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My Rowland Ancestry

As you can see, I have a long way to go on my Rowland line.
John Rowland , Jr. was the son of Armstrong Rowland. At one point he was married to Margaret Fairchild. Children of John and Margaret are as follows:

  1. Joseph F. Rowland born May 21, 1854
  2. Frances Jane Rowland born March 20, 1851
  3. Margaret Rowland
  4. Lizzie Rowland
  5. Polly Rowland
Frances Jane Rowland married Noble Adams

This chart shows how I descend:
Armstrong Rowland
     John Rowland, Jr.
          Frances Jane Rowland
                  John Elliott Adams
                        Thurman Kendrick Adams
                              Rosie Faye Adams
                                    Elizabeth Ann Lemaster (me)