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mas mas

Louisiana Creole


Alfab Kreyl la
The Kreyol Alphabet

letter namesound as in
aah a hat
anah-en awn lawn
bbeesame as English
chsee-ahsh ch machine
ddeesame as English
eay ay day
ay grav e get
fehfsame as English
ggayg always like in go
iee i machine
jzheez leizure
kkasame as English
lellsame as English
memsame as English
nensame as English
oo o hot
o grav aw saw
ouow ou you
ppeesame as English
r ah-wah n/a say Randy and place a hard H sound
before the r; to me the sound when made
correctly sound a lot like "w".
sesssame as English
ttah same as English
vvasame as English
wdoob vasame as English
yeep-seelon y, ee y like in yes except
at the end a word where it's like
the ee y in "see ya!" with the a cut short.
zzedsame as English
nn, nm n/a makes vowel nasal
ann/anm, enn, enm = aun of "auntie"
inn = sang without the g.
onn = song without the g.

Stress is on the last syllable.