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My Rigsby Line

I dedicate this page in loving memory of my precious Mammaw, Esther Rigsby Adams, who passed away May 5, 1999. Mammaw loved her family deeply and always made sure that each of us knew that. Our loss is truly Heaven's gain.

Leander Franklin Rigsby, Sr. was born April 23, 1889, in Lawrence County, Kentucky and died February 12, 1949. He was the son of Andrew J. Rigsby and Mandy Blair. Frank, as he was called, married Sarah Jane Smith on April 17, 1907, in Morgan County, KY. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Smith and Sirilda Keeton. Sarah was born on March 01, 1887 and died October 06, 1974, in Johnson County, Kentucky. Frank was a Hardshell(Primitive) Baptist preacher. Sarah, in later years, smoked a pipe. Children of Frank and Sarah are:

  1. Maxie Rigsby born March 25, 1910
  2. Hazel Rigsby born October 27, 1911
  3. Esther Rigsby born February 06, 1914
  4. Mary Rigsby born April 02, 1915
  5. Genoah Vire Rigsby born June 01, 1916
  6. Ruth Elsie Rigsby born January 14, 1920
  7. Lissie Rigsby born March 17, 1922
  8. Etta Rigsby born July 08, 1924
  9. Nanny May Rigsby born March 03, 1927
  10. Leander Franklin Rigsby, Jr. born September 05, 1930

This Rigsby line descends from Drury Rigsby. Here is a chart showing my direct ancestors:

Drury Rigsby born January 23, 1744/45
     Thomas Riggsby born 1779
          Andrew Riggsby born 1802
               Andrew J. Riggsby born August 18, 1854, in Blaine, Lawrence County, Kentucky
                    Leander Franklin Riggsby
                         Esther Rigsby
                              Rosie Faye Adams
                                   Elizabeth Ann Lemaster (me)