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Semper Fi !! Welcome to Cal's Web Outpost

My Name is GC "Cal" Stuart; welcome to my home on the world-wide web. I earn my living as an employee of the Georgia Pacific Corp, where I get to work -w- some truly outstanding folks here in Bowling Green Ky. Prior to this I had the pivilige (and I consider it a privilige) of serving in the United States Marine Corps and maintaining the A6E TRAM Intruder (MOS 6313). I went to school for a while between the Corps and my current career...but most of what I learned that's been useful in my career and my life I learned at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and at duty stations afterward.

I've been out in the civilian world ever since 1985, but part of me seems to always look at the world with the same set of standards that I agreed to live under as a member of platoon 3056. The Corps gets a lot of flack from people who don't understand it, especially in a world that seems to despise any institution that espouses things like responsibility, duty, or even simple right and wrong. I however, think that a moral code might just be the only thing that can keep our nation free and economically viable in the next century.

I have no issue -w- Diversity. What others do or say privately is none of my buisness, and their privilige of doing & saying it is enshrined in our constitution. I do take issue with the school of thought that says that setting limits to public behavior, having high expectations of our youth and actually Punishing antisocial behavior (like putting serial-killers in the electric chair) is somehow wrong. Perhaps I just don't "get it", and if so then I'm a happy neanderthal!

I'll get off my soap-box now, but I just wanted to make the statement that I'm grateful to those who mentored me in the US Marine Corps - folks who took the time to instill in me values and some elements of social virtue. That is rapidly becoming a rare thing in our modern "instant gratification" world, and we are worse off for that.

My page contains several links to areas that are important to me. Please feel free to sign the guestbook as well. I always enjoy hearing from others, even from (especially from) those who do not agree with me. I may not agree with you, but I value both your opinion and your privilige of stating it.


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