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This page is dedicated to Macross 7. So, kick back, and hopefully you'll find something you enjoy. ^.~

Last update: Friday, July 20, 2001
~Added a new link!! Go check out SPM7!!
~Added "Song of the Stars" by jaug.. He's just as cool as his fic so you have to read it... Especially all the Basara/Sivil fans!!!

~older updates but still important!~
~I added some fics by Gerald Tarrant and Kirstien
~I Posted my new fic called "I Could Fall In Love."
~Added 4 new fics from yutamiyu in the Fanfic section! Check out "Five Years"!!
~I uploaded the 1st page of my mac 7 doujinshi... since its so bad, i'll only let you see the first page here!! That's it(that's all I have since lost all the other pages... hey! I drew it a while ago!)!!

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