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mas mas

Louisiana Creole
Common Expressions

Hello Bonjou
How are you? Koman sa va?
How do you feel? Vou san vou- mem byen?
Whats wrong? Sa ena?
Whats happening? Whats up? Sa k a prife?
Hows it going? Sa tchob byen
Im okay. Mo bon And you.E to
Good-bye. Adyeu
Goodday Bonjou ( some say Bonjou when saying good-bye)
Allow me to introduce myself. To permet mo entrodwir mo-mem
My name is Paul. Mo pele Paul (or Mo non se Paul.)
What is your name? Sa-ki to non?
Im very happy to meet you.
Do you speak Creole? To pale kreyol?
English? French? Spanish? langle, franse/ franswa, spagnol?
Yes, I speak Creole. Wi, mo pale kreyol.
No, I dont speak Creole. Non, mo pale pa kreyol.
Speak slowly, please. Pale dousman
Do you understand? To konprann?
I can understand. Mo fet konmprann
I understand. Mo konmprann
I dont understand. Mo pa konmprann
Please. Tanpri (or Si-to-ple )
Thank you. Mersi
Thank you very much. Byen mersi
Dont mention it. Parkwa OR Se pa aryen
Im sorry. Mo chagren
Be careful! Pronga to
What would you like? Sa ki to ole?
Id like M ole.tanpri
Id like to learn Creole. M ole aprann kreyol tanpri.
Id like orange juice. M ole diji zoranj.
What do you need? Sa ki to bezon?
I need Mo bezon
How much is.? Konmyen (Konmon)
How much is the book? Konmyen (Konmon) liv-la.
It is $5.00 Se senk pyas.
What time is it? Ki le li ye?
It is 1:00. Le enn er.
It is 2:00 Li de er .
Where is Main street? Au lari Main?
You go straight ahead. To ale drwart.
You go straight along this street. To ale drwat anlon lari-sa-la.
You turn right. To tourne drwat.
You turn left. To tourne goch.
Im hungry. Mo manje.
Im thirsty. Mo swaf.
Its hot. Le fe cho.
Its cold. Li fe fre.

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