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Piccolo - Piccolo is my favorite character. He is from the planet Namek. He fights with anger and focuses it to make him stronger and help him think. He starts off as a bad guy in the beginning of the series, but after he trains with Gohan he begins to actually care for him. He is then very protective of the child and therefore joins the Z fighters. He split himself into two half's, one good and one evil. Kame became the good side and Piccolo became the bad side. Piccolo is a very strong fighter, it is all he does, train and battle. He enjoys it immensely and along with his ability to channel his anger makes him a very dangerous fighter.

Goku - Goku is a lower level saiyan(technically). Which means that if he didn't do all his special training and gravity training Vegeta would easily defeat him. But Goku trains hard and alot, not to mention theres always someone he needs to kick the hell out of. Which keeps him motivated to be the World's Strongest Fighter. Goku leads the Z Fighters, with the exception of Piccolo who pretty much does his own thing but always helps out when needed. Goku goes super saiyan for the first time towards the end of the Frieza saga.All things considered "Goku is the baddest dude in the universe"- Krillin. But can Goku defeat Frieza and save the universe?

Vegeta - Prince Vegeta is a Saiyan Elite. Which means he is supposed to be naturally stronger than Goku. Vegeta's power and speed rival that of Goku's. Vegeta's mentality is that he has to be number one. He is constantly trying to get more powerful and more agile. He hates to lose a fight. Vegeta is extremely inteligent and very patient which make him a deadly foe, if he can't beat you he'll think of a way to get around you or find some other means of destroying you. His main goal is to achieve immortality and then destroy the all powerful Frieza who destroyed his home planet.

Krillin - Krillin is Goku's best friend and loyal aly. He is a monk, he really does have hair but he just shaves his head. I'm not sure whats up with the six dots on his forehead. He is a pretty good fighter, but not as strong as Goku or Piccolo. His special move is the destructo disc, its alot more powerful then it looks. Krillins real quick on his feet and has some pretty cool little moves when he needs him. He is often very under-estimated which gives him quite an advantage at the beginning of a fight(because of his size).

Gohan - Gohan is Goku's first son. He is half human and half saiyan and isn't always the bravest little warrior on the field. He is destined to become even stronger then his father. This is because the mix of saiyan and human is even more powerful then a saiyan. Gohan will go super saiyan before the age of 10! Gohan developes a special bond with Piccolo causing him to become a good guy, he even goes as far to sacrifice his life for Gohan when they were fighting Nappa. Gohan becomes the strongest non-fused character but never obtains his fathers love of fighting.

Frieza - Frieza is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. When you first see him he is extremely ugly but later he changes form into something way cooler. Frieza is responsible for destroying the planet Vegeta. This is where all saiyans were originaly from. Vegeta has learned this and vows to destroy Frieza. Frieza used the saiyans to do all his dirty work and we they began to grow in strength he destroyed them before they bacame a threat to his power. Frieza is very powerful and has to get it his way and get what he wants done quickly, he lacks Vegeta's patience. Frieza power level is stronger then even super saiyan Goku's strength. Frieza is a spoiled little brat who has to always get what he wants.

Cell - Cell is the strongest of a number of cyborg's created by Dr. Gero. He was made from the cells of many powerful warriors,including Goku and Piccolo,hence the name "Cell". Cell is extremely powerful and gets even stronger. He becomes Perfect Cell after he absorbs the other androids created by Gero. So Cell is basically a clone of all the greatest fighters in the world and along with his technological advantages makes him a very formidable opponent.

Recoome - Recoome is the second strongest member of the elite Ginyu Force. Recoome is strong and very confident and enjoys to fight. His most famous power is his outstanding endurance. He can get up from just about anything and several times too, he isn't very smart though. He has beaten Vegeta and almost beat Gohan and Krillin if Goku hadn't interfered. He is very amusing to watch even when he's being beaten and losing his teeth, he's a pretty funny character.All his special moves start with Recoome, like the Recoome Kaboom. Reccome is one of the biggest characters on Dragon Ball Z And has the strength and speed to match.

Ginyu - Captain Ginyu is the leader of the elite mercenary force called the Ginyu Force. The Ginyu are very proud and take their posing seriously. Looks more like a dancing school then a fighting force, but they are very strong. Captain Ginyu is extremly powerful and is very concerned with having style while fighting. Although he lost his style when he was fighting Goku, but got it back and did the metamorphisis attack. Captain Ginyu is very loyal to Frieza and will do anything he commands with exact precision.Ginyu is pure evil but it is rather comical to watch him fight.

Brolly - Brolly is a legendary Super-Saiyan that appears every thousand years. He is a giant and has amazing strength. He is a very fierce full blooded Saiyan and shows no mercy, and is eventually killed by Goten and Trunks, along with help from the other Z fighters.

Saibaimen - The Saibaimen come from seeds planted in the ground. They take orders and obey whomever grows them. The saibaimen's sole purpose is to fight and obey there masters. They have a power level of 1200 each and were worthy opponents of the Z fighters at Nappa and Vegetas arrival on earth. The Saibaimen killed Yamcha with a suprise acid attack but up until that Yamch was kicking butt. Most of the Saibaimen were killed by Krillin but the rest were killed by Vegeta when he grew bored of watching them. There are more saibaimen in the universe though, these are just the ones they've showed us.