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Links to Optical Observatories

In today's high tech atmosphere of computers and radio telescopes, it is easy to forget the contributions still being made by optical astronomers. We provide the following links in an effort to better educate the general public of the vital work going on in optical astronomy. We hope you will enjoy your exploration.

Anglo - Australian Observatory
Armagh Observatory
Black Forest Observatory ( Colorado, USA )
Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory
Braeside Telescope ( Flagstaff, Arizona )
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
Clarence T. Jones Observatory ( University of Tennessee / Chattanooga )
COSETI Observatory
Flower and Cook Observatory
Griffith Observatory
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Lake Afton Public Observatory
Moore Observatory ( University of Louisville )
Mt.Maidanak Observatory ( former Soviet Union )
McDonald Observatory Facilities
National Observatory of Athens, Greece
Nordic Optical Telescope
Pacific Space Centre ( Canada )
Pine Mountain Observatory ( Oregon )
Puckett Observatory
Queen's Observatory
Rainwater Observatory and Planetarium (Mississippi, USA )
Sky View Observatory ( New Jersey,USA )
Subaru Telescope Homepage
Warren Rupp Observatory
Wise Observatory Optical Transient Search
Yerkes Observatory ( University of Chicago )