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Name: John

Nickname: Snowman

DOB: August 14, 1970

Marital Status: very single, lol

Height: 5' 10 1/2"

Resides in: the state of confusion, but I get my mail in western KY, lol

Occupation: Paramedic

Personal Quote: "Don't worry, I'm trained for this"

Most Commonly Heard Saying: "You're getting ready to feel a stick, just hold still."

Hobbies: just about anything interesting at the time, lol, but love pets and aquariums.

Music: just about anything except bluegrass and punk, especially like the '80's

Movies: just about anything, especially older comedies. Love Monty Python, lol.

Food: Anything esp if it's good, lol

Likes: Honesty, openminds, trust, goodfood, anything outdoors(esp near water), cuddling, romance, good company, and just about anything, I'm very easy to please.

Dislikes: Liars, cheats, narrowminds, racism, abusers, bills(lol), backstabbers, people in healthcare who don't care for their patients.

Future plans: Find the right woman, get married, love her for the rest of my life, raise a family, and maybe go to medical school.