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Goku-is a saiyan native to the planet Vegeta.As a child he was sent to Earth to conquer it as he grew up.This begins Dragonball. But he fell off a gorge and hit his head on a rock and couldn't remember anything.Gohan found him on Mt.Paozu and took him back.Gohan gave Goku a stick that would extend on command.This was called the Power Pole. (This Gohan is different from the Gohan that married Videl)As he grew up Gohan found out how powerful he was.But when a full moon appears Goku goes Ohzaru. As Goku grew up he moved into town. Thus he met a beautiful green haired girl named Bulma who told him about the dragonballs.Soon afterwards he met Master Roshi (Kamesennin), Krillin, Oolong, Pool, Yamcha, Tien (Tenshin-han), and Choa-zu (Choas).Afterwards he married Chi-Chi the Oxking's daughter.Then Dragonball Z. ( The stands for zetto.Zetto is the last letter so it is the most powerful) It is in this series that Goku has his first son, Gohan. Early in DBZ, Goku's bro Radditz comes along. He wants Goku to join him to conquer the unizerse. But Goku says no and gets Gohan captured.They fight and Piccolo joins as well.Afterwards, Goku places his bro in a headlock and lets Piccolo's ki hit and kill both oh them. Goku is revived by a wish from the Dragonballs.Then after the Vegeta Series, Goku's true power is realeased.He sees his friend Krillin die and gets pissed. His hair turns gold and spikes up. His eyes turn to green. Goku thus reaches SSJ (Super Saiy-jin) Goku can now go to SSJ4. Goku and Vegeta r the last full-blodded saiyans. After the series, Evil Shenlong, Goku fused with the dragonballs.Goku can fuse with Vegeta to become Gogetta.With the fusion earrings he can become Vegetto.But he will be permanently fused.When he used the earrings in the Buu series he was able to unfuse because he was INSIDE of Buu.

Gohan-Gohan is Chi-Chi and Goku's first son.Chi-Chi wanted Gohan to be named Einstien at first!I Gohan is named after Gohan the man who took care of Goku. In the first movie Gohan wore a hat with a dragonball on it.He was abducted by Garlic Jr's men.In the end of the movie he showed his hidden powers by knocking him into the Dead Zone.He was trained by Piccolo before the Vegeta Series.After his father died his 2nd death he was the main character.After his father was revived again they were both the main character.He also saved his father's life by changing into Oozaru form in the Vegeta Series.Gohan is the most powerful non-fused guy. He also has the potential of becoming the most powerful saiyan ever. But yet he wants to be a scholar due to his mom's wishes. (Puzzling, eh) Gohan is also able to go up to SSJ2. In fact, he was the first person to!!!! He is also a very nice boy. He is nice to everyone except enemies.

Goten-is Goku and chi-Chi's 2nd son.He can fuse with Trunks to become Gotenks.As a kid he looked exactly like Goku.As a teenager he looked NOTHING like Goku ( Another puzzling thing). He is very powerful for someone his age.He was 1 of them 2 characters in DBZ that could go SSJ3.The other was his dad, Goku.HE can fuse with Trunks to become Gotenks!!!!! The fusion is not permanent.

Trunks-is Vegeta and Bulma's son.He can fuse with Goten to become Gotenks.He delivered the heart medicene to Goku so he could survive the heart-attack and help defeat the androids.Trunks used his time machine to deliver the medicene.He arrived at the Freeza Series.He then told the Z Warriors about his quest. Afterwards he trained with them to become even stronger.He then traveled to his own time to battle the andriods. Of course, being as powerful as he is, he won easily. Before DBGT he looks a bit like the Fututre version of himself.

Piccolo-is a Namek-seijin that is a Z Warrior.He was one of the strongest characters before.Now he is kinda between weak and strong.He is the son of a "evil" version of Kami. The evil version is called Diamao.Piccolo is the son of Diamao.Piccolo is a copy of Piccolo Daimao.He is now Goku's friend.But he used to be his enemy.Piccolo can stretch his arms and duplicate himself. Piccolo is also permanently fused with Nail ( the strongest warrior of Namek) and Kami ( Earth's protector) Piccolo kinda likes Gohan as a bro. He was also embarresed when Gohan sang a song to him.

Vegeta-is a saiyan too. Goku and him r the last of the full blooded saiyanz.Vegeta started out training by killing saiba-men.Vegeta started out as Goku's enemy.Then in the middle parts of DBZ he turned good.( HE is still kinda evil) He is the prince of the saiyanz.(Not much of a prince though)He always wants to show that he is better than Goku.Vegeta has a son called Trunks who saved Goku's life.Vegeta also has a daughter called Bra.Vegeta is 1 of the most powerful Z Warriors.Vegeta can fuse with Goku to create Gogetta.With the fusion earrings they can fuse to become Vegetto.He has a continual rivalry against Goku. He also has a HUGE ego.

Krillin-is a warrrior monk.He grows up to marry Andriod 18.They have a daughter named Marrion.His specialty is a destructo disk that is VERY powerful.It could have killed Nappa but Vegeta warned him about it.Krillin is a year older than goku but is as tall as the Gohan in the Freeza Series.He is also bald and has 6 dots on his forehead.It is a fact that he trained to make the ladies like him.He went with Gohan in a lot of adventures.He was with Gohan when he almost killed Vegeta.He was also with Gohan and Bulma when they were on Namek. He also dies the most times. He is also married to Android 18 and has a daughter, Marron. (I don't have profiles for #18 and Marron because i dunno much about them)

Yamcha-is a Z Warrior.He used to be Bulma's boyfriend and used to be Goku's enemy too!.He doesn't do much being the weakest of the Z Warriors.During the Vegeta Series he was the 1st 1 killed.He was killed by the Saiba-men. He is Pool's friend.

Bulma-is the daughter of the Dr.Briefs.He is the president of Capsule Corp.That is why she knows soo much about electronics.She later on marries Vegeta and have a son named Trunks and a daughter named Bra.Trunks saved Goku's life.She used to like Yamcha.She was the only 1 who could calm Vegeta down. She also created the Dragonball locator.(Very useful in the Freeza saga) Choas(Choazu)-is Tenshinhan's friend.Actually he is his best friend.They trained together but when they found out their master was evil he left.So did Tenshinhan.Choas is a small,pale blue colored person. Choas is a very good fighter. His description is a small, white, floating guy with REALLY red cheeks. His weakness is he's not good at math. Tenshinhan(Tien)-is a 3 eyed Z Warrior.He is also Choas's best friend.He trained under the same master as Choas too. Their master was the Crane Elder. Anyway they found out that he was evil and abandoned him.They went to find Master Roshi.Tien also has the telepathic ability to communinate with Choas and their first master, The Crane Elder. He is also very weak. In fact he is the weakest next to Yamcha.

Oolong-is 1 of the first characters to appear in DB (Dragonball).Like Master Roshi, he is perverted.He can also change into whatever he wants to for 5 minutes. But he will have to rest a minute before changing back. He was only important in DB like a lot of other people. He is a small pig. He was kicked out of Morphing School.

Pool-is a cat. He/she ( I have no clue what gender it is) has the same power that Oolong has. Except that Pool doesn't have to rest 1 minute. Oolong bullied Pool a lot ( I guess) before getting kicked out. Pool is a important character at some points. But overall Pool wasn't THAT important. Pool is also Yamcha's friend.

Ox King(Gyumao)-is Chi-Chi's father. He is very big and was also Master Roshi's 2nd best student. Gohan (The grandfather) was Roshi's best. He appeared early in the search for the dragonballs. He also always wears a horned helmet like the 1 a viking wears. Chi-Chi-is the Ox King's daughter. The 2nd time we see CHi-CHi, she is married to the primary hero of DBZ, Goku. Chi-Chi also has a very big temper. Goku promised that he would marry Chi-Chi.She is also the mom of Goten and Gohan.

Master Roshi (Kamesennin) (Jackie Chun)-is Goku's first trainer. He is also perverted.He has a sister (I forgot her name).He was once the strongest person on Earth. Thanks to a martial arts tournament. Even though he's perverted he is very wise. Plus, he also has a good battle sense. He is the Turtle Elder .Goku and Krillin, his students, fought against Tien and Choas, the Crane Elder students.He also created the Kamehameha technique ( The Crane Elder is Roshi's rival). Its used the most out of all the moves.In English it translates to Turtle Destruction Wave.

*Gohan*-is Goku's grandfather.He is also Roshi's strongest student.He lives on Mt.Paozu. He almost won against Ohzaru Goku but Ohzaru Goku squashed him.Which i think is pretty good ( Not Goku squashing Gohan. Gohan almost winning).Sorry if this is confusing. He found Goku in his Saiyan space capsule.

Dende-is Kami's successor. He took Kami's place when Kami fused with Piccolo. He was saved on Namek by Gohan and Krillin. He, like Piccolo and Kami is a Namek-seijin. He also created dragonballs that can have 3 wishes.He can also heal injured by putting his hand on the injury. He is younger than Gohan though.

Kami-is the god or was the god of Earth. Dende took his place after he fused with Piccolo. When he arrived on Earth from Namek, he created dragonballs. He also created Shenlong. He split himself so he could be pure good. The pure good was Kami and the pure bad was Daimao. Daimoa later had a son called Piccolo. He lived in a floating castle in the sky so he can observe happenings on Earth. He fused with Piccolo to fight Cell. Oh yeah, he is a Namek-seijin.

King Kai(Kaiosama)-is 1 of the 4 Kaios.The Kaios monitor the activity in their sector of the galaxy. He lives in the end of Snake Way(Heaven). He has a monkey, Bubbles, and a grasshopper, Gregory. The pets help out in the training. Goku learned Genka Dama(Spirit Bomb) and Kaioken. Kaioken is a move that increases ur power. He dies when Cell blows up on it.

Mr.Satan-is the a fake. He told the press that HE killed Cell. He is kinda strong. But compared to the Z Warriors he is a pile of diddly crap. He also has a daughter, Videl, who marries Gohan.

Videl-is Mr.Satan's daughter.She is the same age as Gohan and is also in the same high school class. She is relatively weak but is musch more powerful than her dad.She finds out that Gohan is the Great Saiyan-man.Soon she gets married to Gohan adn have a daughter,Pan.