the term Native American, for I think that can apply to anyone born in the United States.

I wish I could put into words how I feel about my ancestors. There are times I know the spirit is talking to me, I can tell, for anytime I listen to American Indian music, or go to any function, such as a Pow-Wow, or gathering I get a lump in m throat and tears come to my eyes.

But I think they are happy ones for the most part. Anyway, in the past 20 years or so I have found what I knew was the truth for the better part of my life. When I was a small child I would listen to my Mom and Dad talk at night when they thought I was asleep. She would tell him that she knew she was part Cherokee but didnt want to let anyone know the story of her life.
After my Mom died I found that my Grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee and Grandfather was 1/2 French and 1/2 Cherokee. As best as we can tell my Mom was born in 1894. When she was 5 mo. old a man and his wife came through Corbin.They were looking for food and work.
A family by the name of Potetts gave them food and a place to stay the night.The man said he was part French and part Cherokee and that his wife was Cherokee. The next morning the man and his wife were gone but they left the baby with a note asking the family to take care of her until they returned, the only name they gave for the baby was Mahe.
The man and his wife never returned and the family raised her as their own. That baby was my mother. Sometimes I would ask Mom about the things I would hear. She would just say she didn't want to discuss it.
I know it is going to be a hard row to hoe, but someway I will find my heritage and then I will have peace of mind. I would like to dedicate this page to my school teacher Mrs. Ornaell Brasel or Braz as the kids called her. With out her I don't think I would have made it through life. She was always my second Mom... Thanks for looking at my page and for letting me bend your ear. WADO

This is a update to my search, And some great news I might add, I never knew much about my grandparents on my dad's side of the family but I have found through searching and searching and searching and,well you know what I mean. My ggrandmother on my dad's side was also full blooded Cherokee and is on the Daws role. Thats going to make things a lot easer for me. I will add more later. Thanks to all my American Indian Brothers and Sisters and all my Friends on the net for all your help and prayers.Wado

Some Of My Favorite Links

The Legend Of The Cherokee Rose
When the Trail of Tears started in 1838, the mothers of the Cherokee were grieving and crying so much, they were unable to help their children survive the journey. The elders prayed for a sign that would lift the motherís spirits to give them strength. The next day a beautiful rose began to grow where each of the motherís tears fell. The rose is white for their tears; a gold center represents the gold taken from Cherokee lands, and seven leaves on each stem for the seven Cherokee clans. The wild Cherokee Rose grows along the route of the Trail of Tears into eastern Oklahoma today.

Eagle Cry

He does not cry in fear.
He cries in sadness
He cried at the Little Big Horn.
He cried at Wounded Knee.
He cried at the Trail Of Tears.
And now he cries for all Americans.

Once upon a time, There was once upon a time.
The grass was green, The streams were clear the air was clean.
But that was once upon a time
Once upon a time, The trees were tall but now you hardly see any trees at all.
But you could, Once upon a time.
And when Mother nature would show her face all the land was full of grace,
And wild flowers grew from here to there we always had enough to share.
But that was once upon a time.
Now the sky is dark, The earth is brown and nothing grows on this parched ground.
And take a look at modern man, He destroyed mother natures plan,
He cut down the forest, Polluted the streams,
And fills the air with acid rain, And now all we can say.
There was once upon a time.
Thank You So Much For Progress

Wolf Dreams

Deprived Of The Natural Things In Life Like Running Wild And Free.
In This Land The Great Spirit Gave Us As Far As The Eye Can See
The White Man Came And They Took Our Land, And They Took Our Freedom Too.
Then They Set Us Out On A Trail Of Tears To A Place We Never Knew
So Be Patient My Spirit Brother Some Day You Will Regain
The Freedom That You Dream Of You'll Have It Back Again.
Runningbear ©

Wolf Howl

Late at nite when the moon is bright and the snow is on the ground.
You can hear my Spirit Brother calling and it makes a frightening sound.
He's calling the pack for its time to hunt and theres hungry cubs in their bed.
There will be a sacrifice tonite for the cubs all have to be fed.
So call my Spirit Brother the pack will join you soon.
And again you will hunt side by side in the light of the Hunters Moon.
Runningbear ©

OH GreatSpirit as I walk the Red Path.
I ask that you give me the wisdom to try and understand the ways of the White Man.
And as I walk on this land that was once ours
I would hope that his God would give him more knowledge of the American Indian
And their heritage, And to know this great planet that we call Mother Earth
And to help her before it is to late.

When a man does a piece of work which is admired by all we say that it is wonderful; but when we see the changes of day and night, the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky, and the changing seasons upon the earth, with their ripening fruits, anyone must realize that it is the work of someone more powerful than man.
Chased-by-Bears (1843-1915) Santee-Yanktonai Sioux

Oh Great Spirit

Whose voice I hear in the wind.
Whose breath gives life to the world,
Hear me!
I come as one of your many childern.
I am small and weak.
I need your strength and wisdom.
May I walk in beauty.
Make my eyes behold the red and purple sunset.
Make me respect the things you have made,
And keep my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise so that i may know
the things that you have taught your children.
Make me strong, not to be superior to my brothers
but to be able to fight my greatest enemy: (myself)
Make me ever ready to come to you with straight eyes
so that when life fades as the faded sunset.
My spirit will come to you without shame.

Given By Lakota Chief Yellow Lark 1889
If Someone had read this before they would have saw my name under this prayer it was where I had removed a wrighting of mine and did not get my name removed so it looked looked as if I was taking credit for this prayer. Not So this was my mistake I now remove my name and give credit where where credit is due.

Anciant Camp Fires
Have you ever seen the sky light up at nite, with a strange and mystic glow.
And watched the magnetic waves of light as they seem to come and go
Like camp fires of the ancient ones they light up the northen sky.
Some call it Aorora Borealis,..But we know..You and I..

Runningbear ©

Inidigenous peoples have many different myths to explain the Aurora Borealis.
The Inuit, for example, attach spiritual significance to the lights
believing them to represent the souls of their unborn children or the torches of long-departed ancestors.
In Middle-Age Europe, the northern lights were thought to be reflections
of slain warriors battling valiantly in the heavenly skies for eternity..

Gods paint brush

Have you ever been out late at night when the moon was full.
And the stars were bright and you listen to all the sounds of the nite?
I have had the pleasure of setting around a camp fire
high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where the air is so clear
and clean you feel you can almost reach up to the heavens and touch the face of God.
It makes you know you must have a purpose on this Earth
The Great Spirit gave us everything on this Earth
The water the wind the warmth of the sun, the peace of the night
And all the animals of the forest.
And all the birds of the sky
And all the beauty of the wild flowers.
It is so sad to see what damage man has done to this planet we call home
Almost all of the great waterways are contaminated
And almost all of the great forest have been cut down.
To make way for what man calls progess.
Man is destroying his self as well as the earth he lives on.
Now the white mans saying of what goes round comes round sounds so true.
What is next the complete distruction on mankind
That is how i see it

Some Of My Quotes
May the warm winds of summer always blow in your face

May you always be able to see farther than you can reach

May the Great Spirit guide you through this life and beyond

May your moccasins make happy tracks in the sands of life

May your waters of life always run fresh and clear.

May you always be as kind to Mother Earth as she is to you.

May you always listen to the Elders and hear what they say.

May you be as wise as the Owl
Have the cunning of the Fox,and the courage of the Wolf.


Without winter, there can be no spring
Without mistakes, there can be no learning
Without doubts, there can be no faith
Without fears, there can be no courage
My mistakes, my fears, and my doubts are my path to wisdom, faith and courage.


To laugh is to risk appearing a fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk rejection.
To place your dreams before the crowd is to risk ridicule.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To go forward in the face of overwhelming odds is to risk failure.
But risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing.
Chained by his certitudes, he is a slave.
Only a person who takes risks is free.
That is how I see it.


Another Wise Old Saying From Runningbear
Children are hereditary
If your Mother and Dad never had any
Chances are you wont have any either

Solve this old Cherokee riddle.
Brothers and Sisters I have none.
But that boys father is my father's son.

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The Manataka American Indian Council
This site offers history, herbal medicine, art, stories, religion, ceremonies, weddings, powwow calendars, children circle, women's council, trading post, crafts and more. Huge website. Hundreds of links. A must see.

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