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One Room Schools in Johnson Co.,KY

in Johnson Co. KY

This page last updated April 17, 2000

The one room school has always fascinated me. How one teacher could provide intellectual stimulation to such a variety of ages, simultaneously, simply amazes me.

The school house generally accomodated grades 1-8. At one time, the person having an eighth grade education was qualified to be a substitute teacher.

Another interesting fact is that most one room schools doubled as a church. Hard to imagine in today's society.

The pictures on the following pages may not be copied in any form without the permission of the submitter.

1927 Johnson County Schools

Cuba School 1947-48 Class Picture

Cuba School Attendance Roll Call

Joe's Creek School Class Picture

Joe's Creek School 1942-43 Class Picture

Stambaugh School Class Picture

Barnetts Creek School 1946-47 Class Picture

Barnetts Creek School 1947-48 Class Picture

Joe's Creek School 1948-49 Class Picture

Chandlersville School House Picture

Barn Rock School Band Picture

Lick Fork Grade School

Meade Memorial School 1949-1950

Green Valley School

Unidentified School Pictures

If you would like to submit a class picture from a one room school in Johnson County, or a picture of the school itself, please e-mail me. Full credit will be given to you for submitting!


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