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CD Jacket Sleeve Information

"Poison Whiskey" Flyer Pic

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"Poison Whiskey" is the name of the band of which Dallas Moore was the lead vocalist of when he was 18 years of age.

The information on the CD that they had put out is as follows:

Poison Whiskey

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1. One Night Man 4:09
2. Get the Hell Out Of My Life 3:29
3. So She Cries 4:52
4. Half A Man 3:00
5. The Devil Himself 3:14
6. Gamblers & Strangers 4:29
7. Someday I'm Gonna Make You Love Me 4:53
8. Dirty Rotten Filthy 3:38
9. Lies 4:15

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Dallas Moore - Lead Vocals, Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic, and Slide Guitar
Randy Peak - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Background Vocals
Bronson Burns - Drums, Background Vocals
Lenny Francis - Bass Guitar
"Big Jim" - Harmonica
Additional background vocals by:
Madge Moore and Ken Wohl

Engineered by Bill Gwynne
All songs written by Dallas Moore - Copyright 1994
Produced by Bill Gwynne and Randy Peak

Recorded at Group Effort Studios

Poison Whiskey would like to thank:
The Vaught Family, Ronnie Leach, Hampster, Bumper, Deanna, Steve Traum,
the A.F.R., A.B.A.T.E. of Ohio and Indiana,
K.B.A./K.M.A., Stella at Top of
the Hill, Bill O'Neil at Dr. Music Repair, Vivian and Jean, Mr and Mrs.
James Dallas Moore, Sr., Gary at Long Distance, Bill and Greg, everyone who
comes out to our shows night after night, our friends and our families. Thanks!!
We love ya'll!!

For Information, write to Poison Whiskey c/o 6500 Parrish Ave., #2
Cincinatti, Ohio 45239

End of information on CD jacket
I seen Dallas for the first time at a bar called Bourbon Street Pub in Greensburg, Indiana. I bought the above Poision Whiskey CD at this show. I still have this CD and I like every song on it.

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