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1981 Obituaries of the Old Regular Baptists
Held at Little Martha Church Vansant, Buchanan Co., Virginia

A Big THANK YOU to Carol Brown for her contribution of the 1981 obituaries.

Index Page

ADKINS, Arminia "Hall" B: 5 April 1903, in Floyd County; D: 12 November 1978. Parents: Sylvester & Nerva Francis Hall. Married: John Adkins who preceded her in death 1952. Children: Ballard, Lucille Hartsock, Joe Lee & Billy Gene of Pikeville, Ky; R.J. of Allen Park, Michigan. Stepsons: Henry of Harold, Ky; & Cecil of Lincoln Park, Michigan. Sister: Lillie Luster of Sycamore, Ohio. 16 grandchildren. Written by her daughter Lucille Adkins Hartsock.

ADKINS, Virgil E. B: 4 Jun 1913 Ashcamp, Pike Co, Ky; D: 3 April 1981. Parents: Pridemore Adkins & Winnie Bartley. Married: Nellie v. DeHart. Children: Mrs. Reba Blevins of Jewell Ridge, Va; Donald E. of Manassas, Va; Virgil E. Adkins, Jr. of Eberton, Ga; & Howard D. Adkin of Richlands, Va. Sisters: Mrs. Tressie Bartley of Ashcamp, Ky; brothers Fon L. Adkins of Atkins, Va; & Brady Adkins of Norfolk, Va. 20 grandchildren; 8 gr-grandchildren. Written by his wife, Nell Adkins and daughter Reba Blevins, assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

ADKINS,William B: No date. D: No date Married: Molley Adkins. Children: Beechie Stergill, Nancy Mullins & Jessie Adkins of Shelbyanna, Ky. 8 grandchildren; 8 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (No date) At Frozen Creek, was a member of Caanan Hope Church in Albion Michigan for 40 years. His mother, sister, & brother all preceded him in death. Written by Elder Arvid Blevins.

ANDERSON, Rufus "DO" B: 3 June 1890; d: 14 January 1981, at Pikeville Methodist Hospital. Parents: John Anderson & Sidney Wright. Married: Mellie Looney, 25 February 1915. Children: Paul Gordon of Slones Branch, Shelbiana, Ky; James Garnet of Flatwoods, Ky; & Mrs Mary Lou Bowling of Regina, Ky. 9 grandchildren; 10 gr-grandchildren. Brothers: J.H. Anderson of Ohio. Sisters: Mrs Tilda R. Sanders of Regina, Ky. Baptized: 1935 at the Honeyfork Church by Elder James Green. Written by his wife, Mellie Anderson & his daughter Mary Lou Bowling

ARNETT, Lawrence & Zola "Fields" Lawrence: B: 23 March 1916; D: 17 May 1981.His parents: Wiley Arnett & Vina Lowe. Zola: B: 8 May 1923; D: 23 May 1970. Her parents: Wm. (Bud) Fields & Maxie Charles. Married: 1 May 1943 at Fort Levinsworth, Kansas. Lawrence worked at Great Lakes Steel Corp., in Detroit, Michigan. Retired in 1978. Served in the U.S. Army during WWII. Children: Barbara Coleman, Lawrence Michael Arnett, Toni Coleman, & Mary Ellen Elkins. 6 grandchildren. Written by their children.

BAKER, JR., David Lindsey B: 7 October 1934 Payne Gap, Letcher Co, Ky; D: 18 June 1981, St. Joseph's Hospital in Lexington, Ky. Parents: Elder David Lindsey Baker, Sr. & Oshey Vires. Married: Norma G. Wright, 9 October 1957. She was daughter of Hiram Wright. Children: Linda Carol Huffman of Raccoon, Ky; Teresa L. Maggard of Millard, Ky; Sharon Lynn Adkins of Milard, Ky; & David L. Baker III at home. 3 grandsons. Brothers: Paul of Shelby Gap, Ky; Homer of Crown Point, Indiana; & Johnny of Cold Iron, Ky. Sisters: Edith Lucas & Mable Cornett both of Jenkins, Ky; Betty Jones & Mary Anderson both of Virgie, Ky; & Reba Lucas of Shelby Gap, Ky. He was principal of Pike County School & supervisor for the Pike County Board of Education. Written by his wife Norma, assisted by his brother Paul.

BARTLEY, Paul B: 12 July 1894, Bowling Fork, Ky; D: 8 September 1981. Parents: Smith Bartley & Elizabeth Ratliff. Married: Myra Owens, 17 February 1915. Children: Delbert & Elmer Bartley of Bowling Fork, Ky; Brownlo of Allen Park, Michigan; Fred of Pineville, Wva; Kermit & Lawrence Milburn both of whom preceded him in death; Elsie Bartley of Bowling Fork, Ky; Hazel Tibbs of Regina, Ky; Ivel Ratliff of Lookout, Ky; & Bertha Lee Rowe who preceded him in death. Brother: Hillard Bartley of Wolfpit,Ky. Sister: Lexetta Stiltner of Brundy, Va. 34 grandchildren; 67 gr-grandchildren; 3 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: 6 June 1977 at Pine Grove Church. Written by Myra and family.

BENTLEY, Belle B: 9 July 1892; D: 24 January 1981. Married: Fayette Bentley, 29 July 1909. Children: Verna Long (deceased), Stella Justice of Justiceville, Ky; Elmo Tomilson & Patty Jean Damron of Marietta, Georgia; Mella Howell of Pikeville, Ky; Elder Burton Bentley of Regina, Ky; & Hammond Bentley who preceded her in death. Baptized: In 1929 was a member for 52 years. Written by her son Burton Bentley.

BENTLEY, Roxie Potter B: 10 August 1892; D: 17 December 1980. Parents: Bill & Nancy Potter Married: Harrison Bentley. Children: John L. of Dorton, Ky; & Roosevelt of Jenkins, Ky. Five children died in infancy. 7 grandchildren; 8 gr-grandchildren. Sisters: Martha, Ellen, Mary, & Lizzie. Brothers: Floyd, Sam, & Melvin. Baptized: (No date) She was a member of the Bethel Old Regular Baptist Church for 63 years. Written by her family, assisted by Elder Charles V. Nitchie.

BOGGS, Elsie B: 10 July 1890; D: 28 December 1980. Parents: James Crabtree & Nancy Stanly of Darwin, Va;. Married: Melbourn Boggs, 1913. He preceded heri in death. Children: James Oakly (deceased), Ray Boggs of Neon, Ky; Dorothy Mullins of Baltimore, Maryland, & Opal Hughes of Buckeye, Arizona. 6 grandsons; 17 gr-grandsons. Sisters: Missouri Baker. Baptized: Sometime in the early 30's at Bold Camp (now known as Indian Creek Baptist Church. Written by her sister, Missouri Baker.

BOSTIC, Ella Varney B: No date. D: 5 July 1980 at age 85. Parents: Alex Varney & Hattie Bansfield. Married: William Leonard Bostic who preceded her in death 20 years ago. Children: Claude, Floyd & Clyde Bostic of Huddy, Ky; Rufus Bostic of Belfry, Ky; W.L. Bostic of Williamson, WVa; George Bostic of Royal Oak, Michigan; Henry Bostic of Crestline, Ohio; John Bostic of Logan, WVa; Marie Adams & Quinnie Workman of Kokomo, Indiana. 44 grandchildren; 54 gr-grandchildren; 9 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (No date) She was a member of Stone, Ky, Regular Baptist Church, for 30 years. Written by her daughter-in-law Edna Bostic.

GOFF, Laura B: 19 February 1893; D: 12 December 1980. Parents: Jack Goff & Betty Carter. Married: George Bowersock who preceded her in death. Children: Hazel (deceased) Reable Hopkins, Jane Kinney, Clarence, & Edward Bowersock. Many grandchildren. Baptized: 1961 by Bros. Lawrence Adkins & Grady Adkins. Written by Clarence & Betty Bowersock.

BRANHAM, Dempsey B: 4 February 1931; D: 7 August 1981, Veterans Hospital, Gainesville, Fla. Parents: Nelsa & Lula Branham of Clinchco, Va. Married: Lula Stanley, 8 November 1951. Children: Anna Brantley, Gaynell Fondon, Patsey Taylor, Martha Branham, Lillian Branham & Bobby Branham. Brothers: Aubra, Cowan, Wilburn, Alfred & Tony Branham. Sisters: Lockie Cumbo & Flo Stump. Written by his wife, Lula, and children.

BROWN, Roy Thomas B: 10 February 1907; D: 26 January 1980. Parents: Tom Brown & Polly Stanley. Married: Ada May Brown Children: Mrs Idell Brock of Tennessee; James Brown & Mrs. Margaret Ann Stiltner of Sidney, Ky; Mrs. Rosie Lee Stiltner of Troy, Ohio; & Roy Thomas, Jr. of Belfry, Ky. 3 grandchildren; 10 gr-grandchildren. Brothers: W.S. Brown of Belfry Ky & George H. Brown of Sidney, Ky. Sisters: Armenda Brown of Stone, Ky; Sarah Ann Wright of Warrensville, North Carolina; Aley Williamson of Sidney, Ky; Lucy Wyette of Marysville, Ohio & Martha Felix of Deland, Fla. Two sisters & 1 brother are deceased. Baptized: (No date) He was a member of the Little Stone Church. Written by his brother and sister-in-law, W.S. Brown & Ethel.

BYUS, Dollie Looney Deel B: 16 January 1934; D: 28 June 1978. Parents: Elder Henry Looney & Bonnie Fuller of Rt. 2, Haysi, Va. Her mother deceased 17 January 1976. Married (1): Marlin Deel, 1952. This marriage ended in divorce. Children: Ira & Kevin Deel of Toledo, Ohio; Gary Deel with the U.S. Air Force of Arizona; & Linda Friel of Florida. 5 grandchildren. Sisters: Alice Deel, Pearl Deel, & Effie Blankenship of Rt. 2 Haysi, Va; Delphia Deel & Katy Deel of Prater, Va; & Gay Conaway of Leemaster, Va. Brother: Virgil Loone with the U.S. Army in Alaska. Married (2): George Byus. Written by her sister, Delphia.

CANTRELL, George B: 22 February 1896; D: 17 November 1980. Parents: Caleb Cantrell & Victoria Mullins. Married (1): Bessie Swiney 26 February 1919. Married (2): Orpha Mullins 14 September 1972. Children: Mrs. Gladys Huffman of Rockhouse, Ky; Mrs. Phyllis Cure & Mrs. Nancy Hyder of Elkhorn City, Ky; Charles Cantrell of Alexandra, Ky; John & Mack of Elkhorn City Ky; one son, James Cantrell preceded him in death. 16 grandchildren; 21 gr-grandchildren 1 gr-gr-grandchild. Baptized: 9 April 1955 by Elders Shade Standifur & Bruce Mullins. He was a member of the Sulphur Spring Church. Written by his wife, Orpha Cantrell & children.

CANTRELL, Margie Ellen B: 3 June 1918; D: 2 July 1981. Parents: Charlie Cooper & Polly Wimmer. Married: Burley Cantrell, 4 September 1938. Children: Norma Jean Owens & Sharon Heniger of Cincinatti, Ohio; Vivian Blankenship of Bluefield, Va; Ronald Cantrell of Patterson, Va; Hurdle Cantrell & Debbie Price of Pilgrims Knob, Va. Sisters: Mrs. Ida Rife, Mrs. Sarah Penley, Mrs. Myrtle Smith & Carmen Payne. Brothers: Emory Cooper, Burton Cooper, Arthur Cooper & Charlie Cooper. Baptized: (No date) Member of the Hale Creek Church. Written by her sisters Mrs. Ida Rife & Mrs Mary Rowe.

CARROLL, Viola Madden B: 6 September 1919; D: No date. 61 years, 5 months, 28 days. Married(1): Ned Adams Children, 1st marriage: Willard Adams, Ned Adams, Jr., of Pikeville, Ky; Edith Ramey of Clora, Maryland; Pearl Clark, Sylvia Coleman, Pluma Ray & Thelma Justice all of Pikeville, Ky. Three others deceased. 41 grandchildren; 11 gr-grandchildren. 4 half-brothers , one preceeded her in death. 3 half-sisters; 1 sister who preceded her in death. Married(2): Estill Carroll, 1962. Written by her son Elder Willard Adams.

CHILDERS, Mima "Bartley" B: 10 June 1890, near Haysi, Va; D: 2 May 1981 at Pikeville Hospital. Parents: Andy and Lida "Rose" Bartley. Married: Dave Childers, 13 December 1906. He deceased 26 June 1958. Children: Manie Rose of Lookout, Ky; Effie Johnson of Bridgeton, New Jersey; Margie Mullins & Madge Johnson of Jenkins, Ky. One son, Crit Childers preceded her in death at age 20, in a coal mine near Steinman, Va, 1940. Brothers: Reverend F.K. Bartley of Elkhorn City, Ky & Edgar Bartley of Caney Creek, Ky. Sisters: Mae Queisenberry, Trilby Hawkins, & Bessie Bartley of Mt. Sterling, Ky.. Several grandchildren, gr-grandchildren, & gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: September 1917. Written by her daughters, Madgie Johnson & Margie Mullins.

CHURCH, Lydia Ann "Rains" B: 22 January 1906, Greenbrier, Va; D: 28 February 1981, Baptist Montclair Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama. Parents: Elder Z.T. (Uncle Zack) Raines & Rosina Sutherland. Married: John Thomas Church who preceded her in death June 1969. Children: Dexter of Haysi, Va; John P. & Billy Lynn of Pell City, Alabama; David Crockett Church of Fairfax, Va; Phillip Edward of Birmingham, Alabama; Thomas Ray of Harman, Va; Lillian Pearl Jarril, Juanita Smith & Mary Jo Hamerick all of Birmingham, Alabama; Dana Rose Swecker of laurel, Maryland; Betty Lou Wilson of Baltimore, Maryland. Sister: Sophia Fuller of Haysi, Va. 27 grandchildren; 21 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: Summer of 1939 by her father-in-law, Elder David Crockett Church. She was a member of the Little Josie Church 42 years. Written by Ruth Church, wife of John P. Church.

CLARK, Rachel Diane B: 11 June 1981; D: 10 July 1981 at 29 days old. Parents: David & Kathy Clark. Brother: Nicholas Brian; maternal grandparents: Claude & Dollie Mays; Paternal grandparents: Howard & Goldie Clark. Written by her grandfather, Claude Mays.

CLEVINGER, Anthony Jess (Tony) B: 18 June 1961; D: 6 December 1980 in car accident. Parents: John Frank & Thelma Clevinger. He was the brother of: Connie Dickey, Danny, Sandy, & Andrea Clevinger. Paternal grandparents; Johnny & Mandy Jane Clevinger. Maternal grandparents: Charlie & Irma Jordan. Written by Connie Dickey.

CLEVINGER, Thurman & Nicey "Deel" Thruman: B: 30 September 1891; D: 3 August 1981. Nicey: B: 5 December 1897; D: 18 August 1981. d/o Moses F. Deel & Cansada Woods who are both deceased. Married: 6 February 1913. Children: Cazzie Bowman & Eveline Lane of Harman Va; Burlin Clevenger who preceded them in death. 20 grandchildren, one preceded them in death; 37 gr-grandchildren; 4 gr-gr-grandchildren. His Sisters: Mary Ellen Stiltner of Clyde, Ohio; one half-sister: Alice Rife of Stacy, Va. One half-brother: Claude Clevinger of Green Cove Spgs, Fl. Nicey had 2 sisters and 2 brothers who preceded her in death. Living is one brother: Jimmy Deel of Haysi, Va. Baptized: Thurman: Third Saturday in October 1949 by Elder Troy McClanahan, his membership was with the Bull Creek Church in Va. Nicey was baptized 12 November 1949, her membership was at the Bull Creek Church. Written by Brother Johnnie Bowman.

CLINE, Elder Jerry B: 16 September 1929; D: 16 March 1981. Parents: Lee & Virgie Cline. Married: Barbara Bennett 21 August 1954. Children: Judy Hashby & Ernstine Cline of Jackson, Michigan. Brothers: Walker Cline of Inez, Ky; & Arthur Cline of Lovely, Ky. Sisters: Liddie Fletcher & Mary Ellen Jude of Pilgram, Ky; & Hazel Muncy & Vinie Music of Lovely, Ky; & Myrtle Moore of Columbus, Ohio. 2 grandchildren. Baptized: 19 March 1978 by Elder Raymond Mullins. Written by Elders Raymond Mullins & Arvid Blevins.

COLEMAN, Bertha (McGuire) B: 8 December 1905; D: 6 February 1981 at the Methodist Hospital. Parents: Will McGuire & Eveline Robinson. Married (1): Harrison Thacker, 1904. Children: Jimmy Thacker of Morehead, Ky; Donald Thacker of Rt. 1, Elkhorn City, Ky; Paul Arnold Thacker of Goshen, Indiana; Kenneth & Danny Thacker of Shelbiana, Ky; & Sylvia Prater of Wingdale, New York. 1 daughter deceased. Married (2): Noah Coleman: Children: Betty Lou Meade of Goshen, Indiana. 1 daughter deceased. Brothers: Guy Robinson of Rockhouse, Ky; Everett, Clyde, & Tom Robinson all of Greasy, Ky; Sister: Orba Counts of Wheelwright, Ky. 1 sister deceased. Step-daughters: Ida Keen, Beleah May Robinson, Mary Byers, Bessie Adkins, Carrie Henderson & Delia Coleman. 27 grandchildren; 25 ggrandchildren. Baptized: By Elder George Powell member of the church 47 years first at Ratliff Church and later at Greasy Creek. Written by Elder Delbert Sanders.

COLEMAN, Jackie Dean B: 27 November 1949; D: 2 September 1981. Parents: Isaac Coleman & Georgia Stacy. Married: Sara Sheets, 27 September 1980. Children: Kenny Coleman; one step-son: Robbie Rose. Brothers: James & Roy Coleman; sisters: Emma Belcher, Janice Lester, Brenda Clevinger, & Linda Fraley. Written by Brenda Crawford.

COLEMAN, Nathaniel B: 18 February 1902; D: 25 November 1980. Parents: William "Billy" & Riney Flora Coleman. Married: Martha Coleman, 19 March 1925. Children: Deceased: Jose, Augustine, Jetta, & Zetta. Living: Thelma Huffman, Melinda Huffman, Lucy Mae Huffman, & Nathaniel Coleman, Jr., all of Millard, Ky. 20 grandchildren; 24 gr-grandchildren. Brothers: Green Coleman & John Coleman of Millard, Ky. Written by his wife, Martha & children.

COLEMAN, Theodore "Ted" R. B: 11 September 1910; D: 9 November 1980. Parents: O.L. Coleman & Ida Adkins. Married: Ada Good Children: James Harvey & Randy of Millard; Phillip Ervin of Tucson, Arizona; Betty Phillips, Amilee Neighbors, Buna Barber, Diana Barber, & Bonnie Hogston of Mansfield Ohio; & Fosta of Millard. 1 son, 2 sisters, & 3 borthers preceded him in death. 12 grandchildren; 2 gr-grandchildren. Brothers: Ernest & George Coleman of Ohio, Frank Coleman of Winright, & Victor Coleman of Justiceville. Sisters: Edith Ratliff of Winright. Baptized: 17 February 1940 by Elder Jim Green, member of the Rebecca Church where he served as clerk for 31 years and as minister for 39 years. Written by his wife & daughter, Ada Coleman & Fosta.

COMPTON, Alpha B: 8 October 1911; D: 18 July 1981. Parents: George Stalker & Mary Farmer. Married: Ver Compton who preceded her in death 1944. Children: Sons: Ver Compton, Jr, of Lookout, Ky; Rodney of Draffin, Ky; Claude Bennett of Mundelein, Illinois; & Goodwin Compton of Mt. Sterling, Ky.; one step-son: Ivan Compton of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Daughters: Mrs. Phyllis Jean Ratliff of Muncie, Indiana & Mrs Helen E. Hamilton of Fort Lake, Illionis. Step-daughters: Mrs. Eve Clevinger of Venters, Ky & Mrs. Beatrice Coleman of Draffin, Ky. Brothers: Frank Stalker & Clarence Stalker both of Elkhorn City, Ky; sisters: Mrs. Ressie Hogston of Elkhorn City, Ky; Mrs Bunie Swiney & Mrs. Icy Coleman both of Draffin, Ky. Five brothers preceded her in death: Tom Stalker of Belcher, Ky; Harrison Stalker of Draffin, Ky; Lib Stalker of Regina, Ky; John Stalker of Elkhorn City, Ky; & Walter Stalker of Salyersville, Ky. Sisters who preceded her in death: Jane Owens of Belcher, Ky, Liza Morton of Pikeville, Ky; & Lissie Ratliff of Regina, Ky. 37 grandchildren; several gr-grandchildren. Written by Elder Jimmy Dale Sanders.

COMPTON, Mrs. Virdie B: 21 June 1913, Pike Co, Ky; D: 24 September 1980. Parents: Bill & Ollie Conn Fife. Married: Woodrow Compton. Children: Monroe Cole of Martin, Ky. Brothers: Earl Fife of Pikeville, Ky, Willie of WVa, & Andrew of Columbus, Ohio. 8 grandchildren; 10 gr-grandchildren. Nieces: Verda Sue Maynard & Patricia Ann Webb. Nephews: Burl E. Fife & Willis Fife all of Columbus, Ohio. Baptized: No Date, was a member of the church. Written by her brother & sister-in-law Earl & Norvella Fife.

CONWAY, Hettie Louise Deel B: 16 May 1909; D: 27 September 1980 Parents: Beverly & Rosa Deel. Married: John Conaway, 2 May 1928. Children: Deceased: 1 stillborn child; Trinkle, 2 November 1961 in mining accident. Living: Buford Conaway of Martha, Ky: Charlie H. Conaway of Birchleaf, Va; Troy H. Conaway of the home; Maxie O'Quinn of Napoleon, Ohio; Alta Deel of Birchleaf, Va; Bonnie Fay Deel of Prater, Va; & Fannie O'Quinn of Rt 2, Haysi, Va. 17 grandchildren; 5 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: 23 June 1956, by Elder Clifford Colley & Elder E.F.Deel. Written by her son at the request of her family.

DEEL, Larkin B: 13 February 1907; D: 17 September 1980. Parents: Floyd & Margania Deel of Buchanan County. Married: Rosie Raines, 13 April 1926. Children: Starlin & Ersil Deel of Haysi, Va; Mrs. Margaret Owens, Mrs Bonnie Meadows, Trinkle Deel, & Troy Deel of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, & Mrs. Janice Keen of Vernon, Ohio. 15 grandchildren; 4 gr-grandchildren. Sisters; Alice O'Quinn and Prudy Yates of Haysi, Va. Baptized: 4 October 1958 at Little Martha Church. Written by his wife & children.

DEEL, Percy Ellis B: 24 December 1922; D: 2 July 1980. Parents: Wash Deel & Lydia Fuller. His father preceded him in death 29 December 1963. Married: Emolene Bartley, 19 September 1942. Children: Edmond Lee who married Fairly. Grandchildren: Michelle leigh & Mark Edmond all of Green Cove Springs, FL. Sisters: Louanna Deel of Citra, Fl; Jane Owens of Bristol, Tennessee; Elsie Justus of Tookland, Va. Brothers: Barney, Shannon, & Alfred Deel all of Haysi, Va. Written by his wife, Emolene Deel

DEEL, Stacy Wayne B: 26 February 1980 at Applachian Regional Hospital; D: 26 February 1980, at Applachian Regional Hospital age 1 hour 15 minutes. He was a twin. Parents: Richard L. & Polly Jane Deel Sister: Freda Denise. Brothers: Thurman Lail & Tracey Walker (his twin). Maternal grandmother: Stella Kelly Willis. Written by his mother Polly J. Deel.

DIXON, Pricey Fuller B: around 1893; D: 22 Octobe 1980. Parents: William Rose & Ruthie Moore. Married (1): Henry Sumner, 1909/1910.Children: Arvil, recently deceased, Dora, deceased in 1927. Married (2): Richard "Dick" Fuller. Deceased 1955.No children this marriage. 1 step-son: Fred M. Fuller. Married (3): Harmon Dixon who deceased 1973. Baptized: Around 1920. Written by her step-son, Fred M. Fuller.

ELKINS, Frank B: No date. D: 28 August 1981. Married: Helen Elkins of Clintwood, Va. Mother: Toby & Mertie Elkins, of Clintwood, Va. Children: Frank Jr., Carol Daughtery & Alice Sharping. 8 Grandchildren all of Battlecreek, Michigan. Brothers: Ernest of Michigan; Newton of Ashleg, Ohio; Edward & Bobby of Clintwood, Va. One half-sister: melda Bullion of Burdine, Ky. Written by his brother.

ELSWICK, Caroline B: 15 August 1890; D: 30 November 1981. Brother: Otis Elswick of Elkhorn City, Ky. Baptized: 1956, she was a member of the Cedar Grove Church. She was never married. Written by Eugene Elswick

ELSWICK, Clovis Cline B: 23 April 1914, Breaks, Va; D: 17 December 1980 Parents: Ephraim Elswick & Nancy Jane Mullins Married: Alta Charles Foster, 12 May 1936. Children: Glenn & Jimmy. Sister: Julia. 3 grandchildren; 2 gr-grndchildren. Worked for Marathon Oil Company in Detroit, Michigan. Written by his wife, Alta and his sons Jimmy & Glenn.

ELSWICK, G.C. "Corb" B: 25 March 1896, Harman, Va; D: 23 February 1980. Parents: Miles & Eliza Stiltner Elswick. Married: Kelsie May Elswick, 18 October 1922. She deceased 23 August 1954. Children: Patty Sue Coleman & Ealine elswick of Wolfpit, Ky. Two sons and one daughter are deceased; 7 grandchildren;7 g-grandchildren. Written by his daughters Patty Sue & Ealine.

FARMER, Sarah B: 15 April 1889: D: 13 June 1981. Parents: William & Bytha Owens. Married: Harrison Farmer of Belcher, Ky, 10 December 1913. Children: Sons: Zollie of Port Richie, Fla; Abner of Chicago, Illinois; Preston of Elkhorn City, Ky; Leonard of Rt. 1, Elkhorn City, Ky; Huston Farmer of Chicago, Illinois; Joe of Belcher, Ky; Eugene of Chicago, Illinios; & Willis of Oakman, Alabama. Daughter: Madge Thacker of Belcher, Ky. 21 grandchildren; 25 gr-grandchildren; 1 gr-gr-grandchild. Brother: Robert Owens of Draffin, Ky. Baptized: (No date) She was a member of the Little Pond church for over 60 years. Written by Elder Jimmy Dale Sanders assisted by the family.

FIELDS, Candy B: 8 March 1896; D: 23 January 1981. Parents: Marion & Martha Ray Fields. Married (1): Lydia Akers who preceded him in death. Children: Clyde Fields, Mattie Johnson & Cora Johnson of Pikeville, Ky; Luther & Lestin Fields of Southgate, Michigan; Edgar of Wilmington, Illinois; Ida Johnson of Wyandotte, Michigan; Lesta Gibson of Sprigfield, Va; & Joann Coleman of Wayne, Michigan. Married (2): Alpha Maggard Sword; Children: 2nd marriage: 3 girls, one preceded him in death. Baptized: July 1962. Written by his son & daughter-in-law: Clyde & Linda Fields.

FLEMING, Lucretia Newsome B: 13 February 1895, Little Robinson Creek, Ky; D: 29 November 1980. Parents: Jacob Newsome & Louiza Kinney. Married: Soloman Fleming, 1915; he preceded her in death. Children: They took in a boy Calvin, and raised him as their own, he preceded her in death. Written by her loved ones.

FLEMING, Mary Mullins Sykes B: 29 May 1901, at Breaks, Va; D: 12 January 1981. Parents: Matthew Mullins & Martha Deel. Married (1): Arthur Sykes, 1919. He passed away December 1941. (5 children with this marriage). Married (2): Curtis Fleming. They lived at Clintwood, married 27 years. Children: Mrs. Juanita Ratliff, Clintwood, Va; Valey Mullins, Richmond, Va, Gene Sykes of Inister, Michigan, Jimmy Wallace of Clintwood, Va; one son was killed in Korea in service to his country and one daughter passed away at 18 months. Brothers: Grady Mullins of Meadow View, Va. Sisters: Mrs. Vina Wallace & Mrs Prince Mullins of Washington State,; & Mrs Dave Clevinger of Portland Oregon. 8 grandchildren. Baptized: 27 August 1977 by Elders Bart Potter & Bill Hall at Sweet Home Church. Written by her husband, Curtis Fleming, and her children; assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

FLEMING, Misty Dawn B: 7 January 1981; D: 11 January 1981. Parents: Frankie & Rita Fleming;Paternal grandparents: Harold & Betty Fleming. Maternal grandparents: Bobby & Janet Elkins. Paternal gr-grandmothers Alta Fleming & Hildred Green. Maternal gr-grandmother Mertie Elkins. Brothers: Nathan Fleming. Written by the family.

FULLER, Carl B: 31 July 1922: D: 27 April 1981. Parents: Dewey & Vada Fuller of Bartlick Creek area. Married: Fronia Fuller Children: Patsy, Wayne, & Debbie. Served in with General Patton in Germany during WWII. Worked at the Splashdam mines after the war then went to Michigan. Written by his uncle, Fred M. Fuller with the help of his mother.

FULLER, Mrs. Jim B: No date; D: No date. Married: Jim Fuller. Children: Gene, Bud, Billy, & Susie of Detroit, Michigan; Claude of St. Charles, Missouri; Linda of Shreveport, Louisiana; Roger of Haysi, Va; & Rickey & Sherry at home. 21 grandchildren. Sisters: Della Colman of Haysi, Va & Alta Elswick of Michigan. Brothers: Fred Charles of Orient, Ohio & Ed Charles of Abington, Va. 3 half-sisters; 7 half-brothers. Written by her daughter Susie & daughter-in-law Phyllis.

GILLESPIE, Russell & Ray Ray: B: 17 March 1919, Pike Co, Ky; D: 18 November 1967. Parents: William Jefferson & Lila Thacker Gillespie. Children: Thomas Ruey, Gary & Ronnie D. Mrs. Barbara Jean Clark, Miss Joyce Gail & Gay Gillespie all of Dayton Ohio. 5 grandchildren. Russell: B: 27 October 1901; D: 27 August 1979. Children: Allen B., Nick Arthur, Lawrence, Kelley, Paul, Larry, Leon, & Rickie all of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Their Brothers: Ruey Gillespie of Wilmington, Ohio; sisters: Mrs. Glema Thacker of Greasy Creek, Ky; Mrs Toy Potter of Elkhorn City, Ky; Mrs Gustie Harris of Fords Branch, Ky. Written by their sister, Mrs. Oma Potter.

HACKWORTH, Everett B: 8 February 1905, Floyd Co, Ky; D: 7 May 1981. Parents; Greeley Hackworth & Lizza Caudill. Married: Nancy Osborne, 22 December 1925 Children: Everett Hackworth, Jr of Fort Worth, Texas, Blake of Kingsport, Tennessee; Ruth Ellison of Moores Hill, Indiana & Mary Smallwood of Eusits, Fla. Brothers: Earl Hackworth of Dola, Ohio, Maynard Hackworth, Manis Hackworth, & Ernest Hackworth all of Ada, Ohio. Sisters: Elsie Leek of Prestonsburg, Ky; Flora Conley of Riceville, Ky; Alta May Hackworth of Wooster, Ohio & Edna Flo of Silver Lake, Indiana. 6 grandchildren; 2 gr-grandchildren. He was a retired Conductor for the C & O Railroad. Baptized: Joined July 1951. Baptized August 1951. Was a member of Old Union church. Written by his wife, Nancy Hackworth.

HALL, Billie: B: 2 April 1898; D: 1 January 1981. Patents: James & Margaret Hall. Married (1): Myrtle Bentley, 22 January 1919. She preceded him in death 4 May 1969. Children: Jimmie, preceded him in death October 1974; Irene Looney of Elyria, Ohio; Noble Hall of Indianapolis, Indiana; Lester Hall of Prestonsburg, Ky; Billy Hall, Jr. of La Grange, Ohio; Glema Roberts of Jonancy, Ky & Glenn Hall of Elyria, Ohio. Sisters: Rosie Jones of Virgie, Ky; & Francis Mullins of Long Fork, Ky. 29 grandchildren; 28 gr-grandchildren. Married (2): Gracie Adkins, 6 January 1971. Baptized: 12 May 1928, by Elder M.V. Burke. Was a member of Old Union Church. Written by his granddaughter, Carolyn Roberts Risner.

HALL, Earl B: 4 November 1917, Etty, Pike Co, Ky; D: 1 August 1979. Parents: James Ellis Hall & Judy Bentley Married (1): Leona Mullins. She preceded him in death. 10 children with first marriage; two, Hubert & Betty preceded him in death. Married (2): Shirley Syck. Two children with second marriage. Children: Hurston of Paintsville, Ky; Eugene & Roger (Jimmy) of Greysville, Alabama; Marvin of Ypsilanti, Michigan; Earl Kent & Jason both of Trenton, Michigan; Dean Mullins of Vinton, Ohio; Janice Mullins of Bidwell, Ohio; Gewn Skinner of Greysville, Alabama; Rhonda Gulyban of River View, Michigan. 20 grandchildren; 6 gr-grandchildren; Brothers: Milford Hall of Dorton, Ky & Leonard of River Rouge, Michigan. One sister, Draxie Tackett of Thurman, Ohio. Baptized: (No date) Was a member 21 years. His membership was at the Little Pearl Church at Vinton, Ohio. Written by Milford Hall.

HALL, Evan B: 13 February 1895; D 19 October 1980. Parents: Marion (Bud) Hall & Liza McCown. Married: Margaret (Peggy) Osborne, 1921. Children: Edward of Legioneer, Ind, Lacy Hall of Wheelwright, Ky; Curt Hall, Troy Hall & Gladys Collins of Weeksbury, Ky; Kelsie Short of Topmost, Ky; John M. Hall of Fort Wayne, Indiana; & Leonard Hall of Martn, Ky. Two children died in infancy: Dacaey and Acey Hall. Brothers: Luke, Ben, Marion, John L. & Merlin. Sisters: Frankie Caudill, Rosie Johnson, Sarah Harris, Bell Hill & Mary E. Johnson. Baptized: First Sunday in September 1956 at the Old Regular Baptist Church of Joppa, by Rev. Charlie Jones & Rev. Holbert Bates. Written by his son John M. & his daughter-in-law Bobbie Roberts Hall.

HALL, Ronnie C. B: 23 October 1952; D: 3 November 1976. Parents: Woodrow & Ruby Hall Married: Mary Buckenymerires. Brothers: Johnny Hall, Roger Hall, Wesley Hall Woodrow Hall, Jr.(deceased), & Clinton Hall. Sisters: Francis Gartin & Dorothy Coleman. Written by Susan Branscome assisted by his uncle George Hall.

HALL, JR. Woodrow "Bug" B: 22 March 1962; D: October 1980. Parents: Woodrow & Ruby Hall. Sisters: Dorothy Coleman & Francis Gartin. Brothers: Johnny Hall, roger Hall, Ronnie Hall (deceased), Arthur Hall, Clinton Hall & Wesley Hall. Written by his cousin Susan Branscome.

HATFIELD, Edith Hensley B: 27 July 1927: D: 3 October 1980. Parents: Roland & Chole Hensley. Married: Russell Hatfield. Children: Danny, Kenny, & Rickly. Brothers: Elmar & R.Y. Hensley. Sisters: Opal Thacker, Nola Green, Carmel Fish & Della Workman.

LOONEY, Winnie "Wright" B: 18 May 1891; D: 1 December 1980. Parents: Reuben & Lucy Mullins. Married (1): Joe Wright, 1904. Children: Sammie & Archie of Dorton, Ky; Cleon of Ypsilanti, Michigan; Jimmy of Maryville, Tennessee; Goldie Johnson of Virgie, Ky; Leurena Greer & Martha Greer of Myra, Ky; Cordellia Travis of Jenkins, Ky. 4 children preceded her in death: Roy, Andrew, Garnett, & Ira Wesley. Married (2): Meredith Looney who preceded her in death January 1976. 56 grandchildren; 109 gr-grandchildren; 30 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (No date) She was a member of the church 62 years. Written by her son Cleon Wright

HENSON, Flossie B: 11 January 1906, Pike Co, Ky; D: 19 June 1981. Parents: Elder Jacob M. & Leery Reece Gibson. Married: Robert Henson, 14 May 1923. He preceded her in death. Children: Paul, Robert Henson, JR, & Mrs. Jancie Childers of Wake Forest, North Carolina; Mrs. Jearline Thompson of Intercession City, FLa; James, Lester, Jessie & Clinard Henson all of Ashcamp, Ky; four children preceded her in death. Sisters: Mrs. Ava Hurley of Bristol, Va. Baptized: October1931, by her father Elder Jacob Gibson. She was a member of the Ashcamp Church. Written by her family assisted by her son, Elder Lester Henson.

HOGSTON, Arnet C. B: 1 February 1897; d: 20 January 1980. Parents: John H. Hogston & Elizabeth Senters. Married: Maggie Bentley. Children: Catherine Hogston & Orphia Moore of Elkhorn City, Ky; Elizabeth Bagget of Dover, Tennessee; one adopted grand-daughter: Mary Sue Morton of Elkhorn City, Ky. 5 grandchildren. Sisters: Adeline Hogston Wright Johnson. Baptized: (No date) He was a member of the Cedar Grove Church. Written by his sister Adeline.

HOLLAND, Earnest B: 3 August 1906; D: 17 June 1981. Parents: Lewis Holland & Cora Ratliff. Sisters: Adline Smallwood of Hellier, Ky; Fannie Rowe of Garrett, Ky; Ova Hopkins of Rt. 2, Pikeville, Ky; Martha Rasnick of Rt. 1, Elkhorn City, Ky; & Edith Sargent of Hopkinsville, Ky. Written by his sister, Martha Rasnick.

HOLLAND, Lonnie B: 20 February 1913; D: 8 September 1968 Parents: Lewis Holland & Cora Ratliff. Married: Mary Alice Curtis Children: 10 children. Sisters: Ova Hopkins, Fannie Row, Adline Smallwood, Mary Adkins, Martha Rasnick & Edith Sargent. Written by his sister Martha Rasnick.

JOHNSON, George B: 22 July 1916; D: 27 July 1950. Parents: Frances & Johnnie Martin Johnson. Married: Bertha Caudill. Children: 3 boys; 5 girls. 4 sisters; 3 brothers. Written by his sister Myrtle Bryant.

JOHNSON, James M. B: 5 February 1937; D: 8 May 1979, in Kentucky. Parents: George A. Johnson & Bertha Caudill. His dad was killed in the coal mines 27 October 1958. His mother also preceded him in death. Married (1): Dorothy Newsom, preceded him in death. Married (2): Kathie Bentley, this marriage ended in divorce. Children: 1 daughter, 1 step-son. 2 brothers; 5 sisters. Written by his Aunt Myrtle Bryant

JUSTICE, Ruie B: 14 September 1903; D: 8 April 1981. Parents: Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Justice & Charlotte (Lottie) Chaney. Married: Ada Blackburn, d/o Nathaniel Blackburn & Missouri Daniels Children: Deceased: Edward & Ruie, Jr. Living: Cora Justice Huffman. Sisters: Arvie Coleman, Ida Thacker, Thursie Worrix, Ada Bolden & Cindia Ratliff. 9 grandchildren; 10 gr-grandchildren. He was a retired coal miner; member of Local U.M.W.A. 8288. Written by his wife, Ada, daughter, Cora, and his sister Arvie.

KENNEDY, Howard Bud B: 1 January 1891; D: 7 March 1981. Parents: Jasper Kennedy & Betty Jane Davis. 9 neice 5 nephews. Baptized: 20 August 1978. Written by his niece Opel Stiltner and Auty McClanahan.

LEE, Eliza B: 2 February 1900; D: No date, 81 years, 1 month; 29 days. Parents: Floyd May & Margaret Vance. Married: Stewart Lee. Children: Christine Lee who proceded her in death 28 October 1962; Earl & Jimmy of Draffin, Ky; & Mrs Jacqueline Compton of Fayetteville, North Carolina. 5 grandchildren; 6 gr-grandchildren. Sisters: Mrs. Dollie Clevinger of Belcher, Ky & Mrs Melster Owens of Draffin, Ky. Brother: W.H. May of Draffin, Ky. Baptized: 22 August 1976, by Elders James Gannon & Bob Scott. Her membership was with the Little Pond Church. Written by her granddaughter, Mrs. Jimmy Dale (Helen) Sanders.

LOONEY, Donald B: 22 July 1915; D: 27 December 1971. Parents: Benjamin Harrison & Sarah Ann Looney. Married: Mona McClanahan. Children: Jimmy, Ann, Sherry. One grandchild, Timmy. Brothers: Clyde, Randall of Grundy, Va; Elster Looney of Hurley, Va; sisters: Wealthy Duty, Lou Dean Ramey & Faye Stiltner all of Grundy, Va. One brother, Buster, preceded him in death. Written by his sister Wealthy Duty.

MAY, Addie Adkins B: 14 May 1899; D: 21 January 1981, near Winwright Station. Parents:Paternal: John H. Adkins & Ibbie Coleman. Maternal: John Coleman & Celia Artrip. Grandparents: Winright Adkins & Louisa Epling. Married: Don May, 3 May 1924 at Daniel's Creek. Children: Eldon, Ruth Mack, John L. & Paul. Her Brothers: Lincoln, Earl, Perry, Kermit, & Fonso, all deceased. Sisters: Essie White, Cara Helton & Agnes Damron. Baptized: 1946, she was a member of the Rebecca Church at Daniels Creek. Written by her son Eldon J. May.

MAY, George W. B: 8 May 1888, Pike Co, Ky; D: 17 August 1971, Mountain Manor Nursing Home, Pike Co, Ky. Parents: Floyd & Margarett Vance. Married (1): Winnie Davis. Children (1st marriage): Gearldine Francis of McArthur, Ohio; Luther of Jeffersonville, Ky; Fayette & Willie B. of Elkhorn City, Ky; stepsons: Junior Ratliff of Louisville, Ky; & Orbin Kendrick of Lexington, Ky. Brother: William H. May of Draffin, Ky. Sisters: Mrs. Dollie Clevinger of Belcher, Ky; & Mrs Melster Owens of Draffin, Ky. 10 grandchildren; 17 gr-grandchildren; 3 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: August 1975 by Elders Clarida & Isaac Sanders. He was a member of the Sulphur Spring Church. Written by his wife Effie May & children assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

MAY, James Kelly B: 14 October 1922; D: 22 April 1981. Patents: William Jefferson May & Nancy Ball. Married Verna Campbell, 19 January 1946. Children: Kelly Gordon May of Rt. 6, Pikeville, Ky; & Betty Lou Hylton of Coal Run, Ky. Grandchildren: Bryan Kelly May, Billy Clyde Hylton, Krystal Hylton, & Gina Michelle May. Brothers: Bud May & Harold May of Canada, Ky; & Walter May of Pinson Fork, Ky. Sisters: Maude May Gent of Columbus, Ohio, Gertrude May Blackburn, Jeanette May & Ruth May Blackburn of Pinson Fork, Ky, & Pricy May Stanley of Canada, Ky. Baptized: August 1968 at Chloe Creek Regular Baptist Church, served as deacon several years. Written by the family.

MAYS, Ed C. B: 25 August 1884; D: 15 October 1981. Parents: Jim & Josie Mays Married: Savanah Buchanan, 1909. Deceased 1976 Children: Anna Mae, Vergie, Claude, Allen & Riley. One daughter & two sons preceded him in death.50 grandchildren; 97 gr-grandchildren; 6 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: 26 June 1921, Sandy Ridge Church. Written by his daughter, Anna Mea Meade.

McCLANAHAN, Allie F. B: 14 August 1897; D: 5 March 1981. Parents: Lewis & Josie Colley Children: Mrs. Myrtle Ratliff, Mrs. Ava McClanahan, Mrs. Mary Rose, Mrs. Eura Stiltner, Mrs. Arthur Darnell, Mrs. Thelma Hurley, Johnny McClanahan & Lonnie McClanahan; one step-daughter: Mrs. Samantha Dawson. One grandson whom she raised: Gary Steve. Two sisters; 29 grandchildren; 39 gr-grandchildren; 1 gr-gr-grandchild. Written by her Brother-in-law, Ray McClanahan

McCLANAHAN, Keenis B: 11 November 1902; D: 15 February 1981. Parents: George W. & Lucy D. McClanahan. Married: Edna McClanahan. Children: Dorothy Deel & Ervin McClanahan. 7 grandchildren; 3 gr-grandchildren; 3 sisters; 2 brothers. Baptized; 29 August 1942. Written by his daughter, Dorothy Deel.

McCOY, Elzic Lee & Dixie Ellen B: 1 July 1923; D: 31 July 1970, due to mining accident. His parents: William Walker McCoy & Zilpha Alafair Hayes, preceded him in death. Dixie Ellen McCoy: B: 20 May 1921; D: 15 June 1981. Her Parents: Walter Salyers & Ada Marshall. Married: 30 November 1946. Children: Zeller McCoy Adams, Blaine McCoy, Madge McCoy Johnson all of Rt. 1, St Paul, Va. 6 grandchildren. His sister: Georgia Carico of Aurora, Illinois; brother: Nelson McCoy of St. Paul, Va. Her sisters: Maxie Meade (her twin) St. Paul, Va; Sybil Mullins of St. Paul, Va; Retha Rose of Coeburn, Va; Lessie Owens of Vansant, Va. Brother: Columbus Salyers of St. Paul, Va. Baptized: She was baptized 24 June 1973 at Sandy Ridge, Elzic never joined. Written by their chldren.

MEADE, Cloie B: 15 January 1912, Millstone, Letcher Co, Ky; D: 20 January 1981. Married: Lloyd Meade, 8 November 1930. Children: Gilbert of Indiana, James Arnold of Independence, Ky; & Joy Greene of Ft. Wright, Ky. Baptized: 8 April 1979. Written by her husband Lloyd Meade.

MEADOWS, Lillie Mae B: 27 October 1918, Hartley, Ky; D: 17 April 1981. Parents: Please Hampton & Arlena Tackett. Married: Will Meadows, 31 January 1957; he preceded her in death 23 January 1969. No children. Sisters: Mrs. Helen Elliot & Mrs. Madgie Tackett both of Virgie, Ky. Brothers: Hassell Hampton of River Rouge, Michigan; Cecil Hampton of Marion, Ohio; Forest Hampton & Joseph Hampton of Long Fork, Virgie, Ky. Baptized: 3rd Saturday July 1878 by brothers Cecil Burke & Rueben Baker. Written by her sister & brother-in-law Nelson & Helen Elliot.

MITCHELL, Richard Starlin B: 26 October 1901; D: 4 February 1981. Married (1): Virgie Mae Deel, 1922. Children: Kathleen Coleman & Hassel Mitchell of Prater, Va; John Mitchell & Nadine Puckett of Warren, Michigan; Margie Thacker of Hollister, Fla; & James Mitchell of Lorton, Va. 3 children preceded him in death. Married: (2) Dentis Baker, June 1970. Step-children: Cero Baker & Frankie Shook of Oakwood, Va. 16 grandchildren; 6 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: 1949, served as deacon & clerk. Written by his family.

MULLINS, Effie B: 8 September 1908; D: 9 February 1981. Parents: Thomas Marion & Peggy Mullins. Married: John Morgan Mullins, 24 December 1923. Children: 10 children. 29 grandchildren; 14 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: Spring of 1954 in the Holston River by Elder Paris C. Tackett. She was a member of the Bethany Church. Written by: her husband, John Morgan Mullins.

MULLINS, Frances B: 24 November 1897; D: 6 July 1979. Parents: Mart Sowards & Angeline Mullins. Married; Ben Mullins. He preceded her in death. Children: Ocie Burke, Lillie Burke, & Arson Mullins of Myra; Oscar Mullins & Hubert Mullins of Ravenna, Ohio. Sisters: Mertie Robinson of Pikeville, Ky; & Flossie Hall of Myra. Brothers: Everett Sowards of River Rouge, Michigan; & Victor Sowards of South Shore, Ky; George Sowards of Peable, Ohio & Sylvester Sowards & Arnold Sowards of Myra. Two children preceded her in death. 34 grandchildren; 52 gr-grandchildren. 6 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: 3rd Saturday in June 1978 at Pilgramis Rest Church by Bros. Cecil Burke & Junior Damron. Written by her daughter Ocie Burke and Bro. Jake Tackett.

MULLINS, Girdie & Florene Bentley Girdie: B: 13 April 1916; D: 6 October 1978. His parents: Winfield Mullins & Laura Wright. Florene: B: 22 September 1926; D: 20 July 1979. Her parents: Jim Bentley & Dicy Sanders. Children: Linda Lou Tackett, Roger Dale Mullins, Wanda Kaye Newsome, & Donna Faye Tackett all of Myra, Ky. One child preceded Florene in death. His brothers: Tison Mullins, Creede Mullins, & Alex Mullins all of Myra, Ky; & Coday Mullins of McRoberts, Ky. Sisters: Clerinda Mullins of Myra, Ky & Bertha Scott of Rt. 2, Jenkins, Ky. 2 grandchildren Her brothers: Clyde Bentley of Logan, WVa. & Donald Bentley of Grundy, Va. One half brother, Frank Bevins & one half-sister Gypsy McPeek both preceded her in death. Written by his sister, Bertha Scott.

MULLINS, Peggy B: 20 January 1888; D: 28 March 1981. Parents: Harve & Mollie Mullins. Married: Thomas Marion Mullins. Children: Effie (deceased), Frank (deceased), Johnny, Elsie, Alice, Myrtle, Billie (deceased), Ira, & Jack. Written by her son-in-law, John Morgan Mullins.

MULLINS, Savannah Boggs B: 11 August 1901; D: 2 December 1980. Parents: Eli Boggs & Zilpah Robinson. Married: Bryan Mullins 2 December 1930. Children: Draxie Rethgeb of Baltimore, Maryland; Edna Terry of Geneva, Ohio, Freida Roberts of Reidsville, North Carolina; Dempsey of Vilas, North Carolina; Clinton of Pound, Va; Aulbern, Emory & Ellison of Baltimore, Maryland; Denvil of Lebanon, Va; Roy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; & Avery of Pound. Brothers Feirl Boggs, Swanson Boggs, & Dayton Boggs all of Pound. One sister: Mrs. Euna Dotson of Darwin, Va. 28 grandchldren; 12 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: Joined 4 July 1927; Baptized 4th Sunday in August 1927 at Indian Creek Old Regular Baptist Church. Written by her son, Avery.

MULLINS, Vondia B: 30 August 1902; D: 21 December 1980. Parents: Henry Wilson & Elmira Mullins Boggs. Married: William Mullins, 16 December 1920. Children: Carton, Edward, Lorene Fleming, Cotella Powers & Lucelle Powers & Rodney of Clintwood, Va; Edison of Fredricksburg, Va; Bureta Dawkins & Eulis of Quincy, Fla; Kyle of Chintilly, Va. Two children preceded him in death. Brothers: Merdia Boggs of Clintwood, Va; half-brothers: Wiley Boggs of WVa; Clonis & Troy Boggs of Dayton, Ohio. Sisters: Ada Hensley. One half-sister: Dennis Baker. 50 grandchildren; 60 gr-grandchildren; 3 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: In 1940 at the Lebanon Church. Written by Melissa Stanley assisted by the family.

MUSICK, Estus Leonard B: 30 July 1900; D: 28 September 1980. Parents: Allen & Malissa Willis Musick. Married: Dixie Ella Sluss, 22 October 1925, she preceded him in death. Children: Joyce Faye Carroll, Trulah Rosell Frazier, Joan Louetta Frazier, Betty Sue Anderson, & Judy Gloria Rose of Clintwood, Va; Burl, of Gallon, Ohio, Layton C. of Clintwood, & Glen Ellis, an infant son who preceded him in death. Written by Layton C. Musick.

OAKS, Howard S. B: 16 August 1906; D: 19 March 1981. Parents:: Brandlow & Mollie Oaks. Married: Hattie Wright, 23 February 1925. Children: 6 sons; 6 daughters, two of the daughters preceded him in death. Baptized: 4th Saturday in May, 1931. He was a member of the Old Elkhorn Church. Written by his wife, Hattie and his family.

O'QUINN, Jonah B: 23 February 1890, Council, Va; D: 23 June 1981. Married (1): Phebie Margaret O'Quinn, 6 October 1906. She preceded him in death 10 December 1946. Children: Cosby O'Quinn, Osie King, Rufus, & Hollon O'Quinn. 4 other children preceded him in death. Married (2): Ardella Spears, 1946. She preceded him in death 25 January 1960. Baptized: 12 June 1921. He was a member of the Bull Creek Church where he served as assistant clerk and clerk for 40 years. Written by his daughters Cosby & Osie and grandsons, Larry & Tom.

O'QUINN, Rufus Paul B: No date. D: 17 april 1980 at 71 years, 9 months, 9 days. Parents: Lilly Bell & Joshua O'Quinn who preceded him in death. Married: Louisa Deel for 49 years. Children: Vicey Perkins of Council, Va; Leona Church & Casby O'Quinn of Clinchco, Va; Ledna Capps of Paris, Tennessee; Jess O'Quinn of Plymouth, Michigan; & Terry O'Quinn of Prater, Va. 21 grandchildren. Written by Mrs. Casby O'Quinn and Rosa Turner.

OSBORNE, Milburn B:17 December 1902; D: 20 May 1981. Parents: Jesse Osborne & Mary Sword. Married: Draxie Robinson, 1923. Children: Orville, of Cincinnati, Ohio, Orbie & Bobby of Jonancy, Ky: & Nora Horne of Robinson Crek, Ky. 9 grandchildren; 6 gr-grandchildren. Brothers: Adam & Daniel of jonancy, Ky. Sisters: Sarah Osborne of Virgie; Nancy Hackworth & Leona Jones of Dorton; & Frances Addington of Louisana. Baptized: 12 August 1951. Written by his wife Draxie Osborne.

OVERSTREET, Lexie B: 8 August 1916, Elkhorn City, Ky; D: 9 January 1981, Methodist Hospital, Pikeville, Ky. Parents: Sam & Maggie Hackney Rowe. Married: Jack Overstreet, September 1934. Children: Mrs. Clara Etta Burn, Sammy, Jr. of Ashcamp, Ky; Bobby Jack, Charles Thomas, Danny Ray, Kenneth Lee & Steve Michael all of Elkhorn City, Ky. Sister: Mrs. Jeanette Tackett of Elkhorn City, Ky; brothers: Rarnest Rowe of Elkhorn City, Ky & Charles E. Rowe of Detroit, Michigan. One son, 3 sisters, & 2 brothers have preceded her in death. Baptized: December 1959; her membership was with the Sulphur Spring church. Written by her husband, Jack Overstreet and children, assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

OVERSTREET, Ray B: 22 July 1925, Pike Co, Ky; D: 20 September 1981 at Good Samaritan Hoxpital, Lexington, Ky. Parents: James & Elizabeth Rose Overstreet. His dad deceased 20 April 1980. Married: Esta Adkins, 24 February 1947. Children: Kenneth Ray, Eddie Dean, Mrs. Linda Lucille Caudill & Miss Teresa Fay Overstreet of Elkhorn City, Ky; Teddy Lee of Jenkins, Ky. Sister: Fayetta Spears of Elkhorn City, Ky. Brother: Fred Overstreet of Elkhorn City, Ky. 6 grandchildren. Baptized: 17 December 1950 at Cedar Grove Church by Elders F.K. Bartley & Lloyd Gibson. Written by his wife Esta Overstreet assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

PINION, Garland B: 2 April 1929; D: 24 January 1981. Parents: Rufus & Minnie Pinion. Married: Sophia Pinion Children: Helen Hess, Dixie Thacker, Geraldine thacker, Joyce Carol Pinion, Johnny E.C. Pinion, Garland Pinion, Jr., & Terry Pinion. Four children preceded him in death. 7 grandchildren; 3 sisters; 2 brothers. Written by his wife Sophia Pinion & daughter Dixie Thacker.

POTTER, Ample B: 15 July 1918; D: 3 November 1980. Parents: Sammy Rose & Rommy Slone. Married: Bart Potter. Children: Shirley Sue (married Paul Blake), Wanda Lou (married Doy Riffel),& Harlon Lee Potter (married Joyce Potter). Grandchildren: Kathy, Samantha, & Phillip Blake; Eric Shane, & Jason Potter; & Patricia Riffel. Sisters: Inel Potter, living & Alpha Potter, deceased. Brother: Lundy Rose. Written by her husband, Bart Potter.

POTTER, Denver Dallas B: 13 March 1954, in Dickenson, Co; D: 3 January 1981. Parents: Dallas & Verta Lee Potter Married: Ivel Wallace, 30 November 1974. Children: Marty Dale Potter, a son. Sisters: Lou Venre Campbell, Centerville, Ohio & Sharon Kay Potter of the home. Brothers: Kenny Ray Potter & William Estes Potter of the home. Written by his wife and son Ivel & Marty Dale Potter.

PRATER, Nellie Adkins B: 8 March 1912; D: 16 February 1981. Parents: James Adkins & Francis Adkins. Married: Alex Prater 27 November 1927. Children: Benny Ray, Katherine Robinson of Akron, Ohio; Wilma Jarvis of Atwater, Ohio; Edith Robinson of Litchfield, Ohio; Shelly Scott of Akron, Ohio; & Buleah Brody of North Vinton, Ohio. One infant daughter, Mary Francis Prater is deceased. 15 grandchildren; 9 gr-grandchildren. Written by Brother Alex Prater & children, assisted by Elder Delbert Sanders.

PRATER, Peter B: 20 January 1880, Pike Co, Ky; D: 28 January 1981. Parents: Daniel Jack Prater & Melissa Roberts. Married: Lizzie Bartley, 1898, d/o Dock Bartley & Rebecca Ratliff. Children: Andrew, Kenis, Ike, Olive, & Woodrow all of Greasy Creek, Ky; Lake, of Little Creek, Ky; He raised two grandchildren, Rebil & Willis. He was preceded in death by sons: Reuie, Willie, Roy, Jessie, Lee & Harold. Also by 2 daughters, Nora & Angeline. Brothers: Jim, Ike, & Dock. Sisters: Luneonia Damron & Victoria Lewis all of Pike Co, Ky. A number of grandchildren, gr-grandchildren, & gr-gr-grandchildren. He was a foreman for McKenley Steel company, supervising the building of the Greasy camps Baptized: (No date) Greasy Creek church by Elder Dol Blackburn. Written by: Melster Prater Newsome, (husband of his granddaughter, & Hillard Newsome.

PUCKETT, Cowan Smith B: 28 May 1904; D: No date Parents: William James Puckett & Sarah Farmer. Married (1): Sarah Mullins, preceded him in death 1962. Children: 10 children. One son, Kermit Puckett proceded him in death 1970. Married:(2): Doshie Owens Epling, 20 October 1962. Children: Sons: Clayton, Billy, Jerry & Dave all of Michigan; Joe of Pennsylvania & Carroll of Clintwood, Va. Daughters: Genell Stanley & Janet Lyall of Clintwood, Va; & Geraldine Swindall of Ohio. Step-daughter: Sharon Stanley of Clintwood. Sister: Blanche Ratliff of Spartinsburg, South Carolina. Baptized: 1969, member of Solid Rock Church. Written by Melissa Stanley assisted by his wife Doshie Puckett.

PUCKETT, Mary Viola Rakes B: 26 November 1879; d: 9 May 1981 at age 101. Parents: Henry & Sarah Rakes Married: Marion Columbus Puckett, 28 February 1896. He preceded her in death on 9 July 1966. They were married 70 years. Children: Claude Puckett & Mrs. Dora France of Elkhorn City, Ky; Mrs. Allie Mayton of Dayton Ohio; Mrs Chloe Baker, & Tollie Puckett of Fairborn, Ohio; 6 daughters and 8 sons preceded her in death. 97 grandchildren; 165 gr-grandchildren; 69 gr-gr-grandchildren; 2 gr-gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (No date) By Elders Bruce Mullins & Johnnie Church. She was a member of the Cedar Grove Church. Written by her children.

RAINES, John William & Margaret Jane John: B: No Date. D: September 1980. Margaret: B: No Date. D: Abt May 1981. Children: 14 children. One died in infancy, another died in the armed forces. Written by the family.

RAMEY, Anderson B: 18 April 1892, Big Rock, Va; D: 17 December 1979 at Buchanan General Hospital, Grundy, Va. Parents: James Ramey & Lydia McClanhan Married: Harriet Flemings. Children: Hazel Shortridge of Mouth Card, Ky; June Childress of Phyllis, Ky; & Ersel Ramey of Mouth Card, Ky. Sisters: Florence Ratliff of South Boston, Va. 15 grandchildren; 52 gr-grandchildren; 6 gr-gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (No date) Was a member of the church for 30 years. Written by his granddaughter, Bonnie Ratliff.

RAMEY, Verlin Calip B: 17 February 1891; D: 10 June 1981. Parents: Isaac Ramey & Ruth Howell. Married (1): Belle Spears, 1920 or 1921. She deceased 1970. Married (2): Florence Cure Children (1st marriage): Mrs. Marie Stiltner of Kenove, WVa; Lonnie of Massilon, Ohio, James of Bristol, Va; David of Marion, Ohio & Tommy & Herschel of Spencer, Ohio. 28 grandchildren, some gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (no date) By Elders W.F. Hubbard & Bruce Mullins; was a member of Sulphur Spring Church. Written by his wife, Florence Ramey and children assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

RAMEY, William Ernest B: 4 August 1913; D: 10 November 1980. Parents: Linkes & Louise Ramey. Married: Ada Owens Children: Woodrow of Harman, Va; elster of Rt. 1, Grundy, Va; Pauline Looney of Patterson, Va; Lenard Lee Ramey, deceased, & Hillard Ramey, deceased. 4 grandchildren. 2 brothers; 5 sisters. Written by his wife Ada, and children.

ROWE, Flossie Coleman B: 23 February 1897, Regina, Ky; D: 12 March 1981, Mountain View Health Care Center, Elkhorn City, Ky. Parents: U.G. Coleman & Lizzie Johnson. Married: Lonnie Ell Rowe, 1913. He preceded her in death. Children: Elsworth Rowe & Eugene Rowe of Regina, Ky; & Lonetta Merritt of Elkhorn City, Ky. 2 sons & 6 daughters preceded her in death. 25 grandchildren; 38 gr-grandchildren; 4 gr-gr-grandchildren. Sisters: Lona Layne, & Marie Looney of Pikeville, Ky; Ona Mullins of Shelbyville, Ky. Brothers: Everett Coleman of Pikeville, Ky; & Harvey Ell Coleman of Lexington, Ky. 2 sisters & 4 brothers preceded her in death. Baptized: 1916 was a member for 60 years. Written by her children: Lonetta Merritt, Elsworth Rowe, & Eugene Rowe.

ROWE, Lonza B: 4 June 1895, at Belcher, Ky; D: 11 April 1918. Parents: Sherridan Rowe & Bethenia Farmer who prededed him in deth. Married: Addie Owens, 29 March 1918. Children: Warren Leslie, of Elkhorn city, Ky; Thomas Elbert of Maumee, Ohio; William Ervin of Toledo, Ohio; James Carl of Swanton, Ohio, George Clinton of Pikeville, Ky, Emily Bingham of Belcher, Ky; & Kethel Houser of Whitehouse, Ohio; six other children preceded him in death. Brothers: Fred Rowe of Belcher, Ky. He was a retired coal miner having worked in the mines 33 years. Baptized: 1920, was a member of Honey Fork Regular Baptist church. Written by his wife Addie Rowe.

ROWE, William Edward B: 8 July 1914, Wolfpit, Ky; D: 20 January 1981, Pikesville Methodist Hospital, Pikeville, Ky. Parents: Lonnie Ell Rowe & Flossie Colleman Married: Flossie Kendrick, 14 July 1934. Children: Everett Dean of Carpentersville, Illinois; William, Jr, Don Roger & Kenneth Allen of Regina, Ky; Lois Smith of Grundy, Va; Mildred June Simpson of Hellier, Ky; Nancy Coleman of Wolfpit, Ky; & Norma Glee of Streamwood, Illinois, one infant son preceded him in death. 10 grandchildren; 2 gr-grandchildren. Three grandchildren preceded him in death. Sister: Lonetta Merritt of Elkhorn City, Ky; brothers: Elsworth Rowe & Eugene Rowe of Regina, Ky. 2 brothers & 6 sisters preceded him in death. Written by his wife & children.

SCOTT, Mitch B: 4 May 1906; D: 22 June 1981. Parents: Mitch Scott & Angela Ball. Married: Bertha Mullins, 21 May 1938. Children: Lear of Rt. 2, Jenkins, Ky; Tommy of Caney Creek, Ky; Winfield Scott of Myra, Ky; Geraldine Addington of Belleville, Michigan & Pauline Tackett of Rt.2 Jenkins, Ky. 5 grandchildren Written by his wife & family.

SENTER, Aldo Lee B: 27 September 1903, Skeetrock, Va; D: 4 September 1981, Holsten Valley Hospital, Kingsport, Tennessee. Parents: Enoch Senter & Francis Ramey. Married: Alpha Omega Branham 20 July 1926. Children: Marie Cullen of Bristol, Va; Enoch Emory of Clintwood, Va; Jean Tamaska of Manassas, Va; Jerry Wayne of Ash Camp, Ky; Marianne Gibson of Bristol, Va; Michale Lee of Clintwood, Va. Brothers: Landon Senter of Elkhorn City, Ky & Wheeler Senter of Coeburn, Va. 9 grandchildren; 4 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (No date) He was a member of the George's Fork Church. Written by Elder Bill Rose, assisted by the family.

SEXTON, Mary Bartley B: 10 July 1900, Pike Co, Ky; D: 2 February 1981. Parents: Baxter & Mima Bartley. Married: Malcom Sexton, 1917. He preceded her in death 14 November 1961. Children: Boys: Pinkie of Clintwood, Va; Ivan of Rainier, Oregon; James of Lauonia, Michigan; Buddie of Mansville, Ohio; Douglas Williams of Shelby, Ohio. Girls: Opal Holbrooks of Rockhouse, Ky; Florence Smith of Paintsville, Ky; Marget Porter of Shels, Ohio; Betty Bee Rupp of Rainier, Oregon; & Anna Lee Smith of Columbia City, Oregon; one son Jack Sexton, preceded her in death 27 July 1974. 52 grandchildren; 7 gr-grandchildren. Sisters: Emma Mitchell of Pikeville, Ky. Brothers: Bill Ray Mitchell of Rotersville, W.Va. Baptized: Third Sunday in August 1980 by Elders Dallas Ramsey & Hays Duty. Written by Opal Holbrook of Rockhouse, Ky.

SIFERS, Clara B: 15 July 1908; D: May 19 1980, Methodist Hospital, Pikeville, Ky. Married: Rudolph Sifers, 1927. Children: Mrs. Effie Hamilton, Cadiz, Ky; Jack, Al, Homer, all of Elkhorn City, Ky; Orville of Spokane, Washington, Raymond of Chicago, Illinois. 1 son & 1 daughter preceded her in death. Sisters Mrs. Ett Mullins, Mrs Tina Adkins, Miss Ora Clevinger all of Elkhorn City, Ky; Mrs Dazie Rose, Mrs. Nell Stiltner both of Welch, WVa. 23 grandchildren; 17 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: 6 June 1955, placing her membership with the Sulphur Spring Church. Written by the children assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

SLONE, Emilie Tuttle B: 14 January 1915; D: 4 September 1980. Parents: Joe E. & Francis Tuttle Married: Maryland Slone, 14 August 1945. Children: Albert Slone of Whitesburg, Ky; Isom, Bobbie & Willie Slone of Topmost, Ky; Steven of Malliot, Ky; Joe E. of Garrett, Ky; & Annise Sue Gibson of Legioneer, Indiana. A son: Kanawa Slone preceded her in death. 23 grandchildren; 11 gr-grandchildren. One granddaugh ter, Brenda Slone Isom preceded her in death. Baptized: 1948 by elder Arland Slone & Vansiel Slone.; member of the Mill Creek Church. Written by her son, Elder Albert Slone and his wife Cynthia.

SLONE, Faris 1 June 1914; D: 3 March 1981. Parents: Alfred Layne & Sylvania Justice. Married: Thaniel slone. Children: sons: Hatler, Elster, Alonzo, E.C. & John; daughters: Lola Harris, Gladys Smith, Bernestene Johnson, & Thelma Slone; three other children preceded her in death. Brothers: Alonzo Layne; Sisters: Ressie Hess & Lercie Hess. 25 grandchildren; 7 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: (No date) She was a member of the Cedar Bottom Regular Baptist Church. Written by her family.

SLONE, Loma B: 4 June 1922, Ashcamp, Ky; D: 4 August 1981, Methodist Hospital, Pikeville, Ky. Parents: John M. Potter & Carrie Anderson. Married; Neil Slone, 1941. He preceded her in death 1971. She never had any children. Sisters: Mrs. Eula Mitchell, Jenkins, Ky; Mrs. Cinda Wood, Detroit, Michigan; Mrs Verna Sykes Elkhorn City, Ky; Mrs. Zola Smith, Louisville, Ky. Brothers: Perry Potter, Detroit, Michigan; Glen Potter, Pikeville, Ky; & Finnie Potter of Elkhorn City Ky. Baptized: (No date) She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Written by her sister Verna Sykes assisted by Elder Clarida Sanders.

SMITH, Ida C. B: 13 October 1911, Canada, Ky; D: 22 June 1981. Parents: Cleve Chapman & Cora West. Married: Winfrey (Fee) Smith, 5 September 1929. Children: Lois Jean Farley & Cora Sue Bostic of Stone, Ky; & Winfrey Edward Smith of Pikeville, Ky. Grandchildren: Sharon Farley, Debbie Smith, Connie Hatter, Barry Bostic, Pam Smith & Steve Bostic. Gr-grand children: Andrea Smith, Charles Hatter, & Jason Smith. Brothers: Fid & Dude Chapman both of Huddy, Ky. One sister, Vada Smith who preceded her in death 31 July 1952. Baptized: 24 april 1938 at Lonesome Dove Regular Baptist Church. She later moved her membership to Little Stone church. Written by her granddaughter, Sharon Farley.

SMITH, Lantha Grace B: 29 September 1900, Ashland, Ky; D: 24 September 1978. Married: Garland Smith Children: Paschel & Thomas of WVa: Lucus of Nebrasca; James & Charles of Columbus, Ohio; Virgie Smith of Highpoint, North Carolina; Viola of Hopewell, Va; June Nelms of Charlotte, North Carolina; Loretta Stuart of Williamson, WVa, & Laura Smith of Sidney, Ky. 45 grandchildren; several gr-grandchildren. Written by her daughter Laura Smith & granddaughter Gail Smith.

SPERRY, Warren B: 11 October 1921; D: 29 April 1981 at Pikeville Methodist Hospital. Married: Wanda Cantrell, 1945. Children: Joseph Sperry of Hickory, North Carolina, & Marry Sperry of Chicago, Illinois. His mother preceded him in death July 1980; one sister preceded him in death also. Brothers: Frank Sperry of Lima, Ohio; 4 half-brothers: Dougals Bartley of Ypsilanti, Michigan, James R. Bartley of Pueblo, California, Robert Bartley of Lookout, Ky; & Donald E. Bartley of Jefferson City, Tennessee. Batpized: 28 May 1966, Samaria Regular Baptist Church. Written by his son and daughter.

STILTNER, John McKinley B: 22 October 1897; D: 11 February 1981. Mother: Nancy A. Stiltner, deceased March 1943. Married: Malissia Coleman, 1 September 1921. She deceased 10 June 1970. Children: Billy, deceased, Algie & Pleas of Grundy, Va; Andrew of Keystone, Indiana; John of Fort Wayne, Indiana; Nancy of Holmes Beach, Fla; Mae of Abingdon, Va; Samuel of Roanoke, Va; & Fay of Grundy, Va. 45 grandchildren; several gr-grandchildren. Baptized: Malissa: 1943, baptized by Elder D.C. Church. at the Bethlehem Church on Poplar Creek. John: June 1938, by Elder John Hess, Bethlehem church. Written by the family assisted by his son-in-law Fred Deel.

STILTNER, Lewis B: 16 October 1900; D: 8 January 1981. Parents: George & Tildie Stiltner. Married Martha Swiney, 9 October 1919. Children: Carson, Arlin, Dave, Howard, J.C., Nesbie, Kelsie, Reatha, & Linda. One preceded him in death. Baptized: 12 November 1933, Bull Creek Church. Written by his wife Martha, son Carson, & daughter-in-law Betty.

STILTNER, Kerry Douglas B: 23 February 1962; D: 6 December 1980 in car accident. Parents: Kermit & Lillian Stiltner. He was the brother of Sherry Fletcher. Paternal grandparents: Coy & Estus Stiltner. Maternal grandparents: James Garfield & Martha Sproles. Written by Connie Dickey.

STILTNER, Mark B: 22 May 1956; D: 29 June 1981. Parents: Algie K. Stiltner & Nina Mae Wilkerson. Brothers: Matthew, Luke, John, Algie Paul, & Charlie. Sisters: Linda Mayhorn, Virgie Berenece, & Charliece. Written by the family.

SWINEY, Clarinet Robert B: 25 April 1921; D: 5 November 1980 at Memorial Hospital, Wilmington, Delaware. Married: Betty Jean Rose, 14 January 1950. Children: Sarah Lee who married Stephen Weir. Grandchildren: Phillip & Garrick Weir all of Shelby Gap, Ky. Brothers: (deceased) Clarence Swiney & James Nokomis Swiney. Sisters: Faye S. Deaton of Wilmington, Delaware. His parents died when he was young and he lived with his grandmother Cantrell. At age 15 he was taken into the home of George & Marcella Bartley. Baptized: (No date) By Elders Dallas Ramsey & Floyd Polly. Written by his wife Betty Jean Swiney

VANOVER, Gallie B: 11 May 1910; D: 21 July 1981. Married: Lula Mae Howell. Children: Verlon of Virgie, Ky; Rondal of Glascow, Ky; Billy of Woodbrigge, Va; Eddie of Alexandria,Va; Bobby Joe of New York, Anna Lee Johnson of River Rouge, Michigan, & Leanitia Biggerstaff & Patricia Chandler of Dorton, Ky; one son, Harold Gene, and one daughter, Joyce Lorraine, preceded him in death. 17 grandchildren; 1 gr-granddaughter. Brothers: Junior Vanover of Dunbar, Va; Creed Vanover of Dorton, Ky' and Buster Vanover of Dorton, Ky. Sisters: Fronia Akers & Madgie Moore of Dorton, Ky. Baptized: 1 May 1980 in Pikeville, Ky, by Elder Rueben Baker & Elder Carson Wright. He was a member of the Old Dorton Creek Church. Written by his daughters, Anna Lee, Leanitia & Patricia.

VARNEY, Joe B. B: 12 November 1906, John's Creek, Ky, moving to Pond Creek as a child; D: No date. Started working in coal mines as young lad, because father was killed in logging accident. Spent over 50 years in mining. Was one of the first to join United Mine Workers Local Union 5737 at Stone, Ky. Parents: Alex Varney & Hattie Banfield Coleman. Married: Brooksy Varney. Children: LeRoy, Bob, J.B., Philip, & Phyllis. Brothers: Rush. Sisters: Annie Smith. 13 grandchildren; 3 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: Husband and wife joined 2nd Saturday & Sunday in May 1951 at Little Stone. Baptized by Elders James Church & Henry C. Maynard. Written by Phyllis Collins, his daughter & Brooksy Varney, his wife.

VIERS, Henry Taylor B: 12 November 1885; D: 10 September 1981 Parents: Andrew J. Viers & Melinda Owens. Married: Mollie Counts. Chhildren: Whetsel, Maggie, Bonsel, Jessie, Kelsie, Fred, Gene, Sue. & L.C. all of Michigan; Gladys & Asie of Haysi, Va. 29 grandchildren; 25 gr-grandchildren. One grandchild preceded him in death. Written by his son, Elder Jessie Viers. Sister: Judy Wood. Brother: Patterson Viers, both preceded him in death.

WRIGHT, Everette & Crissie Everette: 12 February 1905; D: 31 January 1981. Chrissie B: 25 November 1901; D: 31 October 1980. His parents: Elijah & Thursey Wright. Her parents: W.P. & Mary Willis. Married: 6 August 1925. Children: Buelah Owens, Carrie Lee O'Quinn & Elmer of Haysi, Va; Irvin of Centerline, Michigan; Didema Anderson of Warren, Michigan; Kathleen Mullins of Rochester, Michigan. 30 grandchildren; 24 gr-grandchildren. Baptized: Chrissie: July 1957 at the Mt. Olive Church by Elder Manis Mullins; at the time of her death her membership was at Little Sarah Church at Tarpon, Va. Written by their children.

YATES, Earl D. B: 12 August 1903; D: 5 November 1979. Parents: William Henry Yates & Victoria Childress Yates. Married: Gusta Gilbert. Children: Starlland, Jesse, Paul, Roger, Benny, Helen Thompson, Vergie Stiltner, Ernestine Swinney, Erma Jean Wallace, Della Austin & Fay Richardsons. Brothers: Logan Yates, Fred Yates, & Author Yates. Sisters: Ruby Fileds & Sinda Willis. 34 grandchildren, 10 gr-grandchildren. He was a retired miner of 44 years; worked for Clinchfield Coal Company. Written by his wife 7 children.

YATES, Lee B: (No date) d: (No date) Married: Flora Yates Children: Four boys.Worked at H. E. Harman. Served three years in the United States Navy during WW II. Baptized: In the 1950s. Written by his sister Myrtle Coleman.

YATES, Whitten B: 1 March 1906; D: 7 March 1981. Parents: Doley & Princie Yates, of Haysi, Va. Married: Della Owens. Children: Chester Yates, Linda Compton & Peggy Deel of Haysi, Va; Danny Yates of Cedar Bluff, Va; Janice Gibson of Pounding Mill, Va; Loretta Adkins of Catlettsburg, Ky; Dorthula Looney, Breads, Va; & Troy Yates, deceased. Brothers: Lewis, Joe, Beverly, & Cecil Yates all of Haysi, Va; Corbett Yates of Cedar bluff, Va; & Finis Yates of Harmon, Va. Sisters: Margie Raines, Lottie Yates & Pearlie Yates all of Haysi, Va. 15 grandchildren, 1 gr-granddaughter; 4 step-grandchildren. Written by his wife & children.

The obituaries for George Johnson and his son James Johnson show two different death dates for George.

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