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Noble Adams was born April 1845, Johnson County, Ky. He was united in holy matrimony on May 16,1872, Johnson County, to Frances Jane Rowland, daughter of John Rowland, Jr. and Margaret Fairchild. Their union produced ten children:
  1. John Elliott Adams born April 5, 1873
  2. William R. Adams born November 14, 1874
  3. George D. Adams born about 1875
  4. Mary E. Adams born January 1877
  5. Joseph Adams born 1880
  6. Sarah Adams born 1883
  7. Liza Adams born August 1885
  8. Levi Adams born January 1889
  9. Nancy "Nanny" Adams born October 1891

A death date for Noble is unknown at this time. Noble appears on the 1900 Johnson County census . On the 1910 census, his wife, Frances, is listed as a widow. Vital Statistics in Frankfort, Kentucky, holds no death certificate for Noble Adams.

Noble and his wife were buried in the "Uncle Joe Hill" cemetery in Morgan County, KY. This is one of many cemeteries that was moved during the Paintsville Lake Project. The cemetery was reinterred in the Paint Memorial Cemetery, Crockett, Morgan County, KY. Unfortunately, few of the graves in the Adams, Hill, Rowland Cemetery(aka Uncle Joe Hill Cemetery)had tombstones, but were marked with field stones. Therefore, all the government issued markers that were placed in the Adams, Hill, Rowland Cemetery section of the Paint Memorial Cemetery are marked unknown.