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Assorted Reference Links and Tools

In the not so distant past, doing research on a topic often required a trip to the local library. Now, the internet offers the greatest library of all time. We created this page of reference links and tools to aid anyone visiting our site who may be involved in a research project.

Astronomy References

Amateur Astronomer's Notebook
Astronomy 4 Dummies
The Drake Equation
Extra Solar Planets Encyclopaedia
Messier Catalog
NGC Catlog

Dictionary References


Encyclopedic Resources

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

Biographic References

Astronaut Connection
Famous Physicists and Astronomers
NASA Personnel
Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Library Connections

USAA Library

Assorted Organizations

The Astronomical League
European Science Foundation
Federation of American Scientists
The Future Astronauts of America
International Council for Science
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
Planetary Studies Foundation
World Institute of Science

Assorted Tools

A Basic Calculator
A Scientific Calculator