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Pager Codes Everyone Should Know

These are some pager codes I know. If you have more to add put 'em here!!!

07734 Hello*

1134_2_09 Go to hell*

121 I need to talk to you

123 I miss you

14 Hi*

143 I love you

17_31707_1 I love you*

220 Why haven't you called?

221 Where are you?

30 This is getting old

45 Good night

406 Hugs and Kisses

477 Best friends forever

5012124 Sorry

56 Sweet dreams

601 Happy Birthday/Anniversary

603 Hope you're feeling better

607 I miss you

609 I'm mad at you

611 I'm sorry

612 I'm thinking about you

6000_6 Good Luck

911 I Need To Talk To You Now!!!


do you know about beeper codes

Silicone keypads were used with beepers and pagers before cellphones and smartphones became the main forms of wireless telecommunications?

In the 90's, there were numeric pagers people use to communicate. The display screen shows numbers only and no wording. You have to subscribe to a paging network (in many cases, a phone company) and pay extra for voice messaging. When you dial the pager's phone number, we get a greeting that each person created (they have fun recording their greetings--music and all!). Anyone can leave a phone number or a voice message.

When the pager activates (there is a choice of beeps or a noiseless vibration), the phone number we input using the silicone keypad interface displays on the screen. If we leave a voice message, the screen will show the phone number of the voicemail box. These particular pagers don't have a speaker that starts spouting off voice messages.

If a person is near a phone, he or she will phone the number displayed on the screen. To cut down on needless phoning back, you can set up some numeric codes. For instance, when I input 9999 as the number to call back the a person that they know they need to come home. We can use 4444 as a shortcut to tell them to phone you back.

This has also worked well when their friends call our house and there is no answer. They page the people at home and leave their phone number. It certainly has cut down on the number of incoming calls at our house. There is one drawback, people need to be near a phone (unless they get the "9999").

There are alpha-numeric pagers available and they allow you to display written messages. Those beeper days may now be gone but the silicone-based user interface keypad are here to stay. They are still very useful for other purposes other than for cellphones. Right now, these keypads are used in car key fobs and as keys for lock codes.

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