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My Journal of Current Events

This is a Journal I am starting. I'm going to occasionally (in other words, when I can, LOL) be adding entries as to what is going on in my life and my experiences, work and personal, and my thoughts. If you like it, or dislike it, please, let me have your comments. :o)


Started this darn journal, LOL I started to work at Clinton last Tuesday. Pretty good group of people. It's a small rural service, small run volume. Pretty much like the way Trigg Co. was when I started with them over 8 yrs. ago. However, here they are ALS (Advanced Life Support). So I get to use the paramedic skills I've been learning for the last 2 yrs and went through hell for. It's kinda long distance from my home in Cadiz, but I don't mind the drive. Besides, lately I've been staying with my mom in Mayfield. Finances have been low since I lost my job in Trigg 5 mos. ago so had to find a cheap way out for now till I get them built back up. Still not sure if they are gonna forclose on my house or not, but oh well, s#@t happens, LOL. Besides, I'm considering moving to Memphis also. I still haven't found that special someone yet, but not gonna get depressed about it, I know she's out there, just gotta keep looking. Until then, just gonna enjoy the ride and let life take me where it may. :o)

Since I went so long without working for an ALS service, my paramedic status in KY is inactive. So I have to take a test to reactivate it. I'm supposed to take it Friday. I don't foresee any problems, hasn't really been that long since I took my boards.

Got to see my son last weekend, he's growing like a weed, lol. Still can't get over how intelligent he is. Had a blast with him, wish I could spend more time with him.


Well, I passed my test Friday, it was pretty easy. Just a pain in the neck, LOL. Expecially since I have very little sleep the night before, my sis called me at 5 am! Her car had broken down, and she wanted me to come back to Memphis and let her use my truck while I was off. Of course, I can't say no, lol. But couldn't come back down till Monday.

Sunday was my first day working alone as a paramedic. Very quiet, didn't do a thing, oh well, maybe next time, lol.

Since my last entry, I've been debating whether or not I should've put that in about my financial difficulties. But I thought, what the hell, I'm open and have nothing to hide, and nothing to be ashamed of, why not. Besides, how many are reading this anyway? LOL

Going back up to KY tomorrow, have to work Wed. and Thurs. not sure when will be back in Memphis. Who knows, maybe Friday.


Made my first ALS run as a paramedic, nothing to it, just a poss. bowel obstruction with slight dehydration. Other than that, pretty quiet. Nothing else new.


Just came down to Memphis after my first 48 hr shift. Came down to help my sister, let her use my truck. I made a few runs this weekend, stuck my first IV running solo. Let me tell you, he wasn't an easy one to stick either. But nothing serious, just a 19 yr old with poss. ulcers. Thanksgiving was pretty good, short luckily, lol.


I worked my first code as a paramedic today. A code is when you work a patient in cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, the patient never had a chance. It was a 73 yr old woman who evidentally had a AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurhysm) rupture. She wouldn't have lived if she had gone into arrest in the ER. It was also my first field solo intubation. Let me tell you, she wasn't easy, but I got it n the second try. I remembered what they said at my state boards the first day of testing, "you may feel you are nervous now, but it is nothing compared to how you will feel working your first code." BS,lol, at boards I was more nervous than anyother time in my life. I had worked 100's of codes before and wasn't nervous doing them. I was only slightly nervous working my first solo code as a medic, but I quickly got over that.


Wow, what a day! LOL Picked up two drunks who broke their legs, lol. The first one was also a crack addict. I also had to go back to his house later and pick him up because his leg itched. It seems to scratch it, he used an ink pen, in the process, he tore up his cast, and his foot. He had to have several staples put in. What a winner! LOL


I picked up an 18 yr old girl who was in police custody complaining of labor pains. She was 9 mos preg and due anytime. She had been arrested for using her 4 yr old daughter to shoplift cigarettes. Yes, you figured the math right. Don't know which is sadder, the age she had her, or her using her.


I'm visiting here in Memphis again. Tonight I ran out to the super K-mart just to fool around. Just as I was about to leave, they announced over the PA for the owner of a white Nissan with KY tags to meet the security guard out front. I thought"Oh crap! What now?" Walking up to my truck, the guard asked me"did you have a stereo in your truck?" Somebody had smashed my window and stolen my radio, tis the season, LOL. Don't care much about the radio, but wish they hadn't busted my window.


This morning I received a call for a possible DOA. No possible about it, he had been dead for at least 3 days. To make things worse, he was lying on a heating pad. And if you've worked around bodies much, you know what I mean. EEEEWWWWWW


I got an update on the crack addict who broke his leg. You'll never believe it. They had to cut off his foot, then today, they had to amputate his leg to the knee. Gangrene had set in, they aren't even sure if he'll live because it's in his blood. Can you believe that, just 16 days!


My son and I came down to Memphis for a day for Christmas. It's been a decent Christmas, not bad, but nothing to jump and shout about, lol.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I went to sleep last night at 11:57, does that tell you how my night went? LOL


OK, so far this year is a whole lot better than last. I'm gonna be able to keep my house. My sis and I went to the casinos in Tunica today, was there less than an hour. I won $160, decided it was time to leave, lol, didn't want to lose it. Looks like it's going to be a good year. :o)


My lawyers filed my Chapt. 13 papers today. It's not as bad as it sounds, it's basically just a consolidation loan. I still pay all my debts. But, I get to keep everything also.:o)


Ok, I knew with all my good luck lately, something had to happen. Today, a deer decided to end it's life, using my truck. Luckily, the damage wasn't real bad.


I just got back from about a wk and a half in FL. It was pretty nice. But I don't think I could live there. It died much too quickly at night.


Today was a fairly busy day at work, but nothing really to tell about. But one thing, most of the day, I thought alot about my first true love. I know, hard to believe, after almost 9 yrs since she left me, I still miss her so much. I know partly it's because I probably long to love like that again. But I still do love her alot. I hope someday I find somebody to help feel that void, to help my heart love like that again. I know you can never love like your first love, but you can always find a love that is stronger.


I had my bankruptcy court today, filed Chapt. 13. Everything went well, I get to keep my house. :o) It also included my truck payments, so no more truck payments. Yippeeee!!! LOL I feel much better now.


Today I had one of those runs that nobody likes. I had an old man whom I knew was dying. But the family, and the doctor, didn't want him to go to the ER, they wanted him instead to go to the Dialysis treatment center for a treatment first! Since the doctor ordered it, I had to do it, way out of the way. I started IV's and monitored him enroute. Waiting for him to code.


Worked an accident today. A 18 yr old boy straightened a curve on a rainslick road, right into an embankment. He was hurt pretty good, but was still lucky since he wasn't wearing a seat belt. He had a few cuts to his face and head area, lots of bleeding. Had some trouble bleeding and was combative. Thought maybe he had a head injury and a collapsed lung. Had breath sounds so I didn't have to do a chest decompression. Gave him IV's, oxygen and monitored on the way. They kept him a couple of days, but not sure what all was wrong with him.


Got a call about 3am of a man in the projects who had slit his wrist. Get there, he's sitting on the couch with a wash rag on his wrist, the bleeding had already stopped. He had been drunk for almost 3 days straight. Said he had stumbled and cut his wrist on a broken beer bottle. His girlfriend had a different story. He refused transport so we had him sign and left.


Got called to one of the nursing homes. Pt having trouble breathing. O2 sat in the 60's (if you don't know, that's really bad, lol) When we got there, the nurses were holding his feet straight up in the air, and they had a mask on him at 2lpm.(again, very bad, lol) We had no idea what they were trying to do, he was turning blue, and was vomiting. He was starting to choke on it. I took the mask off, suctioned him out, and intubated him as soon as we were in the unit.(put a tube down his airway so we could breathe for him.) He started to get his color back. When we got to the ER the nurse told us when they called in and told her how low his O2 sat was, and how low they had the oxygen, she told them they needed to raise it. Meaning the oxygen, they thought she meant raise his legs, we all started cracking up laughing at that point. Luckily, we got there quick enough and I go the down him soon enough, that he lived. This is the first time I actually felt like I saved a life. Feels good.


Worked another code today from one of the nursing homes. Got there and the woman never had a chance. The staff was doing the CPR and ventilations all wrong. So, as you can guess, she didn't make it.


Got a call to the low income apartments. A 19 yr old girl, pregnant and having abdominal pains. Nothing wrong with her. But we had to carry her down the stairs anyway, lol.


Got a call to a trailer in the county. A 49 yr old woman had been beaten pretty badly by her drunken hustband. They'd only be married less than month. He had held her down and beaten the crap out of her. Broke her shoulder, banged her head on the floor. Bruises and cuts all over. She said he'd held her in the trlr for almost 3 hrs before she was able to escape to the neighbors to call for help.


Got called to a house fire in the county. They had pulled her out of the burning house. No burns, but she inhaled a lot of smoke. She was barely conscious when we arrived. Started her on high concentration oxygen and IV's. She did fine.


Got a call to an unresponsive man. Got to the apartment, he was on the couch, his pants around his ankles. They'd been called to his place a couple days before for a fall and he refused treatment. He was unresponsive this time, so no refusal. His blood sugar was sky high. He had bruises all over, the place was a mess. We got him to the ER, they later transferred him to Paducah for subdural hematomas, 4 of them.(pretty much bruising to the brain best way to explain it.)He never woke up, he died 3 days later. It probably happened when he fell before, when he refused to go to the hospital.


I got a new computer. Means I'll be online alot more, lol. I'm happy, lol.


Recieved a call for a woman in labor. Was a 29 yr old, her 5th child. She still had a month and a half to go, but her water had broken. No labor pains, but she was still having it, lol. We amde it to the hospital, but they later sent her to Nashville to have it.


Had a 14 yr old boy flip a 4 wheeler several times going up a hill. No helmet. He was lucky, just a broken shoulder and a mild concussion. I gave him a lecture about helmets. Maybe he'll remember it next time. lol


Early hours of the morning, had a 26 yr old female with a diabetic emergency. Sheíd been out camping and partying by the river all weekend. Her blood sugar had gotten kinda high. Took her to the ER, before the doc had even looked at her, he began lecturing her about her diabetes. Gee, great bedside manner donít ya think?

Later that day, shortly after noon. Call came in vehicle on fire, driver still in veh. Just as we were leaving, they called back, veh overheated, but the veh was off the road and the driver was stumbling. Got to the scene, the veh was just inches from an 8 ft dropoff. The driver, an 80 yr old man, had to drop down it to get out of the car. He had pulled over because his car was over heating. He was very lucky, it was just about over the embankment. I checked him over, but while I was doing paperwork, he moved downwind from me, he had a very strong odor of alcohol. We called the sheriff to the scene, needless to say, the old man got a ride, lol. He wasnít too happy about it either.


Received a call for an accident, one vehicle versus tree, out in the middle of nowhere, lol. Got to the scene was a black male in his 40ís, heíd been sick for a few days and evidentally passed out briefly and struck a tree. He wasnít hurt very badly, but he sure messed up a pretty Ford Ranger.


Male in his mid 40ís in Columbus, complaining of severe chest pain, episodes of syncope(blacking out), He had all the symptoms of an MI (heart attack). Pale, sweaty, short of breath, dizzy. He wanted taken to Paducah, on the way he seemed to be getting worse. He went out on me a few times, thought for sure he was gonna code on me(go into cardiac arrest). To beat all, he had no veins. So I was unable to start an IV. so all I could do was give him Nitro and oxygen and watch him enroute. Luckily he made it ok. He did have a major MI, but was lucky.

Late in the night, had a call for a 17 yr old girl with chest pains. Got to the house, she was lying on her motherís bed. Her mother said sheíd been under alot of stress, she just graduated high school and was about to go into the army. Sheíd been drinking vodka(yes, 17 and drinking, mother didnít seem to mind at all) She had also taken some prescription meds, on an empty stomach. She was fine and didnít want to go anywhere, she just seemed to be having palpitations, parents didnít really want her taken anywhere either. I gave her a brief lecture on drinking and taking meds. Maybe she listened, who knows.

While I was working, a friend called me, said he was having indigestion for a couple weeks, but now the pain was moving into his jaw. Heís in his mid 40ís. I told him he needed to go to the ER and get checked out. Could be his heart and he didnít need to take any chances. Well, he didnít listen, and on 7/17, he had to have an ambulance take him to the ER, he was in pretty bad shape. He coded a couple times, but they got him back. He had a major MI. He was extremely lucky to have made it.


Got a call to the same residence as on the 13th, chest pain again. This time it hurt worse when he took a deep breath and his heart rythm seemed pretty good. I told him I didnít think it was his heart. I felt he was having muscle spasms, but should go get checked out anyway. Guess what, I was right. Just muscle spasms, which can hurt like hell.


Very early in the morning had a call for abdominal pain, a 14 yr old girl. She prob just wanted some attention. But more about her, history goes that he older sister used to drive around town with her in the back of the seat and pick up guys. The guys would pay the older sister and she would have her young sister perform oral sex on them. Nice family huh?

In the early afternoon, had a call for an accident. A 16 yr old girl skipping class lost control of her car on a country road. Nothin major, just some small cuts and scrapes, but it scared her pretty good.

Would you believe it? A second accident in a day. Felt like I was working at a real ambulance service again, lol. Nothing major at this one again although. Elderly man turned in front of another car. All involved were out of their vehicles. The old man wasnít worried about himself. He was more concerned with getting his wifer her medication. He had just been to the drug store and was taking it to her. Devoted husband, very rare these days. I keep forgetting this county isnít used to working accidents and so forth. They have the training, but theyíre not used to it. So the adrenaline gets to them, lol. Kinda funny watching them running around like itís a major incident and itís just a small little thing. LOL


In the evening, we got a call for an assault in the outskirts of the county. It seems a woman in her 60ís had just gotten home from work at Walmart in Mayfield. A man followed her home. She saw him go past her house so she thought that was it. On her way to the front door, the man pulled up, jumped out, and attacked her, stealing her purse. He struck her on the head and knocked her down. She was right by the front door, but her husband inside had no idea anything was going on until she finally made it inside. Luckily, she wasnít hurt very badly. But what is this world coming to when someone follows an old lady home from work almost 20 miles to steal her purse?


My birthday! Iím 29 now. I worked, what a surprise, lol. But what else did I have to do? My mom and step dad came to see me at work and surprise me. They brought me some cheesecake. :o)


Got another chest pain call from the same residence as the 13th and19th again. This time the pain was different again, and he was having trouble breathing. I told him again that I didnít think it was his heart, but he should go get checked out. Outcome: pneumonia.

Just as we were getting back from taking him to Paducah, we got a call for a fall at the elementary school. This was the third such call in a wk. It seems a 10 yr old girl was trying to show her friend how to do a flip on the monkey bars. Well, she didnít make it. But she did get a fun ride in an ambulance, all strapped to a stiff board and a fun stiff collar to wear, lol. She was fine, just seemed a little too grown up for her age, lol.


I didnít make any calls, but I thought Iíd tell you about some the BLS(Basic Life Support) unit made. They carried the same older lady from a nursing home to Mayfield four times, back and forth. She had a nose bleed that wouldnít stop. Although it would prob help if they could get her to stop picking at it, lol. The fourth trip, the hospital finally kept her, they said they were going to take her to emergency surgery.


Got a call to Columbus, woman unresponsive. Got to the house, it was a woman in her 50ís with brain cancer, she was slightly responsive. Not much we could do for her but carry her to Paducah to get checked out. She doesnít have much longer to live.


We picked up a guy I know,just a couple yrs younger than I. He was having chest pain. He was dizzy, sweaty, pale, and short of breath. We were taking him to the hospital in Mayfield when he suddenly became extremely pale, broke out in a hard sweat and then suddenly went unresponsive. I thought for sure he had coded on me. Luckily he still had a pulse and was breathing. I got an IV in him and after a couple minutes finally got him to respond to me. He had no idea what was going on. He was a little surprised when he woke up to me beating on his chest trying to get him to respond, lol. By the time we got to the hospital, he was fully awake, but soaked in sweat. His wife, who works at that hospital and was aboout 7 mos pregnant was waiting for us. They still donít know what happened.


My friend who had the heart attack in July came to have me check his blood pressure. While I was checking it, I noticed his heart rate was irregular, he was skipping some beats. I hooked him up on the monitor and he was having several PVCís (Premature Ventricular Contractions, for the sake of time, Iíll just say that the heart beats before itís supposed to. But if youíd like to know more, feel free to ask. ) We didnít give him much choice as to whether or not he was going to the hospital, we let him know he was going one way or another. On the way he began having more frequent PVCís, which can be fatal. I gave him some Lidocaine and they cleared up, he said he was feeling much better by the time we arrived at the ER in Paducah where his cardiologist was.


We got a call for a 16 yr old girl in Columbus having trouble breathing, in fact, at one point they said she stopped breathing. We got to the house, the girl was lying in the middle of the living room floor sorrounded by people. She was having an anxiety attack. She was there for a family reunion. She was a fairly bright girl, but I canít say much for the rest of her family. lol. So we got her loaded into the ambulance and I got her calmed down. By the time we got to the hospital, she was back to breathing normal.


Got another call in Columbus, this time an OD(overdose). We got to the house, had a female in her mid-30ís completely unresponsive. She had taken a bottle of ulcer medication and had drank quite a lot of booze. Got her loaded in the ambulance and got her all hooked up. By the time I got an IV into her, she started becoming responsive. Halfway to the hospital she was joking around, would ya believe it? Since it was a suicide attempt, the law was sent to the scene. The state trooper followed us to the hospital. She admitted to trying to kill herself. On the way to the hospital, she decided she had to pee. All we had was a urinal, but she said she really had to go. So he we are, flying down the highway, state trooper behind us, she drops her drawers, sits on the side of the stretcher and pees into a urinal. But, youíll be glad to know, she didnít spill a drop, lol. Would you like to know why she tried to kill herself? Because she was fired from her job. Yep, thatís it, No comment, lol.


We had a really good call today. You had to be there to see it, but Iíll try to describe it. We got the call for a grain truck v/s a pickup. Got to the scene in the middle of nowhere, a grain truck, converted to a garbage truck basically, full of scrap metal and so forth, came around a curve and flipped on itís side, just as it was meeting a really nice flare side Ford ranger pickup. The driver of the grain truck, and older man about 60, was unhurt, he just climbed out. But the ranger was pinned. The passenger side was against an embankment, the front of the pickup was against the front of the bed of the trailer of the grain truck, and the driverís side of the pickup was against the roof of the cab of the grain truck. My partner was able to climb in the cab of the pickup and check her over and try to calm her down. She was in the passenger side of the truck, she said she didnít move over there, so, evidentally, it knocked her over there. She was having trouble breathing so we put some oxygen on her and a C-collar of course. (cervical collar, itís a stiff collar put around the neck to stabilize it incase of any injury to the spine) The only way to get her out was to cut the top off of the pickup. After getting it off(which the rescue squad did a pretty good job of) the only way to get her onto the Long Spine Board (a stiff board used to help immobilize the patient incase of injury to the spine) was to place it behind her and to slide her up it. And let me tell you, she was no small woman, lol. But we got her on it and got her all immobilized and ready for transport. But we never did get her calmed down. Let me tell you, I never heard so much praying in my life. She was yelling to God the whole way to the hospital, I had enough religion on that run to last me a few yrs, lol. By the way, ended up nothing wrong with her, just scared pretty badly. But who wouldnít be with a grain truck turning over on top of you?


Ok, this is one of those runs where you just wanna strangle the patient. A girl, in her mid-20ís, lost control of her car and struck an embankment. Her husband and baby were with her, but they were fine. When we got there, she was in the back seat screaming. She continued screaming and crying as we got her ready, and all the way to the hospital. There wasnít a thing wrong with her. Thank God Iíve got patience, but I wouldíve loved to have yelled at her to SHUT UP!, LOL


A mother brought her 16 yr old son to the ambulance service to have us look at his arm. He had a towel wrapped around his left forearm. When I unwrapped it, blood squirted a few feet, I quickly wrapped it up and put pressure on it. He had been taking down Halloween decorations off of the front of the house with a steak knife. He was holding on with one arm and came down with the other holding the steak knife and missed and struck his arm. Apparently the knife went into his arm, between both the radius and ulna(the two bones of the forearm) and almost went through his arm. He said he could see the point poking the skin on the other side, but it didnít go through. He had taken the knife out before he came to us. (Point to be made here, if you ever have something deeply penetrating like this, do not remove it before seeking attention. It could have struck an artery or vein and the only thing stopping the blood could be the object. Leave it in, let the doc remove it.) He had begun losing feeling in his fingers so we quickly transported him to the ER in Fulton. They then sent him to surgery in Paducah. He had missed his vessels, but had struck some nerves.


Another call to Columbus, this time to a house fire. A woman had been pulled out unresponsive with smoke inhalation. Got there, she was still unresponsive, got an IV going and gave her 100% oxygen, she was coming around a bit when we got to the hospital. I thought I was going to have to tube her (entubate-insert an airway into her trachea to provide ventilations) but her breathing improved with just the oxygen. It took a while for them to determine what caused the fire because it happened so quickly it was suspicious. But the investigater determined she had knocked over a candle in her bedroom earlier and it smoldered for a while. When she opened her bedroom door, it let in oxygen and allowed a backdraft to occur. It supposedly knocked her down and began burning pretty quickly. The house was gone in a pretty short time.


Fairly early in the morning, we got a call for an elderly man in his 80ís having trouble breathing. We got to the house the neighbors were there with his wife, everyone seemed calm. The wife told the husband we were there to take him to the doctor. He was seated in a recliner in the living room. I walked around to look at him, he wasnít breathing! I checked for a pulse, he had none! He was already cold, I asked his wife how long had it been since he had said anything she said almost an hour, she said about 30 min before she called us, he had some rattle in his breathing. Heíd been dead too long for us to do anything. She was totally surprised when I told her he was dead. She was just sitting there on the couch waiting for us to load him on the stretcher until I told her. The coroner and I both figured he had been dead at least 30 min before we got there.

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