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Central Garage Photo of the Month
Central Garage Photo of the Month

July 2002

This months picture is from Robert.

Thanks for that Robert.

If you have a photo, or photos you think would look good here, then send them to me.

Previous Photos of the month: 2000

January by Douglas Sutherland
February by Nan MacInnes
March by Ryan Flanagan from Australia
April I got sent some pictures (can't remember who from) of speeders caught on camera.
May was a lucky speeder in Australia.
June by Nick Watson from New Zealand
July also by Nick Watson
August by John Pitchford from New Zealand
September - no submission
October 1 2 3 4 5 by Lynne at Bunbury Towing in Australia
November by Donald MacColl from Scotland, while traveling through Romania.
December - No Submission

Previous Photos of the month: 2001

January - No Submission
February - No Submission
March - No Submission
April - A truck on it's side being recovered by McAlpines of Florida
May - No Submission
June - No Submission
July A Range Rover being recovered by me in my job with Harveys of Renfrew by Philip Graham of Edinburgh
August by Anon
September - no submission
October - no submission
November - no submission
December - no submission

Previous Photos of the month: 2002

January - No Submission
February - Robert Anderson from Texas
March - No Submission
April - Jimmy Tian Song Heng from USA submits an argument involving a van and a tree.
May - No Submission
June - Ex-military Landrover from Graeme Wood
July - Hydro Electric 4x4 trucks by Robert

If you have a photo you feel should be included in this site please email a JPG to me . Remember, it does not necessarily need to be garage related, or even in Scotland.

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