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The Net Loves Robbie Williams

Net Wide Robbie Williams Fan Club

Hi! My name is Kel and I'm from the USA. I am a huge Robbie Williams fan!(Yes, if you came from my other page I'm gonna say it again) I have been a fan since a friend of mine got me to go to Robbie's official site and listen to a sound clip of his in November of '98. I know that you're thinking wow just a fan since '98 Robbie has been around since about 92 with Take That and since 96 solo. Well here in North America we just got Robbie's debut single Millennium and debut cd, The Ego Has Landed on May 4th, so I think I have a wee bit of an advantage.

Well North America, it's our turn now to experience what the rest of the world already knows, that Robbie Williams is the greatest pop star ever! He has been likened to megastars such as Elton John, George Michael, and many others.

I think that it's time that Robbie had a fan club here in North America. Unfortunatly that is unfair to the rest of the world so I'm forming an internet fan club. Here online...if you want in all you have to do is post your name, why you love Robbie, e-mail address and chat nick name in my bulletin boards so that other fans can get in touch with you and so that we can identify each other in my chat room. This fan club will interact with my web site "The Realm of Robbie Williams".

I hope that everyone enjoys my site and let me know if there is anything on my sites that you want more of or anything that isn't on that you want on and I'll see what I can do.

Your President,




This is not in anyway connected to the official Robbie Williams fan club. This is my attempt to become an offical fan club that will be recognized by EMI/Virgin (Rob's record labels)

Realm of Robbie WIlliams