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Delbert's Time Travel Machine

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Hello: Welcome to my Time Travel Machine. It can take you to a lot of good Places. Give you a lot of good information, but most of all it is free. Why not enter my Lodge and plan a Journey.

Many Pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness Jeremiah 12:10

Six years ago I was given a Vision or a dream. These pages that I am creating are part of this vision, and the things I must do and say, as part of my Life's walk. I will not try to force my thoughts on anyone as was done years ago, but I will share thoughts, that people can read and apply to their lives as the desire.

As a Born again Christian, I try to lift up my Saviour, and walk the Native American Indian Path at the same time. Some people says it can not be done, but I do it. I was taught and have found through my travels and study, that basically they are the same. Some Modern day people try to dispute it, and do not want to accept it, but all they have to do is study God's Word, the Bible and they will find it only supports the Traditional Native American Indian Relegion. Some of the things that the Native American Indian says does not apply in their Customs, they practice without fully understanding that it is associated with Bible teachings.

It is my Prayer, that people will read these pages and look at them as words of Guidance, not words of condemnation. That they will look at them as words of thought, not words forced on them, for they are written with God's Love.

Are you looking for information on Native American Indians. I have several good links but there are a lot more.

My Native Page, consist of information that was given me. My views on some items pertaining to Native American Indians Cultures and Traditions. My Thoughts on Indian Religon. And what I hope is just good information people would like to read.

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