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Johnson County Churches

Churches in Johnson County

I transcribed this list from a local map index. I have noticed some errors in the locations and have corrected the ones I am familiar with. If you notice an error, please e-mail me with the corrections.
Church Name Location
Baker Branch Church Paintsville
Ballot Church Oil Springs
Barnetts Creek Church Paintsville
Beachwald Church Paintsville
Bethel Church Ivyton
Buffalo United Baptist Church Offutt
Cannons Chapel Volga
Christian Union Enterprise Baptist Church Redbush
Church of Christ Sitka
Church of Christ Sitka
Cold Springs Baptist Church Redbush
Concord Church Paintsville
Cuba School
(historical-no longer in existence)
Davis Branch Church Oil Springs
Day Star Christian Center Paintsville
Enterprise Church Sitka
Fairview Church Oil Springs
Franks Creek Church Flat Gap
Georges Creek Church Richardson
Highland Church Paintsville
Keaton Fork Church of Jesus Christ Redbush
Liberty Church Paintsville
Lick Fork Church Paintsville
Little Friendship Church Offutt
Little Mission Church Offutt
Locust Grove Church Sitka
Long Fork Church Ivyton
Low Gap Church Oil Springs
Oil Springs Church Oil Springs
Oil Springs Church Oil Springs
Old Bethel Church Redbush
Old Cold Springs
United Baptist Church
(Historical-no longer in existence
Old Friendship Church Offutt
Old Little Paint Church Oil Springs
Peaceful Valley Independent Baptist Church Redbush
Philadelphia Church Lancer
Piegon Church Oil Springs
Point Pleasant Church Redbush
Ramey Branch Church Paintsville
Riches of Jesus Independent Baptist Church Offutt
Rockhouse Church Paintsville
Staffordsville Church Staffordsville
Red Bush Old Regular Baptist Church Red Bush
Sugar Grove Church Sitka
The Old Log Church Lancer
Thealka Church Paintsville
Toms Creek Freewill Baptist Church Paintsville
Tutor Key Church Paintsville
Union Church Paintsville
Wells Chapel Offutt