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More of Traveler's
Favorite Cool Links


The following is a list of Links that I have found while "surfing" that I think are either fun or useful. I hope you will find something that you like! If you have a link that you think should be on here, please send it to me!

Aunt Annie's Craft Page

Fun Craft ideas to make. An example is: Valentine Sun Catchers

Earth Cam

Take a journey around the world. Visit the zoo, look into offices and see weather around the globe. Other pages like this are: Many links to some cameras where you can view live pictures.

Send Greeting Cards!

Greeting Cards by Awesome Cyber Cards
Lovvahuggasnuggleysoppy hugorama
Virtual Flowers Homepage
A Virtual Present
Pacific Coast

J.W.'s M*A*S*H 4077th Page

If you are a M*A*S*H fan, this is a must see.

Tunny's Anagram Server

This is what Tunny has to say to describe his page" Anagrams are permutations of the letters in a name or phrase to form other words. The results can often be funny, interesting, or just plain strange. For example, my name, "James A. Tunnicliffe", can be anagrammed into "Elastic Jean Muffin", which I think sounds sort of funky... " Try it for a laugh or two! Also another one anagram place is MAin sANitARy naG (Anagram Insanity) Type in a phrase and you are in Anagram Land or (Grand alma an )


Do you like mazes? Then this is THE place to go. John, the mazeman will even make a maze just for you!

Dilbert' Comic Page

Updated with current Dilbert comics. Also a Dilbert archive in case you missed on or two. You can also find a Dilbert Trivia Game and a Dilbert Store.

Jimbo's Free Stuff

Who doesn't like to get free things? Here is a page that has some things that you can get free on the net.


Remember now, I said silly things amuse me. This is one of those fun and silly sites that will make you laugh. Find out the famous people that were gap-toothed, play the game "Guess Who" and if YOU are one..join the club!

Tests, Tests, Tests

Welcome to Queendom's free battery of original psychological tests. Our professionally designed assessment tools are scored in real time online and are accompanied by extensive interpretation of scores.

Welcome to SwineOnline!

Welcome to SwineOnline! Enter our virtual pig raising competition. See what kind of pig you can raise each week! The game ends every Friday at 3:00 PM EST. New games start every Friday at 4:00 PM EST and run to the following Friday. Prizes will be awarded Monthly to the top three winning pigs!

Poor Clio

Interesting and fun links. Updated daily (almost anyway) Some examples: The searchable online catalog of the Smithsonian spans the collections of the various components of the museum, Bibliomania provides full text of an uneven range of literary works, etc., and lets you search them by various groupings or all at once, Just as you can learn a lot about books from books, you can learn tons about the Internet on the Internet. Great place to start: Well worth checking out!

LadyLynn's Hugs

Send a virtul hug to someone.

The Honeycomb Hideout: Lunch Boxes, Wachy Packs and more!

The Honeycomb Hideout is a personal tribute to pop culture and offbeat ephemera.

Christmas on the Net

Lesson plans for Christmas around the World. Links and links for everything Christmas. Home Page

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