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Trophies from knife and gaff derbies won in just 3 years
Here at Blackburn Game Farm in Kentucky, we breed only TOP NOTCH fowl. Health, gameness, and cutting ability are always #1. My fowl have been proven by me in the knife and gaff, or I won't sell them. All fowl shipped will be "CREAM OF THE CROP", meaning they will be perfect in every way. My bloodlines include Oakgrove Yellow Leg Hatch, Nesmith Green Leg Hatch, Wingate Brown Red, Narragansett, Sparks Sid, and Cecil Davis Kelso. I have a video (1 1/2 hours long) available of my current brood pens, young fowl, and battle fowl. This video contains lots of sparring. I make a new one every year. For prices of brood fowl, battle fowl, or video, please call Darwin Blackburn at 606-652-9877 or email me at the address at the bottom of the page.
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