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mas mas

Creole Louisianne

Verb Conjugation

travayto work
Annou travay!
Let's work!
mo travay I work nou travay we work
to travayyou workvou travay you work
li travay he speaks y travay they work
Present Progressive
m' ape travay I am working n' ape travay we are working
t' ape travayyou are workingv' ape travay you are working
l' ape travay he is speaking y' ape travay they are working
mo travay I worked nou travay we worked
to travayyou worked vou travay you worked
li travay he worked y travay they worked
m' a travay I will work n' a travay we will work
t' a travay you will workv' a travay you will work
l' a travay he will work y' a travay they will work
Future with ale
m'ale travay I am going to work n' ale travay we are going to work
t'ale travayyou are going to workv' ale travay you are going to work
l' ale travay he is going to work y ale travay they are going to work
mo t travay I have worked nou t travay we have worked
to t travayyou have workedvou t travay you have worked
li t travay he has worked y t travay they have worked
mo se travay I would work nou se travay we would work
to se travayyou would workvou se travay you would work
li se travay he would work y se travay they would work
mo t'ape travay I used to work
I was working
nou t'ape travay we used to work
we were working
to t'ape travayyou used to work
you were working
vou t'ape travay you used to work
you were working
li t'ape travay he used to work
he was working
y t'ape travay they used to work
they were working

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