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A detailed section about our services

Welcome to the BPL Services page !!

Do you want to access the Internet? Then come to the Library for one of the cheapest public access points in Zimbabwe - just $200 per minute (minimum charge $1 000 per 5 minute session). Print- outs of web pages and office application documents available for just $2 500 per page.

Needing E-mail correspondance ? Then send an e-mail to your nearest and dearest on our computer terminal, and receive replies to your personalised email that our computer staff assists you in creating, plus your message gets delivered within 10 minutes and you can receive your reply any minute thereafter depending on the recipients' quick response.

Access our CD ROM encyclopaedia or atlases, and get print-outs for just $2 500 per page. Absolutely up to date information available now.

Thinking of an overseas university course? Check the Library's CD ROM databases and books for current details of British and American courses. We can even write you application letters for you for a very small fee.

Have you seen our video tape collection? Yes, we have videos as well as books, with new titles added every month - see the "NEW THIS MONTH" list.

Bad eyesight or too busy to read? Try our talking books on cassette tapes, and listen to them on your walkman while doing the housework - we have music on cassettes and CD's as well for a very small charge.

Do you know any blind people? Tell them about our Braille book collection, available free to registered blind readers.

Believe it or not, we even have books as well - probably the best collection of books in any Zimbabwean Public Library. 100 000 of the best modern books covering every subject under the sun and including the very best popular new books. Our supplementary charge Red Carpet service contains the lastest new books - mostly titles costing $600-$800 each - see below for this month's latest best sellers.

Do your kids need help with homework or encouragement with their reading? Bring them into our Young People's Library to see the huge range of available children's books, including popular authors like Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene plus the famous Hardy Boys, Asterix and Tintin books. You might even win a free subscription through one of the regular holiday reading competitions!

Can't get into town to use the Library? Then check out or branches at Ascot, Bradfield or Waterford, or ring to see whether one of our two mobile libraries can bring books to you - we have a service for elderly or sick readers and we can sometimes deliver to your house in case of need.

Doing your "O" or "A" levels? Try our special Joseph Rowntree Study Room, which stocks only study textbooks. The Super Text service offers most popular A level texts, plus books on banking and business at university level. Multiple copies of popular titles means they are available without any waiting for just $7 per week.

We think we are Zimbabwe's premier public library - try us if you need information or recreational reading, we have the largest information database in the country using a combination of books and computer technology.

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