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Cuba School Class Picture

Class Picture

Cuba was a one room school house located in Johnson County on Cuba Road, Fuget, KY. The school closed its doors in 1962. Below this picture is the names of the students.

Row 1 (left to right)
Teacher-Everette McKenzie, Opal Estep, Bill King, Joann Frazier, Billy Estep, Sophia Estep, James Oscar Frazier, Loretta King, David Estep

Row 2
Mary Ann King, Rudolph McKenzie, Buelah Vern Estep, Patricia Burchett, Lee Elliott Adams, Luna Mae Estep

Row 3
Rogell Burchett, Lillian Cora Estep, Carl Rowland, Susie Adams. Billy Adams, Anna Rae McKenzie, Harold Rowland, Corothy Adams, Gene Adams

Row 4
Bernice Burchett, Arnold Rowland, Rosie Adams, Willis Estep, Lillian Earle Adams, Elzie Estep, Maxine Estep, Richard Rowlamd, Harold Estep

Row 5
Carol Burchett, Charles Adams, James Wonnie Estep, Jack Salyer, Eulas Adams, Willis Gene McKenzie, Joe Melvin McKenzie, Elmon McKenzie


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