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Welcome to my home page! My name is Clarence and I live in Maysville, Ky. I work in Real-Estate Management for a large company. I was born in Flemingsburg, Ky in 1953. I lived in Fleming county and Lewis county most of my child hood. When I met my wife Brenda we moved to Mason county and have lived here since. She is a great lady and we have been married for 26 years. I have 3 children ages 23, 21 and 16. Jeremy is 23 and married. Jason is 21 and engaged. Crissy is 16 and works at McDonalds (her first job). My parents were Elmer and Nannie (Howell) Botkin and are both decesed. My Grandmother (Dads Mom) was a Meadows and lived her 96 year life at Petersville in Lewis county. My mother was a Howell and grew up in Floyd county Ky. My favorite hobbies are; Computers, Fishing, Hunting, Family and T.V. The image above is a picture of the Shopping Center that I manage. If you are worried that the Government is going to cut all Tobacco industry and sales of Tobacco, then you need to contact me. I can show you how to grow your own Tobacco and make your own smokes. Please e-mail me at my address. Please keep in mind: This page is currently under construction. Check back later for some other "Botkin" links.

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