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Cuba School Days

Transcribed by Ann Lemaster-Applegate
Source: Teacher's Register of Attendance for Kentucky Schools 1948-49

Cuba (pronounced cubie) school #51 was a typical one room school in Johnson County. Here is the class roster for the 1948-49 school year.

Estep, Harold E. Adams, Rosa F. grade 1
Estep, Harold L. Burchett, Unice grade 1
Estep, Jas. W. Estep, Helen grade 1
Estep, Willis G. Holbrook, Willa M. grade 1
King,Wm. H. King, Unice grade 1
McKenzie, Willis J. grade 1
Adams, Eulas Burchett, Patricia grade 2
Estep, David Estep, Beulah grade 2
Estep, Harry B. Estep, Sophie grade 2
McKenzie, Elmon grade 2
Rice, Jimmie L. grade 2
Rowland, Arnold grade 2
Adams, Eugene Frazier, Joan grade 3
Adams, Lee E. King, Mary A. grade 3
Burchett, Carroll McKenzie, Anna R. grade 3
Estep, Elzie G. grade 3
Estep, James I. grade 3
Rowland, Harold grade 3
Estep, Byrayn Estep, Lunna M. grade 4
Rowland, Richard King, Loretta grade 4
Estep, Wm. C. Estep, Maxine grade 5
Salyer, Jas. A. Estep, Opal grade 5
McKenzie, Joe M. Rena M. grade 6
McKenzie, Raymond grade 6
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